The Best Ways To Get A Free Phone When You Switch

Various mobile communication companies give you free phones when you switch. Switching means moving to another network. Such phone companies provide free devices for those who transfer to their networks to increase customers and thus increase their profits. After all, who does not like free things? I will discuss the various companies that give you free phone when you switch to their network. That way, you will stay informed on where to move for better services.

There are various reasons why you may want to move to another network. First, your current network may have poor connectivity, making you experience poor calls, slow message delivery, and poor internet connections. We all understand how a poor network connection may lead to losses if you use it for business. Online transactions may fail, while clients may mess you on calls. 

Another reason you may want to switch to another carrier is the high cost of plans. If your current service provider charges too much for services you can get from another service provider at a low cost, then you have every reason to migrate to the other provider. Also, you can switch providers if you are moving to a new area where your current carrier does not provide services. Some carriers do not have nationwide coverage. 

Factors to Consider When Looking for Free Phones When You Switch

When you switch, you should consider numerous factors when looking for a free phone. They include the following.

1. The type of phone offered. 

You should not switch just because you have seen a free phone. It is essential to check the phone’s specifications and see if it will suit you. Some phones are of low quality in that you can do less with them. Also, you may switch and find that services in the new company are pathetic.

2. Conditions behind the free phone

Some phone companies have strict requirements to comply with when you switch. For example, you may find that a company requires you to subscribe to a particular cell phone plan for a particular period to retain the free phone. The plan may be expensive, thus draining your pockets. 

3. Quality of services

You do not want to move to a service provider offering low-quality services. You must ensure that connectivity services are suitable and, if possible, better than what you get from your current service provider. You will not benefit from a free phone with a poor network. 

4. Coverage

A good company should have extensive network coverage. Get a company that has 99% nationwide coverage. That saves you from the expenses of purchasing new SIM cards from other carriers when moving to different parts of the country. 

5. Trade-in requirement

Some providers only give you a free device when you trade in your old device. They then see the most suitable phone to offer you. If you are unwilling to give away your precious phone, ignore carriers offering free phones when you trade in. 

Best Cellular Companies That Give You Free Phones When You Switch

When searching for a free phone, you must look for companies offering the devices. There are numerous companies you can consider. These include the following.

1. T-Mobile

The carrier allows you to get a free cell phone through 24 monthly bill credits when you switch to their service or activate a new line on a T-Mobile plan. For example, you can get the new Google Pixel 6a for free with no trade-in required. Via 24 monthly bill credits if you add a line on an eligible plan. If you cancel before 24 credits, your credits stop, and you may be forced to pay the balance from your pockets. 

2. Sprint 

Sprint is now a property of T-Mobile, although it still offers products independently. When you switch to the network, you can get a free phone from the company. For example, you can get the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G for free if you activate a new line and switch to a Sprint Max or other premium plan. Also, you can get a REVVL 6 5G for free if you trade in an eligible phone in any condition on any qualifying plan.

3. AT&T

You can also get a free phone from AT&T when you meet a few requirements. For example, you can get Google Pixel 7 from the company if you purchase a qualifying smartphone on an eligible installment agreement, with taxes included on the total retail price (upfront) plus a $35 activation/upgrade fee. Also, you should activate or maintain a qualifying postpaid unlimited wireless service. You must also trade in an eligible device within 30 days of activation.

4. Verizon

Among the best service providers in the US is Verizon. The carrier allows you to get a free phone if you switch or add a new line. You do not need any trade-in to get the offer. For example, you can get an Apple iPhone 13 mini for free for 36 months with 0 % APR. 

5. Safelink 

Safelink gives you a free phone if you qualify and apply for Lifeline. You get unlimited talk, text, and data apart from the free phone. You can qualify for Safelink Lifeline if your household income is 135% or below. You can also qualify through Medicaid, WIC, and SNAP benefits.

The benefits of getting a free phone from a cellular company

A few benefits of getting a free phone from a communication company exist. They include the following.

  1. Saves you money

You can save finances that you could have used to purchase a new device from a retailer. In the long run, the company benefits from the cellular plans you purchase from them. As mentioned above, some phone companies may subject you to a compulsory plan subscription to keep the free phone.

  1. Ensures that you get the right phone

Since you are getting the device from the company, you are sure that the device is compatible with the carrier’s network technology. Therefore, you can look for a compatible device without strain. A service provider may support GSM, CDMA, or both technologies.

The drawbacks of getting a free phone from a cellular company

Apart from the advantages of getting a free phone from a company, we still have drawbacks to the free phone programs. Some of the drawbacks include the following.

  1. You may not get your favorite device.

Since you are getting a phone for free, your service provider may give you any phone available in their stores. That means you can get a low-quality device to use for your communication purposes. 

  1. The phone may be locked.

Service providers lock their free phones so you cannot use them with other networks. They aim to ensure that they get returns from their investment. You are therefore forced to use their services all through. If you want to use services from other companies, you will need to purchase a new unlocked phone. 

  1. Have strings attached 

Companies offering free phones have various demands that you must comply with. In most cases, you must stick to a specific plan to continue using the free device. 

Bottom Line

Numerous companies offer free phones when you switch. You must meet various demands from the companies to have the free phones. The main requirement needed by most carriers is to subscribe to a particular plan for a certain period, usually 24 months. There are various factors you should consider when choosing free phones. These include the network strength of the new carrier, network coverage, the type of phone, etc.