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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Review

In the bustling world of tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 marches in with a budget-friendly banner held high. But in a land where specs battle for supremacy, can “enough” be enough to win the hearts (and wallets) of tablet seekers? We put the Tab A8 through its paces to find out!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8: Specifications Overview

  • Operating System: Comes with Android 11, upgradeable to Android 13.
  • Chipset: Powered by Unisoc Tiger T618.
  • Memory: Equipped with 4GB RAM.
  • Storage: Offers 64GB internal storage, expandable to 1TB.
  • Display: Features a 10.5-inch LCD screen.
  • Weight: Weighs 508 grams.
  • Battery: Contains a 7,040mAh battery.
  • Cameras: Includes an 8MP primary camera and a 5MP front camera.

Design and Display: Comfort and Style in a Compact Form

The design of the Galaxy Tab A8 is a testament to Samsung’s understanding of user needs in a budget tablet. It sports a 10.5-inch screen with a thin aspect ratio, making it versatile for both reading and watching videos. Weighing just 508g and measuring a mere 6.9mm in thickness, it is light and easy to carry around, perfect for daily use.

In terms of appearance, the Tab A8 offers three colour options: Graphite, Silver, and Pink Gold. Each option exudes a classy vibe, with the Graphite variant, in particular, standing out with its polished and understated look. While it lacks some advanced features like NFC and biometric security, these omissions are understandable given its position as a budget-friendly device.

The tablet is equipped with essential ports, including a 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C charging port, and quality quad speakers. However, it misses out on features like keyboard case support, emphasising its focus on basic functionality over productivity enhancements.

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Performance and Hardware: Meeting Everyday Needs

At the heart of the Galaxy Tab A8 lies an unspecified octa-core 2GHz processor. While this may not be groundbreaking, it is sufficient for everyday tasks like browsing, light gaming, and video streaming. However, it’s worth noting that this may not be future-proof, as technology and app requirements continue to advance.

The tablet’s performance in mobile gaming and work-related tasks is adequate for casual users. It handles games like Solitaire and Words with Friends effortlessly, but may struggle with more demanding titles. For work, it’s a decent companion for handling emails and calendar management, although the limited RAM can slow down multitasking.

Samsung’s OneUI interface, layered over Android, offers a user-friendly experience with easy access to apps and notifications. While some pre-installed apps might feel unnecessary, the overall software experience is smooth and polished.

Battery Life and Camera:

A tablet’s battery life is its lifeline, and the Tab A8 boasts a respectable 7,040mAh battery. In our tests, it easily lasted a full day of light to moderate use, with browsing, streaming, and some social media scrolling. Even with heavier usage, you can expect to reach bedtime with some juice left in the tank.

Charging, however, isn’t the Tab A8’s forte. While it supports up to 15W fast charging, you’ll only find a standard 5W charger in the box. So, if you’re looking for a quick top-up during the day, you’ll need to invest in a faster charger separately.

Now, let’s talk cameras. The Tab A8 sports an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facing camera. They’re not going to win any photography awards, but they’re good enough for capturing basic snapshots and video calls. Don’t expect stunning details or low-light prowess, but for casual use, they get the job done.

Pros and Cons: Balancing Strengths and Weaknesses

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 shines in several areas:

  1. Sharp display
  2. Clear quad speakers
  3. Adequate battery life
  4. However, it does have its limitations
  1. Limited RAM
  2. No biometric security
  3. Performance can feel slow at times

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 vs. the Budget Tablet: Redmi Pad and Nokia T21

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 strides into the budget tablet arena with a “good enough” attitude, but is it enough to stand out against rivals like the Redmi Pad and Nokia T21? Let’s dive into a feature-by-feature comparison to see who reigns supreme in the value-for-money battle!

Display Showdown:

  • Resolution: All three tablets boast a 1080p resolution, offering sharp visuals for everyday tasks like browsing and streaming.
  • Size: The Tab A8 boasts a slightly larger 10.5-inch display compared to the Redmi Pad’s 10.61-inch and Nokia T21’s 10.36-inch.
  • Refresh Rate: The Tab A8 falls behind here, sticking to a standard 60Hz refresh rate while the Redmi Pad and Nokia T21 both offer a smoother 90Hz experience.

Performance Punch:

  • Processor: The Tab A8 and Redmi Pad pack unnamed octa-core 2GHz processors, while the Nokia T21 sports a Unisoc Tiger T618. Benchmark tests show comparable performance in everyday tasks, though the higher clocked T618 might offer a slight edge.
  • RAM: The Tab A8 starts with 3GB of RAM, which can feel limiting for multitasking, while the Redmi Pad and Nokia T21 offer 4GB as their base option, providing better fluidity for juggling multiple apps.
  • Storage: All three tablets offer expandable storage via microSD cards, with the Tab A8 starting at 32GB, Redmi Pad at 64GB, and Nokia T21 at 64GB.

Battery Battle:

  • Capacity: The Tab A8 leads the pack with a beefy 7,040mAh battery, promising longer endurance compared to the Redmi Pad’s 8,000mAh and Nokia T21’s 8,200mAh. However, real-world usage might not always reflect these numbers.
  • Charging: The Tab A8 falls behind again, using a slow 5W charger in the box and only supporting up to 15W fast charging. Both the Redmi Pad and Nokia T21 come with 18W fast chargers in the box, offering quicker top-ups.

Other Features:

  • Design: All three tablets have sleek and comfortable designs, though the Redmi Pad stands out with its vibrant green color option.
  • Cameras: All three have basic 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras, suitable for quick snaps and video calls.
  • Software: The Tab A8 runs Samsung’s One UI, offering a feature-rich experience. The Redmi Pad and Nokia T21 use custom interfaces based on Android 11, with less bloatware and a closer-to-stock Android feel.
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

    1. Can the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 handle multitasking effectively?

    While the Tab A8 is equipped for basic multitasking, such as switching between a few apps or having a couple of tabs open, its performance in this area is somewhat limited due to the 3GB RAM. Users who plan to do heavy multitasking, like running multiple demanding apps simultaneously, might find the tablet lagging behind their expectations.

    2. How does the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 fare for students or professionals?

    For students and professionals, the Galaxy Tab A8 can be a convenient tool for light productivity tasks. It’s suitable for note-taking, reading, managing emails, and attending online meetings. However, it might not be the best choice for those who require intensive software applications or extensive multitasking capabilities for their work or studies.

    3. Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 a good choice for children?

    Yes, the Galaxy Tab A8 can be a great device for children. Its user-friendly interface, durable build, and suitable screen size make it ideal for educational apps, streaming cartoons, or playing simple games. However, parents should be mindful of the lack of advanced parental control features due to the basic nature of the tablet.

    4. How does the camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 compare to other tablets in its price range?

    The camera quality of the Tab A8 is average for its price range. The 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera are adequate for general use like video calls and scanning documents, but they don’t stand out in terms of image quality. Tablets in a similar price bracket often offer similar or slightly better camera performance.

    5. Does the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 support external storage, and if so, up to what capacity?

    Yes, the Galaxy Tab A8 supports external storage via a microSD card, allowing users to expand the storage capacity. This is particularly useful considering the base model comes with 32GB of internal storage, which can fill up quickly. The tablet can support microSD cards up to 1TB, offering ample space for additional apps, media, and documents.