The Best Free Tablet with Food Stamps Providers

Tablets are essential devices that we can use for various activities. Children require tablets for education since they can learn a lot online. We even have programs with specific education materials that technology experts can install on the devices for children to benefit.

Again, most people nowadays prefer tablets to laptops for their office activities. However, the devices cost a lot of money, making low-income families unable to afford them. We will look at how you can get a free tablet with Food Stamps shortly. 

Food Stamps is one of the benefits programs in the United States that helps low-income families to get food for their daily usage. The program is called as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Beneficiaries receive money from the federal government to buy food for their daily usage. You must show that you qualify for the benefit programs to succeed in your application. 

As we shall see, Food Stamps is among the various aid programs that qualify you to get a free tablet from the government. We also have other ways of qualifying for a free tablet, such as having an income of 200% or below, participating in Lifeline, Medicaid, Project-Based Rental Assistance, Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Public Housing, WIC, and Veterans Pension/Survivor Benefits among others. 

Food Stamps Eligibility Criteria

Before we discuss how you can receive a free tablet from the government through Food Stamps, it is crucial to discuss how you can be eligible for the benefits program. There are three primary tests that you must pass to qualify for Food Stamps. They include the following.

  1. Gross monthly income — refers to the household income before the program’s deductions are applied. It must be at or below 130% of the poverty line. For example, suppose a family has three members. In that case, the poverty line you can use to calculate Food Stamps benefits in the federal fiscal year 2022 is $1,830 a month. Therefore, 130% of the poverty line for a three-people family is $2,379 a month, which is approximately $28,550 a year. Usually, the poverty level is higher for bigger families, and vice versa for smaller families.
  2. After deductions, net or household income must be at or below the poverty line.
  3. Assets must fall below particular limits. For example, households with no elderly (age 60 or older) members or with a disability should have assets of $2,500 or below. Households with such a member should have assets of $3,750 or below.

One crucial point is that some people do not qualify for the program despite meeting all the above requirements. These include some students attending college more than half-time, individuals on strike, people without a documented immigration status, and certain immigrants who are lawfully present. 

Furthermore, unemployed adults with no children in their homes and who do not have disabilities can only get three months of SNAP benefits every three years in many areas of the nation. The federal government and the states can extend requirements to SNAP households.

Documentation Needed for Food Stamps Application

There are various documents that you should present when applying for the benefit. They help the authorities to confirm that you are eligible for the program. Providing all the necessary documents allows your application to be processed faster. These include the following. 

Proof of your identity

You can bring docs such as a driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, or state-issued identification.

Proof of your household income

  1. You can bring the following documents to prove your income.
  2. Proof of earned income received for all working applicants during the current and last months.
  3. Proof of self-employment income by providing all the income from the previous 12 months unless your venture has been operating for less than 12 months. You should provide at least one receipt if you have self-employment expenses.
  4. Proof of unearned income received in the current and previous month, such as social security, worker’s compensation, gifts, loans, unemployment insurance, child support, or Veterans Administration benefits.

If you are an applicant and not a US Citizen, you should show Proof of Lawful Permanent Residency when applying. You can show your alien registration card. You may also provide proof of expenses, although it is not compulsory. It may help you get more benefits. Various proofs of expenses include the following. 

  1. Proof of rent or mortgage expense.
  2. Provide a statement showing when you take your kid to or from a provider’s location.
  3. Proof of legal obligation plus payment of court-ordered child support.
  4. Proof of utility expenses such as garbage, gas, electricity, telephone, coal, or water.
  5. Proof of childcare costs if you have someone who cares for your child while you work. Proof of all medical expenses if applying for benefits of age 60 or older or receiving disability benefits when the total amount for your household is more than $35.00.
  6. Proof of legal obligation plus court-ordered child support payments done within the current and previous month.

Furthermore, you may need one or more of the following details to determine if you are eligible for Cash Assistance.

  1. Proof of Relationship. A birth certificate may be used.
  2. A statement verifying your physical address and the names of all people living with you. A non-relative who does not live with you should make the statement. Again, the statement must be signed and dated. It should also include that person’s address and phone number.
  3. Bank or credit union complete statement for the most recent month.​​​​

Best Providers Of Free Tablet With Food Stamps

Usually, you should get a free tablet with Food Stamps through various service providers. The government offers free tablets and broadband benefits through the Affordable Connectivity Program. The Affordable Connectivity Program is an FCC benefit program that helps low-income households with the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare, and more.

The benefit offers a discount of at most $30 per month for the internet service to the qualifying households and up to $75 every month for households on eligible Tribal lands. Qualifying households can get a one-time discount of at most $100 to buy a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet from participating providers. One must contribute at least $10 and, at most, $50 toward the buying price. 

You can get an almost free tablet for your various activities through your small contribution towards the purchase price. Various service providers offer free tablets with Food Stamps. They include the following.  

Standup Wireless 

Standup wireless allows you to get a free tablet when you apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program. You also get a discount to apply to any available StandUp Wireless service plan. The Food Stamps program is among the benefits that qualify you for a free tablet. Standup Wireless offers 8-inch tablets for only $10.01. 

The high-definition 8″ screen tablet projects incredible color and picture clarity. It has a long-lasting battery that can run for hours of game playing, video streaming, or web surfing. It has dual cameras for high-quality photos and videos. Again, the device has a sleek frame and design that makes you appear classy. 

Requirements & Process

To apply for the free tablet, you must have to meet any of the qualification criteria. In our case, we are looking at qualifications through Food Stamps. However, as I mentioned earlier, there are other ways you can qualify for the program.  

You can apply for your tablet online by visiting the Stand Up wireless website. To start your application, enter your Zip code and email address and tap the Begin your Application tab. After that, you can proceed to apply for the program. When you combine ACP with Lifeline, you get the following. 

  1. 10 GB of High-Speed Data – 5G/4G LTE
  2. Free phone
  3. Unlimited Additional Data
  4. Unlimited Talk & Text
  5. Nationwide Coverage

The overall application process up to the activation involves the following 

  1. Online application
  2. Qualify through the National Verifier
  3. Receive your free smartphone in the mail
  4. Activate your service by calling 1-800-544-4441 or 611 from your phone

You can receive your application through your physical address when applying for the service. 

Cintex wireless 

Cintex Wireless is among the Affordable Connectivity Program providers offering free tablets when you qualify. You can get various tablets from the company when you contribute the minimum amount towards the purchase price. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 requires you to contribute $10.01 to get it. You can also get a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 when you contribute $25. Other tablets you can get for free include Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Apple iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Apple iPad Air Mini 3, and Alcatel Joy Tab 2, among others. 

Requirements & Process

You may qualify for a free tablet from Cintex wireless if you or a household member participates in SNAP/Food Stamps or other assistance programs such as Medicaid, SSI, and more as per your household income.

You can apply for the ACP program and get your free tablet by visiting the Cintex Wireless website, choosing the most preferred tablet, and tapping the Get it Now tab. After that, you can enter your Zip code, and tap Apply. You can then follow the next steps to complete the application process. 

Q Link Wireless is an American phone service company that provides free wireless services to Lifeline-eligible consumers. It also offers prepaid mobile phone services such as messaging, wireless voice, and data services under the Hello Mobile brand. The company’s headquarters are in Dania, Florida, in the United States. You can receive a free tablet from the company if you provide the necessary documentation from Food Stamps or any other benefit program. 

Requirements & Process

Q Link Wireless also participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program, a government service offering free service. The ACP benefits at Q Link Wireless give eligible Americans talk, unlimited data, and text on one of the country’s largest and most reliable networks.

The company offers ACP consumers a new Tablet to enjoy with free and unlimited cell phone Service. The tablet offers vary by state. Again, the device comes with the recent Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. To get ACP services, you must contribute a one-time $10.01 towards the tablet’s purchase price before receiving the tablet. You must note that the tablet offer is subject to availability. Also, the shipping days may vary. 

Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is a mobile service provider subsidized by the federal Lifeline Assistance program, which the federal Universal Service Fund supports. The service provides low-income eligible persons a free phone, unlimited texting, free monthly data, and free monthly minutes. You can also benefit from a free tablet if you qualify through the Affordable Connectivity Program from the company. 

With the ACP benefit at Assurance Wireless, an eligible consumer can receive free unlimited data, unlimited texting, unlimited calling, and 10 GB monthly mobile hotspot data on the Assurance Wireless Unlimited plan. You will be able to enjoy the connections via the power of T-Mobile’s network that covers the whole country. You can get a free Android smartphone if you are a new customer. Further you benefit from Scam Shield, free Scam Block, Scam ID, and Caller ID. 

However, you will not be able to receive a free tablet since the company does not offer free tablets. Instead, you get a smartphone. 

Requirements & Process

You may qualify for the ACP program through Food Stamps or any other benefit program if you show proof of participation. You can also qualify through income where your household should be at 200% or below. 

Also, You can enroll in Assurance Wireless’ ACP benefit program by visiting to provide the necessary details. You should confirm their eligibility with the National Verifier during the application process.

Easy Wireless 

Easy Wireless is among the various companies offering Lifeline services. Consumers get a free phone, minutes, data, and texts. You can also benefit from the Affordable Connectivity Program. Usually, the Easy Wireless ACP program offers a free tablet. It combines with Lifeline to give you the following.

  1. Free smartphone
  2. Free unlimited data
  3. Free access to millions of WiFi hotspots
  4. Free emergency services calls
  5. Free unlimited talk and text
  6. Free SIM card kit & activation 
  7. Free voicemail
  8. An 8” tablet ($120 value) for only $10.99*

You will therefore get a chance to enjoy using a smartphone and tablet. 

Requirements & Process

You can qualify for the program through Food Stamps or other programs such as Lifeline, WIC, Medicaid, etc. One should visit the company’s website to apply for the program and provide the necessary details. You must enter your zip code and email address and click the Enroll button.   


T-Mobile is among the largest telecommunications companies in the world. It also offers Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program to eligible consumers. The federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) can be obtained through Metro by T-Mobile. The qualifying households can get a discounted or FREE Metro plan plus unlimited talk & text. There are various plans you can get through the benefits program to use with your free tablet. 

Requirements & Process

You can qualify through various benefit programs with Food Stamps included. You can check at the National Verier portal to know if you qualify. Once you are eligible, you can apply online, providing all the needed documents. 

Free Tablet From Other Non-Government Organizations

Also, you can apply for a free tablet from Non-governmental organizations that offer free devices to low-income families. Most organizations use the Affordable Connectivity Program’s criteria to offer free services. Numerous non-governmental organizations offer free tablets. They include the following. 

1. The Computer Technology Assistance Corps (or CTAC)

The organization provides low-cost computers to low-income persons, non-profits, and schools. It also provides Vocational training for computer refurbishing. You easily get a free tablet from such organizations if you apply and prove that you are in need. Also, the organization receives computers from donors. It refurbishes and tests them to ensure they are in good working condition. You can benefit from a free tablet or even a computer if you learn in an institution where CTAC offers free tablets. 

2. Computers With Causes

The organization invites anyone who requires a computer to apply online. Even though the organization mostly gives computers, you might be lucky to get a tablet from them. They have a complete list of the causes they support, with their main emphasis being the assistance of; teachers, students, parents, foster homes, the elderly, shelters, disabled US veterans, and needy military families. They also accept donations from well-wishers to execute their mission.

To apply online, you must provide details such as your full name, email, phone number, address line 1 and 2, city, state, zip code, and country. You must also provide details about yourself, your organization, and your computer needs. 

3. On It Foundation

The On It Foundation’s mission is to provide free computers, computer training, and Internet access to low-income households, with students in grades K-12 receiving a free or reduced school lunch and residing within the United States. You can therefore get a free tablet from the organization. 

The On It Foundation collaborates with existing computer access centers, businesses, education institutions, and the surrounding local area to bear in the technological advancement and achievement of the nation’s disadvantaged youth.

4. Computers For Learning (CFL)

The Computers For Learning program’s goal is to make modern computer technology an essential part of every classroom to enable every child to receive the opportunity to advance technologically. With computers and tablets, learning becomes easy to undertake. Schools can receive computers through the program so learners can utilize them accordingly. The organization receives computers from various donors, including federal agencies.

5. Smartriverside

SmartRiverside is a non-profit organization that started its operations in 2006. It is a coalition of partners who help to provide high technology public use solutions for society to implement the technology vision for the future. It has several additional programs ranging from helping the local high-tech companies forge businesses in Riverside to assisting them in relocating employees to Riverside. They also mentor at-risk youth through internship programs through school outreach programs. 

The company receives computers from donors, recycles them, and gives them to the needy. Therefore, it is easy to get a laptop from the company to use for your various technological needs. 

6. Adaptive.Org – Government Free Tablets

This organization offers free tablets and computers to students in need. If you are from a low-income home, you can get a free device from the company to use for your various needs. Moreover, veterans, students, differently-abled people, and so on can receive free tablets from the company. However, you cannot get a free tablet just like that since you must do something. You should do 10 hours of community service to get a device from the organization.

7. Everyoneon

Everyoneon allows you to get a free tablet as long as you are from a low-income family. The program helps households with an annual income of below $35000 with free tablets, laptops, internet services, plus many free courses for the unemployed. If you are unemployed, you can receive a free tablet from everyoneon.

8. Komputers 4 Kids 

Komputers 4 Kids is a popular organization that offers free PCs and tablets for children. Since 2002, the organization has donated over 50,000 computers. They usually donate tablets to needy children to advance their education. The organization works in Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The best thing about the organization is that they do not require much regarding income.

Bottom line 

Tablets are essential devices that are used for various activities. Children require tablets for education purposes since they can learn a lot online. We even have programs with specific education materials that technology experts can install on the devices for children to benefit. Since not everybody can afford a tablet, the government offers free laptops through the Affordable Connectivity Program. You can qualify for the program through income, Food Stamps, or other benefit programs.