The Advanced Spectrum Internet Plans Reviews

Spectrum Business is a section of Charter Communications that provides high-speed internet, phone, and TV services to small businesses in the United States. They cover 41 states of the US. Their fiber-rich network with nationwide coverage has 99.9% reliability and more speed. To use Spectrum services, you should know the various plans. Shortly, I will discuss the Spectrum internet plans. 

An internet plan gives you a particular data amount to access internet services. You can get data for regular usage or hotspot. Usually, companies give packages in terms of Gigabytes. You can have a plan of, for example, 10 GB, 30 GB, 40 GB, and so on. The more data a plan has, the more costly it is. Spectrum also gives you various plans, each with different amounts of data. 

Most importantly, you can purchase a plan online by visiting the Spectrum website and navigating to the Shop section to choose a suitable plan. The company usually offers different plans whereby you can purchase per your needs. Interestingly, the firm offers internet for various uses. You can have a plan for voice, business, phone, mobile, and so on. Since choosing the most appropriate plan can be confusing, I have come up with this review to help you choose the most suitable one. 

The Best Spectrum internet plans in 2023

There are various internet plans you can choose from the company. Usually, the plans have 99.9% network reliability, free modem software, and no data caps or contracts. When selecting an Internet plan from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps, you become eligible for Spectrum One, which comes with Advanced Wi-Fi plus a Mobile line with Unlimited data. Various plans include the following.


The above plans are for residential usage. You can also get some for your business by choosing an internet, TV, Voice, and Mobile plan. Adding a plan for your phone is crucial since people can easily reach you when they contact your business. You can get unlimited local and long-distance calling with over 35 advanced features. Most importantly, purchasing a plan is easy since you can buy online, at a store, or by calling a customer care agent. You can even chat online to get directives on purchasing your plan.

The Spectrum Mobile for Business has unlimited data, talk, and text. Additionally, taxes and fees are included in the plan. Also, the company has the fastest overall speeds when combined with WiFi and gives you the most reliable coverage.

An Incredible Spectrum internet packages

You can get various packages from the company to cater to your connection needs. With Spectrum One, you can get internet with speeds of 300 Mbps. Additionally, you get advanced Wi-Fi and an unlimited Mobile line, all for one price. For residential connections, you can get the following packages. 

  1. $49.99/mo for 12 mos when bundled.

The package gives you up to 300 Mbps. You also get advanced WiFi and unlimited mobile lines. 

  1. $69.99/mo for 12 mos when bundled.

You get up to 500 Mbps advanced WiFi and unlimited mobile lines when you get the package.

  1. $89.99 /mo for 12 mos when bundled.

You will enjoy up to 1 Gbps connection speeds, advanced WiFi, and unlimited mobile lines. 

Apart from the above residential Spectrum Internet Packages, you may also get some for your business and boost your productivity. The following packages can work well with your business. 

  1. 300 Mbps Internet $ 49.99 /mo per 12 months when bundled
  2. Business Voice $19.99/mo per line for 12 months when bundled
  3. $89.97/mo for 12 mos when bundled with 300 Mbps Speed. Gives you 35+ Calling Features and 60+ HD Channels
  4. $69.98 /mo for 12 mos when bundled with 300 Mbps Speed. It gives you 35+ Calling Features
  5. $119.98 /mo for 24 mos when bundled. It gives you 600 Mbps Speed and 35+ calling features.

The connection speeds start from 300 Mbps and can go up to 1 Gig. You also get unlimited calling and 24/7 U.S.-based customer support. 

There are no contracts, additional Voice taxes, or hidden fees. Above all, the Spectrum internet packages have no contracts or added voice taxes and have over 99.9% network reliability. You also enjoy 24/7 U.S.-Based customer support and up to $1000 contract buyout. 

Spectrum internet deals – Great Overall

You can enjoy various deals from the company that helps you to save money in the long run. The most common deal for residential connection is the Affordable Connectivity Program which allows people from low-income households to get discounts on their plans. The benefits program from the federal government allows you to save up to $30 on your internet plan. 

However, you must qualify for the program to enjoy the service. You can qualify through income, whereby your household should have an income of 200% or below of the Federal Poverty Guideline. You can also qualify if you participate in benefits such as Medicaid, Lifeline, SNAP, WIC, etc. 

Other deals you can enjoy from the company include;

  1. 30-day money-back guarantee
  2. Free internet modem on all plans
  3. Free Spectrum TV app with TV package purchases
  4. Free antivirus software on all plans
  5. $500 service contract buyout program
  6. No contracts
  7. No data caps
  8. Access to thousands of hotspots nationwide
  9. No early termination fees

An Affordable Spectrum Internet Prices

Spectrum has different prices for its internet plans. The prices vary from one plan to the other depending on the contents of a particular plan. 

Business plans are more expensive compared to residential plans. For example, you can get a plan with internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile connectivity and pay $44.99. If you want extra high speeds for your connection, you only need to get the Internet Gig + WiFi + Mobile plan and pay $89.99 monthly. The cheapest you can pay is $19.99/mo per line for 12 mos when bundled for business voice. 

Spectrum claims to offer the most customer-friendly prices across the United States. If you are eligible for the ACP (Affordable Connectivity program), you will pay $30 less than the plan price. The Affordable Connectivity Program discount applies for residential internet plans. 

You also need to note that there are other fees that you should pay for the services you get. Even though Spectrum modem is free on every plan you purchase, you should pay $5 per month to rent the router, known as a “WiFi fee.” Interestingly, you can avoid the fee by utilizing your own equipment. However, with Spectrum’s WiFi devices, you will have an advantage since you will access customer support and technicians that understand their own routers.

There are two options for installation. You can opt for a professional or self-installation. Professional installation is recommended for TV service installations to ensure everything goes well. The setup is a bit complicated, and installing it yourself can lead to errors. You should get qualified personnel to install it if you’re unsure how to configure your WiFi router. Spectrum’s professional installation cost is $49.99, about half the price of most ISP fees.

Self-installation is best if you subscribe to the Spectrum Internet-only customer and want to save on the installation fee. It is fast to set up yourself since you do not need to wait for technicians. Remember, you can even install your own router. Using a Spectrum router, you will pay a $19.99 activation fee for the self-installation. The price includes your modem and router (or gateway).

Spectrum Wi-Fi Plans For Their Reliable Customers

WiFi is among the best internet connectivity technologies you can have today. Spectrum offers various WiFi plans that you can choose for your connection needs. For residential use, you can have the Internet + Advanced WiFi + Mobile plan for your Wi-Fi needs. You will enjoy high-speed internet, best-in-class security, advanced Wi-Fi, and a Spectrum Mobile Unlimited line at a great price. 

If you want WiFi for your business, you can add a private, secure Spectrum Business WiFi for your team to move around the office and work with coworkers appropriately. Generally, Wi-Fi allows you to connect employee devices with 24/7 dedicated support securely. You can also get a reliable connection for laptops, printers, mobile devices, security systems, and more.

Reasonable Spectrum Wi-Fi Packages

Residential and Business WiFi packages allow you to remain connected throughout the day. For your home connectivity, you can get a residential plan for only $49.99 monthly. Remember, the plan becomes cheaper if you qualify and apply for the Affordable Connectivity program. 

For business, you can purchase a $7.99/mo plan to enjoy a secure and reliable connection. Spectrum Business Internet customers can also benefit from over 99.9% network reliability. The cost is far much cheaper than the Spectrum Business Internet packages. 

Most Attainable Spectrum Wi-Fi Deals In 2023

If you are looking for WiFi deals from the company, then you can benefit from some from the company. Spectrum offers fast, secure, and reliable Internet plans at a friendly price for students. You can add a wireless router and link to WiFi from every room for $49.99/month for 12 mos. There are various plans you can get under the deal. They include the following.

1. Internet Up to 300 Mbps Plan 

The plan allows you to;

  • Stream SD video & music
  • Upload & download medium files
  • Connect to virtual classrooms

2. Internet Ultra Up to 500 Mbps

With the plan, you can:

  • Deliver crystal-clear presentations
  • Upload & download large files
  • Stream HD video

3. Internet GIG Up to 1 Gbps

The plan allows you to:

  • Stream 4k and 8k video
  • Upload & download huge files
  • Game & stream online & in VR.

The BUNDLE INTERNET + TV plan allows you to stream, surf, and play games.

The Best Spectrum Wi-Fi prices

Various WiFi plans attract different prices. For example, the Affordable Internet and WiFi for Students costs $49.99 /mo for 12 mos. Also, a residential WiFi plan costs $49.99 /mo. With the plan, you can enjoy faster connections at home. You can enjoy $7.99/month for business WiFi and keep your enterprise running smoothly. 

Spectrum TV and Internet Packages

The company also offers packages for TV whereby you can enjoy streaming top-level programs for entertainment and information. Interestingly, we have TV packages that combine with the internet to give you a comprehensive bundle for your operations. If you opt for TV, you get a $59.99/mo TV plan for 12 months. For internet only, you can purchase the INTERNET plan for $49.99/mo for 12 months. There is also a phone plan that goes for $19.99/mo.

Additional TV and internet packages include;

  1. Spectrum TV Select + Internet Ultra with a speed of 400 Mbps and 125 channels at $79.98
  2. Spectrum TV Silver + Internet Ultra with a speed of 400 Mbps and 175 channels at $89.98
  3. Spectrum TV Gold + Internet Ultra with a speed of 400 Mbps and 200 channels at $109.98

If you want TV-only plans, you can consider the following.

  1. Spectrum TV Select with 125 channels at $49.99
  2. Spectrum TV Silver with 175 channels at $74.99
  3. Spectrum TV Gold with 200 channels at $94.99.

To see the available offers in your area, you should visit the Spectrum packages page and enter your address. 

Spectrum cable deals In 2023

You can also enjoy cable internet from Spectrum to use on TV. There are various Spectrum cable deals you can enjoy from the company. These include the following.

  1. Spectrum TV Select + Internet Ultra + Voice with a speed of 400 Mbps, 125 channels, and an unlimited phone plan at $94.97. 
  2. Spectrum TV Silver + Internet Ultra + voice with a speed of 400 Mbps, 175 channels, and an unlimited phone plan at $102.97
  3. Spectrum Voice + internet + TV Select with a speed of 200 Mbps, 125 channels, and an unlimited phone plan at $114.97
  4. Spectrum TV Gold + Internet Ultra + Voice with a speed of 400 Mbps with 200 channels and unlimited phone plan at $122.97

Bottom line 

Spectrum is a division of Charter Communications that provides high-speed internet, phone, and TV services to small businesses in the United States. They cover 41 states of the US, and you can purchase various plans depending on your preferences. We have residential and business plans. Business plans allow your business to run smoothly. If you qualify for the ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program), you can get $30 off your residential plan.