Top 10 Online Colleges That Provide Laptops

A laptop is a computer that allows you to carry it from one place to another. The first laptop came into existence in February 1984 under the efforts of the IBM company. The IBM 5155 Portable Personal Computer had a built-in 5″ monitor, typically the display size of most modern feature phones. Additionally, the laptop had dual 5-1/4 inch 91K drives and weighed 24.5 pounds which are approximately 11.11 kilograms. It was, therefore, heavier than modern laptops. You will learn about online colleges that provide laptops for students shortly.

Laptops are essential for college students. That is why you find most colleges demanding that every student should have a laptop. Since the devices are expensive, not every parent can afford a laptop for their dear child. That makes it challenging since school fees should also be paid for the studies. Some colleges understand that, which is why they sacrifice their funds to offer free laptops to the college students joining their institutions.

By the way, the government plays a significant role in assisting students with free laptops for their studies. We have numerous government learning institutions that offer free laptops to students admitted to them. Also, the federal government offers discounted laptops and tablets to students from low-income families. It does so through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which allows you to get a discounted laptop from your ACP service provider. However, you should contribute between $10 and $50 towards the purchase price.

Why do college students need laptops

There are various reasons why every college and university student should have a laptop. They include the following.

i) Academic research

There is a lot of research that students need to conduct in colleges. To carry out the research efficiently, they require laptops that can assist them in getting information online. They also require a secure and consistent internet connection that they should use for their learning activities.

They also require the devices to type documents for their study works. There are lots of documents that lectures in universities require students to make. They may be word, excel, or presentation.  

You should also use a laptop to learn various technology courses. For example, you need a laptop to learn to code using various software that cannot run on a phone or tablet.

2) Earn a living

As a student, you can use your laptop to earn a living. You can do many online jobs with your laptop and get money to keep you going. For example, you can write articles for websites, teach children from all over the world online at various online sites, or even assist students from various parts of the world in their assignments.

Additionally, you can lend your laptop to other students as long as you trust them to carry out their activities and return it later.

3) Entertainment

Students also require entertainment as you cannot study all through. You can play games using your device either online or those installed on your computer. You can also watch movies on your device since the screen size is large enough to give you a fantastic experience.

Furthermore, a laptop allows you to play music. It is said that entertainment is a significant activity in our life since it refreshes our minds and prevents lifestyle diseases.

4) Social

Nowadays, numerous sites allow you to meet people from all over the world online. These include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. That way, students can get essential data from others worldwide. By interacting with others from various parts of the world. You can learn about them and appreciate their way of life.

What are the various policies for free laptops at colleges

Students’ free laptops from schools and universities come with various policies that students must adhere to. Since they are gifts from the institution, they must regulate how you use the devices.

The policies differ from one learning institution to the other. Various policies that you can get from various colleges include the following.

  • You may not be allowed to download media such as movies, music, and games into the devices. That is because such materials may contain harmful content that interferes with the college’s technology systems.
  • Warranties. You may get a warranty for your computer if it gets damaged. Also, the warranty may include system upgrades, theft, etc. However, most institutions require you to pay for the devices if you lose or damage them.
  • Student status. You may not get a laptop anytime you want. Most colleges only give laptops to first-year students. Continuing college students who need a laptop may be forced to buy new ones. Also, as a new student, you may have to complete a particular study duration to get a laptop.

Which are the top 10 online colleges that provide laptops

Since you know the importance of having a laptop, especially if you are a college student, it is high time you know the colleges that offer free laptops. Numerous online colleges provide free laptops to students once they join. The following are the best online colleges that can give you a free laptop once you join them. Have a look.

1) Alabama State University (ASU)

Alabama State University lends MacBook Pro laptops to their students via the Apple Loan Program. That means the students will repay the cost since they get a loan to purchase the devices. MacBooks are expensive but, at the same time, high-quality laptops that perform very well. All students are eligible to apply for the loan program to purchase laptops.

The College of Business and Administration has partnered with Apple to get a brand-new Mac lab with over twenty Mac computers for the students to use daily. Also, COBA has numerous MacBook Pro laptops designated for the brightest students.

2) Amridge University  

The Amridge University offers its students discounts on purchasing their laptops through the university. That way, learners can save a lot of money that they could have used to purchase laptops on their own from retailers. All students qualify to receive the discounts.

Students who participate in the Chromebook Program using grants, Financial Aid Title IV, and/or scholarship funds are subject to course participation requirements. Laptops are shipped by the third-party vendors tasked by the university to address the student Admission and Enrollment requirements. As a student, you must ensure your address is correct and up to date to ensure your package reaches you.

You need to note that the university does not ship laptops to addresses that do not match your details in the system. You can also make a student update by visiting the MyAmridge Portal before the laptop is shipped.

3) Auburn University   

The university allows students to get laptop discounts with Apple, HP, Dell, and IBM. All students can get discounts. Apple, HP, and Dell are some of the best laptop brands you can rely on for your studies. Apple is known to produce high-quality laptops with high-level security, thus making your online experience enjoyable. Also, being an employee at Auburn University allows you to get educational price discounts for computers and hardware.

To get more details about the various vendors from the university, you can visit their website and check various contacts for various brands. For Apple Computer, you can contact Matt Caudle at or (334) 844-1692.

4) California State University, East Bay  

The university lets students take out loans to purchase computers from the university. They can also renew them when their loan is up. Every student is eligible to get the laptop loan on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, there is no discrimination in giving out device loans.

Furthermore, students can benefit from the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). ACP is a government program that discounts people from low-income families to purchase laptops, tablets, and desktop computers.

As a student, you may get the free laptops on Affordable Connectivity Program benefit and reduce the cost of high-speed Internet by at least $30/month for qualifying households.

5) Azusa Pacific University   

Through the IMT Computer Store, the university gives students discounts to buy laptops for Mac and PC laptops. All the students can receive discounts on the laptops. The store also offers discounts to faculty, staff, and university alumni.

You can be sure of quality products since Apple authorizes the store. It also offers a variety of accessories, such as laptop cases, speakers, cables, headphones, GoPros, warranties, and much more.

6) California State University, Bakersfield       

Suppose you are a student without access to technology. In that case, you can receive a free loaner laptop to use for your various school activities. Suppose you are a student that receives financial aid.

In that case, you can apply for a loan increase to get a special allowance to buy a computer. You can also get a loan to purchase one of the University’s laptops annually. All students qualify to get loans for laptops.

Additionally, you can get a discounted laptop through the Affordable Connectivity Program since the institution collaborates with the agency offering the program. You can have a discount of up to $100 to buy a laptop if you or a household member qualifies for the program.

You can qualify by income; your annual income should be at 200% of the federal poverty guideline. You may also qualify via Medicaid, lifeline, and SNAP programs.  

7) California State University, Sacramento     

The California State University, through the Hornet Laptop Discount Program, relies on the CARES/HEERF Emergency Grants for discounted laptops to students. All the students qualify for the program.

The program is one of the various ways Sacramento State continues to support the CSU system’s commitment to improving student success, eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps, and closing technology equity as part of Graduation Initiative 2025.

8) Park University

The University allows students to get discounts on laptop hardware at Dell, CDW, and ThinkEDU. All students and alumni qualify to receive discounts to get their favorite laptops. Usually, the CDW is open to all at Park university fraternity, including alumni. At the same time, DELL is open to all, including the Park alumni.

The ThinkEDU is open to faculty, students, and staff. To access the discount price list, you need to select “Park University” from the drop-down menu on the ThinkEDU website.

9) University of California, Irvine

Suppose you are a University of California student receiving financial aid. In that case, you can request a one-time $2,000 budget increase to buy a laptop. UCI also offers discounts for university students from several vendors, whereby you can get a $2,000 allowance for a new computer as a financial aid student.

All students can get discounts. Moreover, the allowance covers hardware, software, printer, monitor, and extended warranty. The minimum laptop requirements for University of California students are as follows.

  • Windows 10 or the latest three versions of Mac OS operating systems
  • No Chromebooks or tablet
  • Core i5 processor or higher processor
  • 8 Gigabytes or more RAM
  • 256 GB Solid State Drive or larger hard drive
  • Built-in webcam
  • On-board Graphics card so that video settings will work for most use cases.
  • No need for a warranty and accidental damage protection, although they are highly encouraged.

10) University of Nevada, Las Vegas     

The University of Nevada partners with Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, and HP to give students discounts to purchase laptops for their studies. All students can receive discounts. By the way, UNLV receives 1-3% percent cash back from each sale, depending on the vendor agreements. The University then uses these finances to improve campus technology, thus supporting student learning and achievement.

Also, the personal computer purchasing program helps faculty and staff find the right computer for personal use. You must be among the UNLV family to benefit from the offer.

Bottom line

Laptops are computers that allow you to carry them from one place to another. The first laptop was heavy, but present devices are light enough to carry from one place to another. Students require laptops for their studies.

You can do various things using a laptop, including researching, typing documents, and learning programs such as coding. You can also use your laptop to work online.