How to Get a Free Laptop from Amazon

Amazon is the number one online retailer worldwide that sells various products ranging from goods to website services. Other similar retailers include Walmart, Best Buy, and eBay. The company’s headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, United States. Besides being a reputable retailer serving millions of consumers worldwide, you can get free Amazon laptops to the needy. You will learn how to get a free laptop from Amazon shortly.

A laptop is a necessity in our modern life. However, not all are privileged to get one. We have people who need the devices to work at home yet they do not have money to purchase them. We also have students who need laptops to study but cannot get them. It is necessary to help such students acquire the devices and improve their lives. That is why Amazon offers free laptops to those eligible. 

The Amazon free laptops are products of the federal government. That means the government subsidizes the free devices to help the needy people. The work of Amazon is to distribute to the needy after confirming their eligibility. Usually, low-income families are the biggest beneficiaries as long as they show that they are eligible for the program by showing the necessary documents. 

How to get a free laptop from Amazon

You can get a laptop from Amazon to ensure your technology needs are well sorted. These free laptops from Amazon are from the federal government and some non-governmental organizations.

The following are ways you can qualify for a free laptop through a government subsidy. Qualify through income whereby you should earn below the poverty guideline. The federal poverty guideline is at or below 135%, although it has been raised to 200% for the Affordable connectivity program. Also, you can qualify if you benefit from a low-income program in the United States. These include;

  • Lifeline
  • Medicaid
  • Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • WIC
  • SNAP

Lifeline program is a federal program that aims to assist low-income families in getting cheap communication plans and free smartphones. Apart from a free phone, talk minutes, data, and texts, you can get a free laptop through your service provider, who usually gets them from retailers like Amazon. To get a free laptop, you must register with the Lifeline program.

Once you register, the relevant personnel review your application. If you succeed, you can get a free laptop from the company through a service provider. The service provider can get the devices from Amazon using a government subsidy. An example of such a service provider is StandUp Wireless which allows SNAP beneficiaries to apply. SNAP is one of the requirements of applying for Lifeline.

To get started, you should visit the Lifeline official website and then click get started. After that, you can choose the state you come from and provide the required details and supporting documents. Once they accept your application, you can apply for the free laptop via Amazon.

How else can you get a free laptop from Amazon

There are other ways you can get free laptops from the government. They include the following.

1) Through Amazon gift cards

There are various places you can get Amazon gift cards and redeem them for a laptop. You can do simple tasks from some sites and get Amazon gift card rewards. After gaining sufficient gift cards, you can then utilize them to get a free laptop without using your money.

2) Through Amazon Trade-In Program

If you have used items, you do not need, such as electronics and furniture, you can trade them at Amazon and get gift cards in return. You can then purchase a laptop from the platform.

3) Amazon affiliate marketing

The program allows you to share items from Amazon on social media, your website, or email marketing. When people buy items via the link, you can get commissions from their purchases that accumulate over time. Through the process, you can get enough money to purchase a laptop. That way, you will have saved your money on buying a device.

Who else offers free laptops

You may also get a free laptop through other means, including the following.

i) Non-governmental organizations

We have various non-profit organizations and manufacturers who offer free laptops to eligible applicants. They include the following.

  • EveryoneOn
  • Microsoft Registered refurbishers
  • Technology assisting people in need
  • Smartriverside
  • Computer Technology Assistance Corps
  • FreeCycle
  • The On its Foundation
  • World Computer Exchange
  • Causes
  • Adaptive
  • CFY
  • Komputers 4 Kids
  • Salvation Army
  • Computers for Learning
  • Accelerated schools’ programs

Most of these NGOs require you to provide documents for the benefit programs such as Lifeline, SNAP, Medicaid, and so on to prove you are eligible. You also have to provide your identification number, your address to receive your computer, and your phone number. Most focus on students since they need laptops more than any other group.

ii) Get them from your friends and relatives

It is possible to get a free laptop from your friend or relative. We still have friends and relatives who have kind hearts in that they can help those in need. You only need to request them; they can buy for you or give you a new device.

If you are a school-going kid, you can request your parents to buy you a laptop for your studies as long as they are able. That way, you will not have spent your coin.

iii) Join an online college

You can get a free laptop if you join an online college. Various institutions give free laptops to their students to study from home. The device allows you to join online streams for your lessons and research various topics. Once finished, you might have to return the device or own it forever. It all depends on the school policies. 

Bottom line

Amazon is an online retail platform that sells different items and services to people across the world. You can get a free laptop from the company through various NGOs, government subsidy programs, or through doing various tasks that earn you gift card rewards to use for buying a laptop.

Also, you may get a free laptop from non-governmental organizations as long as you qualify. Again, your friends and family members can offer you a free laptop.