Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Review: Our Valuable Reader Will Get one Free!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 emerges as the latest contender in the high-end tablet market, a direct challenge to established models like the iPad Pro and Surface Pro. Released in August 2023, this device aims to captivate tech enthusiasts, professionals, and casual users alike with its state-of-the-art features. Right out of the box, the Galaxy Tab S9 impresses with its sleek design, promising a blend of power and elegance. Our initial impressions suggest that Samsung has not only focused on enhancing performance but also on refining the user experience.

Right out of the box, the Tab S9 exudes a sense of premium quality. The slim aluminum frame feels incredibly sturdy, and the sleek design with minimal bezels gives it a modern and stylish look. While not the lightest tablet on the market, weighing in at 515 grams (Wi-Fi model) and 579 grams (5G model), it still feels comfortable to hold for extended periods. It comes in two classic color options: Mystic Black and Mystic Silver.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Buying Guide: Is it Right for You?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is a powerful Android tablet boasting a stunning display, long-lasting battery life, and capable performance. But with a variety of tablets available, is the Tab S9 the right choice for you? This buying guide will help you make an informed decision by analyzing its key features and comparing it to alternatives.

Who is the Galaxy Tab S9 for?

  • Students: The S Pen and long battery life make it ideal for note-taking, studying, and entertainment.
  • Professionals: The powerful processor and optional keyboard case enable productivity tasks and creative work.
  • Content Consumers: The stunning display and Dolby Atmos speakers provide an immersive experience for watching movies, reading, and gaming.
  • Artists and Creatives: The S Pen’s pressure sensitivity makes it perfect for drawing, sketching, and design work.
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Things to Consider Before Buying:

  • Budget: The Tab S9 starts at $799, making it a premium option compared to some competitors. Consider your budget and prioritize features that matter most to you.
  • Operating System: The Tab S9 runs Android. If you’re deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem or prefer Windows for specific software, other tablets might be a better fit.
  • Needs and Usage: If you need a tablet primarily for basic tasks like browsing and social media, a more affordable option might suffice. However, if you require a powerful device for demanding tasks like video editing, gaming, or creative work, the Tab S9’s performance can be a valuable asset.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Specifications

Display11″ Dynamic AMOLED 2X, 2800 x 1752 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
RAM8GB or 12GB
Storage128GB, 256GB, or 512GB
Rear Camera8MP wide
Front Camera12MP ultrawide
Operating SystemAndroid 13 with One UI 5.1
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, Optional 5G
Dimensions253.8 x 165.3 x 6.9mm (Wi-Fi)
Weight515g (Wi-Fi), 579g (5G)
Other FeaturesS Pen support (optional), IP68 water and dust resistance, Dolby Atmos quad speakers, Fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy Tablet S9 Design and Build

The Galaxy Tab S9 sports a minimalist design with a slim profile, reflecting Samsung’s commitment to portability and style. The tablet’s build quality feels premium, thanks to the use of high-quality materials, and it’s surprisingly lightweight, making it an ideal companion for those on the go. It comes in a variety of colors, catering to personal preferences and adding a touch of personalization.

Display Quality Samsung Galaxy Tablet S9

The star of the show is undoubtedly the 11-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X display. This beauty boasts a 2800 x 1752 resolution, offering vibrant colors, deep blacks, and exceptional viewing angles. Whether you’re streaming HDR content, editing photos, or simply browsing the web, the visuals are stunning. The Galaxy Tab S9 display also supports a 120Hz refresh rate, making scrolling and animations incredibly smooth and fluid.

The Galaxy Tab S9 OLED panel guarantees deep blacks and vivid colors, whether you’re browsing the web, watching videos, or playing games. Special features like HDR support and a high refresh rate enhance the visual experience, making every interaction smooth and engaging.

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Performance About Galaxy Tab s9

Under the hood, the Galaxy Tab S9 packs a punch with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, coupled with 8GB or 12GB of RAM. This combination delivers smooth performance for everyday tasks like browsing, social media, and streaming. Even multitasking with demanding applications like photo editing and video editing wasn’t an issue. The Tab S9 easily outperforms its predecessor, the Samsung galaxy Tab S8, and holds its own against competitors like the iPad Air, especially in terms of raw processing power.

Software and User Interface

The Galaxy Tab S9 runs Android 13 with Samsung’s One UI 5.1 on top. This custom interface offers a handful of additional features and functionalities compared to stock Android, including improved multitasking capabilities, a more intuitive design, and integration with Samsung’s ecosystem of apps and services. However, some users might find the additional bloatware pre-installed on the device unnecessary.

Camera System

The camera setup on the Galaxy Tab S9 is decent but not a major selling point. The rear camera is an 8-megapixel wide sensor, while the front-facing camera is a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor. While the picture quality is sufficient for video calls and casual snapshots, it won’t compete with dedicated cameras or high-end smartphones.

Audio and Connectivity

The Galaxy Tab S9 features a quad-speaker setup with Dolby Atmos support, delivering a surprisingly rich and immersive audio experience. Whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, or playing games, the sound quality is impressive. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, and an optional 5G model for mobile data connectivity on the go.

Battery Life and Charging

The Galaxy Tab S9 comes equipped with an 8,700mAh battery, which offers excellent battery life. During our testing, we were able to achieve up to 12 hours of continuous video playback on a single charge. Depending on usage, the tablet can easily last through a workday or a long flight. This makes it a great companion for long journeys, students, and professionals who need their device to last throughout the day. The tablet also supports fast charging, allowing you to quickly top up the battery when needed.

Accessories and Additional Features

The Galaxy Tab S9 is compatible with the S Pen stylus, which is sold separately. The S Pen offers excellent pressure sensitivity and responsiveness, making it perfect for note-taking, drawing, and creative work. Additionally, Samsung offers a keyboard case that transforms the Galaxy Tab S9 into a more laptop-like experience. The tablet also boasts an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, providing peace of mind against accidental spills and splashes.

Pricing and Availability

The starting price for the Wi-Fi model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 is $799 for the 8GB/128GB option, with prices increasing for higher storage configurations. The 5G model starts at $949 for the 8GB/256GB option. The Galaxy Tab S9 is available for purchase from Samsung’s official website, major retailers, and online stores.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Pros and Cons

  1. High-quality display with HDR support
  2. Long-lasting battery life for all-day use with fast charging
  3. S Pen support for note-taking, drawing, and creative work
  4. Optional keyboard case for a laptop-like experience
  5. Water and dust resistant (IP68 rating)
  6. Improved multitasking capabilities with One UI 5.1
  1. High starting price
  2. Potential bloatware
  3. Lack of headphone jack

FAQs Section

What are the major upgrades from the previous Galaxy Tab model?

The Galaxy Tab S9 boasts a faster processor, improved display technology (120Hz refresh rate), and a slightly larger battery compared to the Galaxy Tab S8. Additionally, it comes with the latest version of Android and Samsung’s One UI interface.

How does the Galaxy Tab S9 compare with the iPad Pro and other competitors?

Against the iPad Pro, the Galaxy Tab S9 holds its own, especially in the Android market. While the iPad Pro might have an edge in app optimization and ecosystem, the Galaxy Tab S9 excels in customizability, connectivity options, and includes the S Pen, which is a significant advantage for creative professionals and students. Compared to other Android competitors, the Galaxy Tab S9 leads with its display technology, battery life, and overall performance.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 suitable for gaming and high-performance tasks?

Absolutely. The Galaxy Tab S9 is equipped to handle high-performance tasks and gaming with ease. Its powerful processor and ample RAM make it an excellent choice for demanding applications, including graphic-intensive games. The high refresh rate display ensures smooth gameplay, providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

Can the Galaxy Tab S9 replace a laptop?

For many users, the Galaxy Tab S9 could indeed replace a laptop, especially with the addition of a keyboard accessory and the Samsung DeX feature, which offers a desktop-like experience. While it may not completely replace a high-end laptop for certain professional tasks, it’s more than capable of handling everyday productivity tasks, making it a versatile device for work and play.

What are the best features of the Galaxy Tab S9 for students?

Students will find the Galaxy Tab S9’s lightweight design, long battery life, and S Pen support particularly beneficial. The tablet is excellent for note-taking, research, and reading. The ability to run multiple apps simultaneously also allows for efficient multitasking, ideal for studying and project work.

How long does the battery last, and how does it perform under heavy use?

The battery life of the Galaxy Tab S9 is impressive, lasting up to a full day on a single charge with mixed usage. Even under heavy use, such as gaming or video streaming, the tablet can provide several hours of uninterrupted performance. The fast charging feature ensures that the device can be quickly recharged, minimizing downtime.

What accessories are recommended for the Galaxy Tab S9?

To maximize the utility of the Galaxy Tab S9, several accessories are recommended. The S Pen comes included and is essential for note-taking and creative tasks. A keyboard cover can transform the tablet into a more laptop-like device, ideal for typing and productivity. Additionally, a protective case is advisable to safeguard the tablet from everyday wear and tear.

Is the tablet water and dust resistant?

The Galaxy Tab S9 boasts an IP68 rating, indicating significant resistance to water and dust. This feature adds an extra layer of durability, making the tablet suitable for use in various environments without worrying about accidental spills or dust accumulation.

How does the Samsung DeX feature work on the Galaxy Tab S9?

Samsung DeX allows the Galaxy Tab S9 to offer a desktop-like experience when connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This feature is activated easily through the quick settings panel, transforming the tablet into a powerful workstation, suitable for multitasking and productivity tasks.

What warranty and support options are available for the Galaxy Tab S9?

Samsung offers a standard one-year warranty for the Galaxy Tab S9, covering manufacturing defects and hardware failures. Customers can access support through various channels, including online resources, customer service hotlines, and authorized service centers, ensuring assistance is readily available when needed.

Can the Galaxy Tab S9 handle multitasking and running multiple apps simultaneously?

Thanks to its robust processor and ample RAM, the Galaxy Tab S9 excels at multitasking, capable of running multiple applications simultaneously without a hitch. The split-screen feature and the ability to open apps in pop-up windows enhance productivity, allowing users to work efficiently on various tasks at once.

What storage options are available, and is there expandable storage?

The Galaxy Tab S9 is available in multiple storage configurations, catering to different user needs. Additionally, it supports microSD cards for expandable storage, providing flexibility for users who require more space for their apps, media, and documents.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 stands out as a powerful and versatile tablet in the competitive market. It combines high performance, a stunning display, and a user-friendly interface with the reliability of the Samsung brand. Whether for work, study, or entertainment, the Tab S9 offers a compelling package that caters to a wide range of users. With its array of features and capabilities, the Galaxy Tab S9 is undoubtedly worth considering for anyone in the market for a high-end tablet.