7 Best Providers Offer A Free iPhone When You Switch

iPhones are smartphones that operate on the iPhone Operating System (iOS). The devices are considered classy since they are costly. Only well-monied people afford to purchase the devices. Even though we have refurbished iPhone devices of the previous models that are cheap, the new and high-quality ones can cost somewhere from $400 and above. The cheapest new iPhone you can get is iPhone SE which costs around $429. However, you can get a free iPhone when you switch to specific networks.

Despite iPhones being expensive devices, service providers give you a free iPhone upon switching to their network. Switching means abandoning your current service provider and migrating to a new one. Usually, the free phones offered by such companies are meant to attract more consumers to their businesses. After all, they can return the costs of the devices with time. When you purchase plans for your communication, the companies make money from you. 

There are numerous reasons you might want to switch to another carrier. A free phone is one of many factors to consider when switching to a network. Also, you can migrate to another carrier due to their quality communication services (faster internet connections, clear calls, and fast SMS delivery), excellent customer service, and transparency, among other factors. You must abide by some regulations when you get a free device from such companies.

Eligibility To Get Free iPhones When Switching Carriers

There are various requirements you must meet. They include the following.

1. Trade in an eligible device.

Most mobile phone service providers require you to trade a particular phone when switching to their network to give you a free phone. 

2. Purchase a particular plan.

To get a free iPhone, you should purchase a particular plan for a specific duration. You might be forced to pay the remaining credits from your pockets if you fail to meet the requirements after getting the free phone. After all, you cannot migrate to another network with the phone since carriers lock their phones until the contract between you and them is over. 

3. Buy one get one free.

Another way you can get a free iPhone from some providers is by buying a specific iPhone model to get one free. Even though you will have spent money purchasing a device, you can still sell the other device and recover your money. 

Providers That Offer Free iPhone When You Switch 

We have numerous service providers who offer free phones when you switch. If you are looking for the best carrier to switch to, then you are in the right place where you will get sufficient information. You can opt for any of the following company offers.  

1. Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless offers a new iPhone 14 Pro free when you switch, trade in select devices, and activate a new line on select 5G Unlimited plans. Also, you can get up to $800 off a new iPhone 14 phone with a particular trade-in and select the 5G Unlimited plan. After all, with Verizon, the switching process is simple by using an eSIM with the My Verizon app if you bring your own device.


You can visit the Verizon website and navigate to products and plans to get the deal. Once you open the site, you should navigate to deals and select the ‘Get Started” tab to begin the switching process.

2. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is among the largest network providers in the United States. The carrier has numerous deals you can utilize when switching to the network. Among the deals include iPhone phones to use for your communication needs. T-Mobile offers a free iPhone 14 when you switch. However, you must make a 24-month agreement, including tax, whereby you must trade in an eligible device and activate a new line on a qualifying unlimited plan to get the free phone.

T-Mobile gives you up to $800 in credit on other select phones when you trade in a suitable device and activate a new line on an unlimited qualifying plan. You can also get a free Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 12. 


To get the deal, you can visit the T-Mobile website and navigate the phones category to get started with your application. Just click on the iPhone with a deal and proceed with your application.

3. Boost Mobile

You can find amazing iPhone deals from Boost Mobile on the company’s website. The company is offering a free iPhone SE when you switch. The deal is available when you visit a store. The Boost Stores are available in various parts of the country. You can also get discounted iPhone devices when you visit the Boost Mobile website and navigate to online offers. 


You can get the free iPhone SE by visiting a physical store and asking the attendants to help you with switching. You may also contact customer care agents through various social media pages. 

4. Cricket Wireless

Cricket uses AT&T’s network, which offers the same coverage you would get with a more expensive carrier. It has various iPhone offers that help it attract more consumers, as many other carriers do. You can get a free Apple iPhone SE 64 GB phone that requires a new line & new account. You can also get Apple iPhone SE 128 GB for free if you comply with the requirements. 


To get a free iPhone from the company, you should visit the Cricket Wireless website, navigate phones, and locate the free devices. You then agree to subscribe to a given plan for the specified duration. Lastly, tap on the ‘Select device’ and choose the various payment options. You can pay as low as $34/mo at 0% APR through Affirm. Once you complete the steps, Cricket will ship your device the following day. 

5. AT&T

When talking about iPhone deals, we cannot leave AT&T behind since the carrier offers fantastic deals when you switch. You can get iPhone 14 for free if you make an eligible trade-in. You can get up to $1000 in bill credits when you make a smartphone trade-in valued at $230 or higher. You can also get up to $800 in bill credits with a smartphone trade-in value of $130 to $229 and up to $350 in bill credits with a smartphone trade-in value of $35 to $129.


To apply, you must purchase an eligible smartphone on a qualifying installment agreement, including taxes on the total retail price and a $35 activation/upgrade fee. You should activate or keep postpaid qualifying unlimited voice and wireless data service. Unfortunately, AT&T may slow data speeds temporarily if the network is busy. Other qualifying plans are available based on your account type. You must ensure that you trade in a qualifying smartphone in good condition within 30 days of activation.

6. Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid service provider found in the United States and is owned by T-Mobile US. You can get a free iPhone if you switch to the network. You can get a free iPhone 11 after three months of service when you select the $60/month unlimited plan. You should also bring your number in-store. You can also get the device at $199.99 when you obtain a new number in-store or online.


To apply for the free phone, you must find a Metro by T-Mobile store to get the device. You can visit the carrier’s website and find a store near you. At the store, you will get directions on making your application.

7. US Cellular

US Cellular is an American mobile network operator and a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems Inc. It is among the various companies offering free iPhones when you switch. The new and upgraded US cellular customers can get an iPhone of any color and size for free. 


To get the device, you should visit the US Cellular website to get started. Also, you can get 3 months of Apple Fitness for free when you purchase an Apple Watch. The fitness device requires an iPhone 6s or later plus Apple Watch Series 3.

Benefits of iPhones That You Would like

There are various reasons why most people prefer using iPhones over other phones. The devices come with numerous advantages, which include the following. 

  1. The devices are classy.

When you have an iphone, people respect you because of the value the devices are associated with. iPhone devices are expensive, and having one means you are high-class. 

  1. High-security features. 

iPhones are known for their tight security layers. It is difficult to hack an iPhone compared to other brands, thus ensuring that users’ data are safe. The devices are usually used by high-profile persons whose security is paramount.   

  1. Smooth operations

iPhones have an inbuilt system that refreshes the phone’s memory to ensure it functions smoothly. That is why you find a low-RAM iPhone running smoother than a higher RAM android device. 

  1. Amazing cameras

iPhones have high-resolution cameras that allow you to take high-quality photos. You can find an iPhone beneficial if you are a photographer or videographer. 

Bottom Line

iPhones are classy devices that most people admire. The phones are expensive and thus easy to acquire. However, there are service providers who offer free phones when you switch and purchase a qualifying plan. These include Verizon, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, and AT&T. iPhones are among the best devices because of their fantastic security layers, smooth operations, and classy nature.