The EBT Free Laptop Application For Apply – 2024

Qualifying low-income Americans receiving SNAP benefits can get a free laptop with EBT upon attainment of eligibility criteria. However, numerous government-aided programs qualify a person to obtain internet benefits and free devices. The essential thing that guarantees eligibility is a low-income threshold or participation in a government-aided program, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, previously the Food Stamp Program.

The best way to qualify for the free government internet and laptop program is through the Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program. These programs offer discounts on connected devices such as tablets, PCs and laptops, and internet to eligible low-income people. Participants in the Food Stamps can enroll in Lifeline and ACP and receive a free laptop with Food Stamps.

SNAP, or the Food Stamp Program, is a government-aided program that helps low-income people with nutrition products. In this case, eligible members with SNAP benefits get financial support directly channeled into their EBT card account every month. Consequently, SNAP participants may utilize EBT cards to purchase specific food categories at supermarkets,  food retailers, retail stores, and even some farmers’ markets.

Best Ways To Get a Free Laptop With EBT

The US Federal government provides specific programs for low-income households designed to assist needy people in getting free laptops and other electronic devices and services. One of the best ways to receive a free laptop with EBT for low-income consumers is through Federal Communication Commission-managed programs. However, there are rules and regulations to get a free laptop or internet discount in every household. 

Recently, the US Federal government, through participating wireless providers, usually offers free laptops through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Thus, to get a free laptop with EBT, you must be a Food Stamp or SNAP participant. Then, apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), for which you must prove eligibility by providing proof documents.

In summary:

  1. Ensure you are eligible for the Food Stamps program. 
  2. Gather the documents that prove your SNAP eligibility.
  3. Apply for the SNAP program
  4. After successful enrollment in the SNAP program, you can initiate the ACP application process. 
  5. Finally, find an ACP-participating wireless provider that provides free laptops with Food Stamps in your State and apply for the program. 

Eligibility Requirements

When applying for a free government laptop through participation in Food Stamps,  you must meet the general ACP eligibility requirements as set by the FCC. All ACP-participating wireless providers need to follow these criteria:

1. Income-Based Eligibility

You may enroll for the ACP program and get a  free government laptop if: Your household income equals or less than 200% according to the Federal Poverty Guidelines. However, the guideline is based on your household size and State of residence.

2. Program-Based Eligibility

Additionally, you may apply for a free laptop with EBT for low-income people if you participate in particular government-aided programs, including:

  1. Lifeline
  2. Federal Public Housing Assistance Program
  3. Veterans Survivor and Pensions benefit program
  4. WIC
  5. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)
  6. Medicaid
  7. SSI (Supplemental Security Income)

Another qualifying criterion is participation in a Tribal benefit program, such as:

  1. Bureau of Indian Affairs 
  2. Tribal Head Start (only those households can meet income-qualifying standards)
  3. Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.
  4. Tribal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

3. A recipient of a federal Pell Grant award in the current award year

Household approval to get benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch program or the school breakfast program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision in the 2019-2020, 2020-2021, or 2021-2022 school year.

4. Attaining the eligibility criteria for a participating wireless provider’s existing low-income program

Documentations For  A Free Laptop With EBT Application

While applying for an ACP program, you will be required to submit certain information. The national verifier will try to verify the provided information automatically. However, you will be required to provide certain documents to verify your identity and prove your eligibility if they cannot. The documents you may have to provide are based on your eligibility criteria.

Generally, an ACP provider may ask you to provide one or more of the documents listed below:

A. Identity Verification bearing your first and last name and date of birth. Acceptable documents include:

  1. A valid government, military, State, or Tribal ID
  2. Passport
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. US Driver’s license
  5. Certificate of US Citizenship or Naturalization
  6. Permanent Resident Card or Green Card
  7. Government assistance program document
  8. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) document (does not need to include the date of birth)

B. Address Verification documents that have your first and last name and physical address. You may also include a duplicate address. Acceptable documents include:

  1. A valid government, State, or Tribal ID
  2. Mortgage or lease statement
  3. Recent W-2 or tax return
  4. Driver’s license
  5. Utility bill

C. Annual Household Income Verification. Acceptable documents include:

  1. Paycheck stubs
  2. Current income statement from your employer
  3. Previous year’s federal, State, or Tribal tax return
  4. Unemployment or Worker’s Compensation statement of benefits
  5. Divorce decree
  6. Child support award
  7. A Social Security statement of benefits
  8. Veterans Administration statement of benefits
  9. A retirement/pension statement of benefits

D. A qualifying support program participation Verification documents including:

  1. Benefit award letter
  2. Approval letter
  3. Statement of benefits
  4. Benefit verification letter
  5. School documentation

Finally, ensure only to submit copies of the documents rather than the original ones.

EBT Free Laptop

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Applications Process For EBT

To apply for a free laptop with EBT, you must identify an ACP provider that offers connected devices services in the State where you live. Then, choose your preferred wireless provider and fill out an online application form. Alternatively, you can also send an ACP application directly to

In a nutshell:

  1. Attain ACP eligibility criteria.
  2. Collect the documentation that verifies your ACP eligibility.
  3. Apply for the ACP program.
  4. Locate an ACP provider that provides both laptops and free internet services and apply through them.

Benefits of the EBT Program 

EBT is the initial for Electronic Benefits Transfer, an electronic system that enables SNAP participants to pay for food using a magnetically encoded payment card. The SNAP benefits are directly deposited into the user’s EBT card. Beneficiaries can use the card to pay for food at supermarkets, food retailers, convenience stores,  and even some farmers’ markets.

Food items you can purchase using your EBT card include:

  1. Dairy products
  2. Snack foods
  3. Non-alcoholic beverages
  4. Fruits and vegetables
  5. Meat, poultry, and fish
  6. Loaves of bread and EBT cereals
  7. Seeds and plants to grow in your household

However, SNAP benefits can’t purchase:

  1. Alcohol and tobacco products (including beer and cigarettes)
  2. Vitamins and supplements
  3. Other non-food items (Like pet food, cleaning supplies, and paper goods)
  4. Prepared hot food (Like rotisserie chicken)

Is Free Laptop With EBT Worth It

Getting a free laptop enables low-income people gives you the following benefits:

  1. Search for information 
  2. Access emergency medical services and bookings
  3. Access virtual classrooms and get an education
  4. Stay in touch with work
  5. Look out for new job opportunities
  6. Pay the bills on Food items
  7. Watch videos, and movies, play games, listen to music, and any other form of entertainment.

Bottom Line

The US Federal Government understands the unaffordability of devices like laptops, which is why they have programs like free laptops with EBT. If you are a SNAP participant, you can get a free laptop if you meet the eligibility requirements based on government-aided program participation and income level. If you’re ACP eligible, you search for a participating wireless provider offering a connected devices discount and apply for this benefit free of charge without any credit checks or signing contracts.