The Best Optimum Internet Plans For Existing Customers

Optimum ranks as the 4th largest cable provider in the United States. The Company also offers cable and fiber internet access in 17 states. The service provided by this wireless carrier includes Cable TV, Internet, and phone services. Optimum internet plans for existing customers at an affordable price based on where you reside. Currently, Optimum internet spreads to parts of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.  

Moreover, this carrier provides two types of internet to existing customers, including Optimum Fiber and Internet. If your state has Optimum Fiber coverage, you’ll experience the best fiber internet plans featuring download speeds of up to 5,000 Mbps. Besides, Fiber internet also packs the same upload and download speeds. On the other hand, Optimum Wi-Fi provides speeds ranging from basic browsing to online gaming or high-speed HD streaming. 

Optimum packs something for every internet user in your home. If you’re an Optimum existing customer concerned with an internet-only plan, the Optimum internet plan price varies based on the speed level you select. The carrier features three main categories of internet speeds, including 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 940 Mbps. Existing customers can choose a plan among the three- tiers that match their needs and budget.

Optimum Internet-Only Deals

Most Optimum internet deals are preserved for new customers, but there is always something for existing customers. New Optimum internet subscribers can receive a $200 Visa Prepaid Card when they enroll for the Optimum 1 Gig Internet plan. Besides, new subscribers going for the Optimum 300 or 500 plan can obtain a $100 Visa Prepaid Reward Card. 

Interestingly, all Optimum internet-only plans feature free installation, plus a $10 first-month discount, without monthly equipment fees. Additionally, all Optimum internet plans include the Optimum Gateway 6, which offers a reliable and robust Wi-Fi router connection all over your home. 

Most importantly, there is a 24/7 technical support deal for customers in larger homes. Optimum also provides one Optimum Extender that goes for $3 per month and one Optimum Stream that goes for $5 per month for free.

Our Top Picks Optimum Internet Plans For Existing Customers

Bundling refers to combining two or three wireless services and paying for one monthly bill. If you customize the Optimum bundle, you can mix and match services in any combination and pay them on one bill. Internet plus mobile savings offers Optimum Mobile and Optimum Internet subscribers a chance to save more on their monthly bills. Customers must keep active Optimum Mobile and Optimum Internet services to be eligible for savings. 

However, based on the category of Internet plans you enroll for, you can save up to $15 monthly on your Internet bills. Optimum internet packages are ideal for customers looking for affordable entertainment in one place. Below are the most suitable bundling options for existing customers you can find with Optimum internet:

1. Optimum Internet and Optimum TV for $70 per month


  1. Free Optimum TV Box featuring voice-activated remote
  2. Up to $200 in Visa Reward Cards
  3. Access 420+ channels

2. Optimum Internet and Optimum Phone for $55 per month


  1. Up to 1 year of free HBO Max
  2. Unlimited local and long-distance calling anytime
  3. Up to $200 in Visa Reward Cards
  4. Over 20 essential calling features

Optimum TV and Internet Packages

Are you an existing optimum customer needing phone plans, TV, or internet service? With Optimum, you can obtain two or all of these services through one package and a monthly bill. You can opt for any of the TV and internet bundling options below:

1. Optimum 300 + Basic TV for $70.00/month


  1. 300 Mbps download speeds with 50+ channels
  2. Local channels such as NBC and ABC
  3. Free $100 Visa card

2. Optimum 500 + Core TV for $115.00/month


  1. 500 Mbps download speeds with 220+ channels
  2. Cable channels include Comedy Central and ESPN

3. Optimum 1 Gig + Premier TV for $195.00/month


  1. 940 Mbps download speeds with 420+ channels
  2. Premium channels include HBO and STARZ
  3. Free $200 Visa card

Optimum Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Free standard installation when ordering online
  • High-speed internet- Optimum internet plans include cable and fiber, featuring fast internet speeds at a low price. Internet speeds can vary based on coverage in your area.
  • No data cap-All Optimum internet deals don’t impose any data caps.
  • Download speeds-Optimum internet plans range from 100 Mbps up to 1 Gig. With Optimum fiber internet, you can get equal download and upload speed. 
  • No contracts-Optimum internet-only plans feature no long-term commitments. Thus existing customers need not worry about early termination fees.
  • Bundle your services-You can obtain Internet, TV, and phone bundling and pay for one bill, thus saving on your monthly bill compared to paying for standalone services. With Optimum bundle deals, you can mix and match your ideal package.


  • You must bundle phone and TV services.
  • You must lease a modem for $10/month in addition to the base rate.
  • You can pay one-time installation fees for your equipment.

Optimum Offers For Existing Customers

The following are the offers applicable to Optimum existing customers:

1. Optimum Advantage customers

If you’re already eligible for Optimum Advantage, you can buy an Acer Chromebook laptop for just $149.99.

2. Seniors, Veterans, and households with students

 You may be eligible for Optimum Advantage if you have kids enrolled in New York City public schools or participates in the National School Lunch Program. Also, if you’re 65 years and above and eligible to get Supplemental Security Income or a veteran obtaining federal or state assistance, you’re eligible. From $14.99 per month, the no-contract Optimum Advantage plan feature up to 50 Mbps download speeds, a free router, free installation, plus unlimited data.

3. Low-income households

 Optimum low-income customers participating in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program can access free internet featuring a $30 monthly discount with Optimum.

Optimum ACP Discount

Optimum is proud to be part of this Federal Government program known as the Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP). This program provides a monthly discount of up to $30 to assist eligible households in paying for Internet service. Or up to $75 per month for eligible households on Tribal Lands. Optimum ACP applies to new and existing Optimum customers and can get applied to any Optimum Internet plan.

If you are eligible for ACP, you may qualify for the following:

  1. Free 300 Mbps Internet
  2. Enjoy Free high-speed Internet 

However, if you’re switching to Optimum,  the 300 Mbps plan is fully covered by the Affordable Connectivity Program discount. You can contact 866.203.4983 to find out what this monthly benefit may fully cater to other optimum internet plans for low income families

Bottom Line 

Optimum offers cable and fiber internet plans to existing customers. However, the ideal choice depends on your needs. If you reside in areas where Optimum internet is available, it’s worth noting the available plans to identify what meets your needs and budget. With unlimited data, fast internet, and low monthly prices, Optimum is the best plug for new and existing customers looking for ways to save on monthly internet bills. Notably, availability and internet speeds vary by state.