Xfinity Phone Deals For Existing Customers 2024

Xfinity Mobile is a wireless provider of Xfinity by Comcast and stands out as America’s largest cable and internet provider. The Company delivers a robust nationwide 5G network, and customers enjoy millions of secure WiFi hotspot offers at no extra cost. Again, Xfinity offers phone deals for existing customers, including discounts on cell phone plans and smartphones. The most significant savings existing customers can get with Xfinity Mobile is less expensive cell phone plans than from the major carriers.

If you’re an existing Xfinity Wireless customer, you can save on your phone and wireless service with Xfinity Mobile phone deals and promotions. You can obtain a significant discount on the latest smartphones from Apple,  Samsung, Google, Motorola, and more. On the other hand, you can check the current phone deals on Xfinity Mobile on the Deals page. On this page, you’ll see all the limited-time offers and promotions available and numerous ways you can save all year round.

Most importantly, you can get phone deals and plans to start from January 2023 for a specified period. To find the Deals page, proceed to the Xfinity Mobile website and open the Shop menu. Then, tap on the “Deals” link to see these phone deals and many other Xfinity promotions. Xfinity Mobile provides existing customers with many discounts on their regular phone plans. Browse your preferred phone, and you’ll likely get discounted prices on the plans. 

What Carrier is Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is a brand of Comcast Cable Communications. This Company offers wireless cable and phone services for US people. Existing and new Xfinity customers can enjoy extensive 5G, 4G, and LTE network coverage, spreading to almost all parts of the US. Xfinity also has deals on phones, smartwatches, tablets, and much more for existing customers. Better still, you can either obtain Xfinity services on a new device or bring your own device for the new connection. 

While purchasing a new device, you can take advantage of the Xfinity phone deals for existing customers or trade in your old device to enjoy a price reduction. Xfinity offers phone discounts for existing customers on leading brands such as Apple, Samsung,  Google, Motorola, and others. When purchasing a plan or a phone, ensure you use Xfinity Mobile promotions found on its website to reduce costs.

How To Make The Switch To Xfinity Mobile

New customers can opt to purchase a new phone or come with their current phone to sign up with Xfinity Mobile. If you already have a smartphone you adore and want to taste the deals for existing customers through Xfinity, you can bring your own phone. Xfinity Mobile will offer you a prepaid card worth $100 that you can utilize on your wireless bill. You won’t incur any activation fees, and you can use your old number on Xfinity.

Xfinity allows customers to bring all compatible iPhones, including the iPhone 6 or later (including the iPhone SE), to its network. Some  Galaxy and Pixel phone models are compatible, too. The only way to confirm is to use Compatibility Checker before signing up for Xfinity Mobile using bring your own phone. Xfinity Mobile offers a great perk to customers who are happy with their current phone but still want to switch networks. 

Step 1

Check your Phone’s Compatibility

You can check if your phone will work on Xfinity Mobile, select a data option, and either order a free SIM card or activate your cell phone remotely using an eSIM-compatible device. 

Step 2

Find your cell phone’s new SIM card in the mail and activate it.

 If you ordered a SIM card, it would come in a few days. Once you get it, you can activate it online from your Xfinity Mobile account or phone or with a representative in an Xfinity store.

Step 3

Start enjoying your Xfinity Mobile service. 

You can download the Xfinity Mobile app, check data usage, switch data options, and manage your account anytime.

Xfinity Mobile Deals For Existing Customers

Unlike other carriers, Xfinity Mobile provides numerous phone deals for existing customers. For instance, existing customers can get gig-speed internet for $30 per line monthly for 24 months when you add Xfinity Mobile with 2 lines of Unlimited data. Besides, you can save hundreds a year with the discounted price for two lines on the Unlimited Xfinity plan.

i. Save $400 on Select 5G phones.

This offer is available to new customers when you buy an eligible 5G phone, including Apple, Samsung, or Google Pixel 7, and port in your number within 30 days. The credits are applied over 24 months of the device payment plan. 

ii. Receive $500 back when you switch to Xfinity Mobile

New customers get a $500 prepaid card when they add Xfinity Internet service and switch two lines to Xfinity Mobile.

iii. Receive  $400 off an iPhone

This offer is available to new customers when you buy select 5G iPhone devices and port in your number within 30 days. 

iv. Save $400 on Samsung Galaxy 5G phones.

Upon purchasing select Samsung Galaxy 5G devices, new customers get this offer when they switch numbers within 30 days. 

v. Now save $400 on a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

This offer applies to new customers who buy select 5G Google Pixel devices and switch their numbers within 30 days. 

vi. Obtain a Free Moto g 5G

This offer is available to new customers upon purchasing a Moto G 5G and port in your number within 30 days. 

vii. Get $100 if you bring your phone to Xfinity Mobile

Switch to Xfinity Mobile and obtain a $100 prepaid card when you bring your phone to Xfinity Mobile service.

Bottom Line

Xfinity Mobile offers customers many ways to save through Xfinity phone deals. New and existing customers can enjoy numerous deals on phones and plans. You can get a discount on the total cost of a device or a price reduction on phone plans when you enroll in an eligible unlimited plan. Currently, most phone deals are for new customers, but existing customers can enjoy a significant price reduction on cellular plans.