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As a beneficiary of free government laptop computers, I found it necessary to share my experience and guide other consumers on the entire application process. While we live in digital times, owning a laptop computer is extremely crucial. Unfortunately, these devices are expensive and less accessible to financially struggling individuals. To navigate this setback, there are various government and non-profit programs that are currently offering free laptop computers to qualifying low-income consumers. In this guide, I will share some of the most dependable programs that offer these devices and eligibility requirements to meet. 

How do I get free government laptop computers?

Are you desperately in need of a laptop computer but financially constrained to afford it? You can get one from various government initiatives and non-profit organizations. These entities target customers that are facing financial struggles in their day-to-day endeavors. Mostly, they receive used laptop computers from well-wishers, refurbish them and donate them to the needy for free. However, you will need to prove that you come from a low-income background for you to get a free device. 

How do I qualify for free government laptop computers

Free government laptop computers eligibility requirements vary based on your program. Below are common requirements in most entities:

  1. Income eligibility. Most of these programs require you to come from a low-income household to qualify for a free device. Therefore, you must prove your financial need. 
  2. Program eligibility. Some programs exclusively help consumers that are enrolled for government assistance programs like lifeline, SNAP, SSI, federal public housing assistance and veterans’ pension and survivor’s benefit. 
  3. Student eligibility. Programs that offer free government laptop computers for students require you to come from a monetary struggling family. In addition, you are required to be an active student that is currently enrolled in any institution.. 

How do I apply for free government computers

While applying for my free government computer, I realized that different programs have different application procedure. To make it less hectic for you, I complied application procedures from different organizations and produced the following steps:

  1. Identify a program: The first step requires you to identify providers or programs that offer these devices within location. You can research for these programs online or ask referrals form friends or family. While identifying these programs, take extra caution to avoid scammers and internet fraudsters. To ensure your safety, we have identified authentic programs to consider in this guide. 
  2. Establish eligibility: Have you selected a program? Next step requires you to check whether you meet their free government laptop computers eligibility requirements. Visit their official website for more insight. You can also contact their customer service team for further guidance. 
  3. Identify necessary documentation: After confirming that you qualify for a free device from these programs, you should get hold of all necessary documents to support your eligibility. If you qualify through income, gather your pay stubs, state, or federal tax return. If you qualify through participating in government assistance programs, gather your program’s benefits ward letter. 
  4. Submit your application: With everything ready, visit your program and apply for a free device. Fortunately, most programs have a virtual application form in their official websites to save on time and money. Follow all the necessary steps, attach copies of application documents, review, and submit your application.
  5.  Receive your free laptop computer: Your program’s representatives will verify your application and give approval after a few days or weeks. If your application succeeds, they will contact you to receive your free device. If your application was virtual, your program will ship your device to your home address. Depending on your program, they might ship the device for free or ask you to cater for shipping expenses. 
  6. Various programs that offer free government computers. (discuss all programs and organizations)

Below are some of the most reliable programs that offer free government laptop computers in 2024: 

  1. Government initiative: Queen Anne’s County free laptop program.
  • This is a government entity that has partnered with the department of aging and Queen Anne’s County library to provide free government laptop computers to qualifying low-income households within Queen Anne’s County.
  • To receive your free laptop computer from this program, you must come from a low-income household, with a total income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. Alternatively, you can qualify if you participate in government assistance programs like Medicaid, SSI, SNAP among others
  • To apply for a free laptop from this program, please note that you must attach your identity documents, (passport or driver’s license) and eligibility documents. To start your application, visit their official webpage and download an application form. 
  1. Non-profit organizations: Everyone ON
  • This non-profit organization partners with several internet service providers to offer free computers and affordable internet services to needy candidates in the society. 
  • If you prove your financial need, you will get high quality refurbished computers and other digital skills from this program, all for free. To get these offers, visit their official platform and make your request. 

The On It Foundation

    • This nonprofit organization is also on the frontline of offering free laptop computers to underserved members of the community. The program receives donations of PCs and laptops from donors and extend them to the needy for free.
    • To get a free device from the program, you must come from a low-income family that has school aged children in grades K-12. 
    1. Computer with causes
    • Computer with causes has a free laptop program that offers free laptop computers to low-income candidates to empower their lives and create equal digital opportunities among them.
    • They receive these devices as donations and pass them to needy students, teachers, the elderly, disabled US veterans, or individuals from foster homes.
    • To get help from this organization, download an application form from their website, print and mail it to charitable giving center, 1175 Shaw Avenue. #104-135, Clovis, CA 93612.
    1. PCS for people
    • This national nonprofit organization receives computers as donations from well-wishers and offer them to qualifying low-income families in the USA. 
    • They receive used devices, refurbish and hand them to needy users to enhance value in their schoolwork or business. Subject to eligibility or even luck, you can get a laptop from this program either for free or at a discounted price.
    1. Human-I-T
    • This is another program that offers low cost or free laptop computers to qualifying less privileged families. 
    • The platform also collects these devices from donors, refurbish them and handover to those that genuinely need them.
    1. Student programs: Laptops 4 learning
    • This entity ensures that students from underprivileged backgrounds can access free laptop computer for effective learning. They bridge digital divide by placing free laptop computers in the hands of disadvantages students to create equal digital opportunities and brighter future.
    • To get a free laptop computer from this organization, you must show proof that you indeed come from a low-income household.
    • If you are an eligible US student, visit their official website and submit your request. 
    1. Dell scholars’ program
    • It is a non-profit organization that is extremely committed to ensure underprivileged students have equal opportunities in their education sector. To support these students, they offer free Dell laptops that come with 4 years warranty.
    • The program requires you to demonstrate financial need before receiving your free laptop computer. In addition, you should be eligible for federal Pell grant. 
    • To receive your free laptop, visit the program’s official website and complete the virtual application form
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    Free government laptop computers to get in 2024

    Most programs offer free government laptop computers from well renowned brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Acer. However, the exact model of laptop to receive depends on your provider and device availability. While some providers allow you to specify your laptop of desire, others will send you any random device that is available at your moment of application.

    Which features do I expect from my free government laptop computers?

    Subject to your provider, you can get free laptop computers with the following features:

    • A RAM of 4GB to 8GB and a storage capacity that ranges 128 GB TO 256 GB. However, some models of chrome books can avail with a smaller storage of 32 GB or 64 GB.
    • A large screen size that ranges from 11.6,” 13”, or 15.6”
    • Most devices have USB ports, video output jacks, headphones, and SD card readers.
    • Most of these devices features dual band WI-FI, Bluetooth connectivity and come with at least one year warranty from the manufacturer. 


    After how long will I receive my free government laptop computers?

    Depending on your program, it might take up to 4 weeks to receive your free government laptop computer.

    Are there any disadvantages of free government laptop computers?

    Yes. In most cases, free government laptop computers are low quality devices that lack most updated features. 

    Is the process of getting free laptop computers entirely free?

    Yes. Applying for these devices is completely free. If you ae an eligible low-income consumer, you will also receive the device completely free, with no hidden charges.