How to get free gov laptops- 10 Simple ways

Since we are in an era of intense digital needs, access to laptops has become a profoundly fundamental factor in our regular activities. Unfortunately, research has confirmed that there are innumerable low-income families that are not able to afford laptops in the USA. Are you a victim of this ordeal? The good news is that the government is currently offering free gov laptops to qualified underserved families that need these integral devices but cannot afford them. In this article, we bring you 10 simple ways that can help you obtain free gov laptops alongside other valuable information. Let us dive in and explore together! 

Free gov laptop eligibility requirements

Qualifying for free gov laptop is the first key step in attaining this valuable device. However, specific eligibility requirements vary depending on your laptop provider. This section brings you a broad overview of vital eligibility requirements that you ought to meet. 

  1. You should come from a low-income family: Free gov laptops are exclusively consigned for financially strained families. Programs that offer these devices have specific income limit that applicants must meet before qualifying for a free device. Therefore, you should contact your provider, confirm their free laptop income limit, and submit your proof documents. 
  2. You should come from an under resourced family: Some programs also provide free laptops to consumers from a low resourced family. Depending on your program/provider, you are considered eligible for a free laptop if you come from a family with resource that are below a certain limit. To establish eligibility, contact your specific provider, and confirm their limit. 
  3. You should benefit from government assistance program: Most programs will consider you eligible for a free gov laptop if you receive aid from assistance programs like Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, or tribal Head Starts. 
  4. You should be a resident of the United States: these programs offer free laptops to qualified consumers that exclusively live within the USA. 
  5. You should be an adult above 18 years old. If you need a laptop as a student who is less than 18 years old, you should seek assistance from your parents or guardian. 

10 simple ways to get free gov laptops.

Below are 10 simple ways that you can get free gov laptops in 2024:

Get a free laptop from your local church and library

Your local church is one of the most promising and effortless way that you can get a free laptop. If you are in desperate need of this device but not able to afford it, talk to your church leaders and they might offer you necessary help.

Alternatively, you can visit your local library and find out if they have free laptop offers or grants to underserved members of the society. Depending on your library, you can get a free laptop to use within the premises or carry it home and bring it after use. This option is best recommended for students that need free laptops to complete assignments or school research.

Apply for a free laptop from Queen Anne’s county free laptop program

If you need a free gov laptop, this is another ideal option. Queen Anne’s free laptop program is a community project that is on a mission to bridge the digital gap and ensure that everyone has access to laptops and technology at large. It works closely with the department of aging to offer free laptops to all poor families throughout Queen Anne’s County. 

To qualify for a laptop from this program, your total household income should be equal to or less than 200 % of the federal poverty guidelines. Alternatively, you can qualify if you are a member of SNAP, lifeline, SSI, or  WIC. In addition, you must show proof of your income or program participation. This is through presenting salary documents like Tax Returns, benefit letter, or pay stubs. Finally, you must be a resident of Queen Anne’s County. 

How to apply:

  • Visit this official website and download a paper application form. You can also apply online through visiting this page, enter your applicants name, full address, phone number, email address, and any other required details. 
  • Attach a photo of your ID, driver’s license, proof of residential like your lease agreement, utility bill, and other eligibility proof documents.
  • Follow all the necessary steps and submit your request. 
  • Wait for approval and receive your free device.

Apply for a free laptop from Computer with Causes non-profit organization.

Computer with causes is another uncomplicated way of getting a free gov laptop. This non-profit organization has a free laptop program that targets individuals who need a device but are financially limited to purchase one. They also target students from low-income backgrounds, the elderly, teachers, or users from foster needs. 

However, this organization will take an initiative to thoroughly assess your background and verify your eligibility. To qualify for a free laptop from this platform, you must come from a monetary struggling background. Additionally, you must provide valid information to ensure authenticity and transparency.

How to apply:

  • Open their official website and download an individual application form.
  • Carefully fill the form and attach necessary documentation.
  • Review your application and mail it to:

Charitable giving CENTER

1175 Shaw Avenue. #104-135

Clovis, CA 93612 

  • Wait until 30 days (about 4 weeks) to get your request approval.
  • Receive your free laptop. 

Apply for a free laptop from PCS for people and Human-IT nonprofit organization

PCS for people and Human IT are two reliable organizations that can also help you get a free laptop. To narrow the digital gap, these platforms offer free or low-cost laptops to eligible consumers, plus low-cost internet solutions for easy connection.

To accomplish their mission, these platforms receive laptop donations, refurbish, and offer them to users that genuinely need them. To qualify, you must come from a low-income household or be a member of government assistance programs.

How to apply: 

  • To get a free laptop, visit PCS for people offices and make your request. They are available on

1481 Marshall Ave

Saint Paul, MN 55104

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Get a free laptop from Everyone ON

Everyone ON is another prominent non-profit institution that provides free laptops and other technology resources to underserved members of the community. Besides a free laptop, the program partners with internet service providers to offer affordable internet services to these individuals. To qualify for a free laptop, you must come from a limited income family and submit salary documents to show proof of your income.

How to apply:

  • To initiate a free laptop application, open the company’s official website. 
  • Enter your ZIP code and click “find laptop offers” within your area.

Apply for free laptop from computer 4 learning

Computer for learning is a dependable non-profit organization that offers free laptops to low-income students to make their academic journey easy. With the aim of bridging digital divide and creating equal digital opportunities among all students, this program offers both new and refurbished laptops with high quality features. 

How to apply for a free laptop:

  • Visit the programs online page and sign up for a free student laptop request.
  • Provide necessary personal information like your name, email address, residential address, school name, student ID and so on.
  • Select your desirable laptop model and click on the icon “register now” to submit your request.

Apply for a free laptop from interconnection

Interconnection is another well-known organization that can help you get a free laptop through an amazingly painless process. To narrow digital divide, this platform collects used laptops from willing donors and refurbish them for reuse. Thereafter, they offer these devices for free to the less privileged members of the community. In addition, this organization partners with ATT to narrow digital divide among low-income students in Seattle. 

How to apply: 

  • To apply for a free laptop from this platform, all you need to do is email them [email protected] and make your request.

Get a free laptop from ST Vincent de Paul

This is another ideal platform that can assist you get a free laptop. It is a non-profit organization that collects used computers from donors and send to to refurbish them. Afterwards, they distribute these devices for free to users that are in dire need. 

How to apply:

  • To request a free device, visit any of their thrift stores in King County.
  • Thereafter, a representative will guide you on how to receive a free refurbished laptop. 

Get a free laptop from The on It Foundation

This is another effortless way of getting a free gov laptop. The On It Foundation is a non-profit organization that is committed to help the less fortunate members of the society afford free laptops. The platform offers free laptops to low-income families that have learners in grades K-12. Besides, the learner must be attending a public or home schooling, must be qualified for free or reduced lunch program and must be a resident of the United States.

How to apply.

  • To get a free laptop request, contact customer support team on +1 305.244.6454 and make your request. Alternatively, send them an email on [email protected]

Get a free laptop from Facebook, Free cycle, and other social media platforms

If you need a free laptop, you can also seek assistance from platforms like Facebook. This platform has several assistance groups where you make your request, and a generous person might commit to offer help. Besides, you can seek assistance from platforms like Freecycle. This is a donation platform where well-wishers donate items that are no longer in use to needy consumers that have exhibited financial needy. From this platform, you can be lucky to get a generous donor that is willing to offer you a free laptop. 

What types of free gov laptops do I get?

The precise type of laptop to get depends on your provider and device availability. However, these laptops are from renowned brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, or even MacBook. Exact features also vary depending on your model and brand. However, these devices have capable features that will meet your needs. For instance:

  • Most are built with sufficient storage capacity of up to 256 GB and a RAM of up to 8GB
  • Most come with a large, broad screen for effective learning, FaceTime, or virtual meetings.
  • These laptops have essential connectivity features like Bluetooth, USB ports and WIFI connectivity.
  • These laptops come with strong battery capacity that assures several hours of use.
  • Most of these laptops are compact, light, and easily portable.


Why are free gov laptops important?

Free government laptops are essential tools for easy connectivity and communication. They aid in virtual schoolwork, online jobs, virtual businesses, and aid in seeking healthcare assistance. 

What are free government laptops limitations?

These devices are limited to financially struggling consumers that have proved their financial needs. Besides, these laptops are mostly entry level or medium quality devices that have limited features. However, these devices will satisfy your needs. 

Why was I disapproved for free gov laptops?

If your free gov laptop request was not approved, you failed to meet your provider’s eligibility requirements. If this happens, contact your provider, and follow up why they denied your request. 

Do I get new or refurbished free gov laptops? 

Free gov laptops are refurbished devices that are mostly received as donations from well-wishers. However, although refurbished, these devices are handed to you in good working condition.