An Authentic Ways To Get Free Government Phone

Dear reader! If you have been wondering how to get a free government phone, this is your  ultimate guide. Well, getting a free government phone is as easy as ABC and the entire  process requires a few minutes of your time. This is through the government’s lifeline  program.

Besides lifeline, there are other non-profit organizations that offer free government phones  to qualified applicants. Since our core interests are to ensure that our readers walk home  with their desired free government phone, we shall explore these avenues in-depth. In  addition, we shall take you through their respective eligibility requirements and application  procedures.

How do I get a free government phone?

Below are two avenues that we have assessed and ascertained that they offer free  government phones to eligible candidates: 

1. Lifeline program  

If you need a free phone but your budget is stretched, the lifeline program is your primary and  most trusted source. This is a government program that offers free and discounted phone  services to all eligible low-income consumers. This is to ensure that they remain  connected to their families, jobs, healthcare, and schools.

However, to get your free device, you must first qualify and enroll for this program. Once  you become a member, you can contact eligible lifeline providers and receive your free  device. Some of these providers are access wireless, AIRTALK wireless, CINTEX, QLINK  wireless, among others.

2. Non-profit organizations

If you miss an opportunity to get a free government phone from the government, do not fret  because this is an alternative remedy for you. As we speak, there are several non governmental organizations that offer free phones to qualified and interested users. Like lifeline, these platforms target underprivileged consumers that need a phone but are  financially limited to afford one. However, each of these organizations has eligibility  requirements that you must meet. For instance, you must be an active member of any  government assistance program. Below are the most viable organizations that can offer  you a free phone. Contact them and try your luck! 

▪ Everyone ON  


▪ With causes 

▪ The Salvation 


▪ Smart Riverside  

How do I apply for a free government phone? 

As we have already mentioned in a section above, applying for a free government phone is  an extremely painless process. This section brings you the key steps to follow and  complete your application:  

Step 1: Ensure you qualify for a free phone device from the government.  

To qualify, you must come from a low-income family that has a total income of at least  135% of the federal poverty guidelines. Alternatively, your provider may consider you  eligible if you are an active member of any of the following: 

▪ Medicaid 

▪ SSI 



▪ veterans’ pension and survivors’ benefits.

NB: Visit lifeline eligibility page for more details.

Step 2: Get hold of crucial application documents 

Once you establish eligibility, the next crucial step is to gather all your relevant application  documents. These documents are needed to show proof that you meet free phone  eligibility requirements. Examples of these documents are:

Eligibility proof documents like; your previous year’s federal, state, or tribal tax  return, your paycheck stub, unemployment of worker’s compensation statement of  benefits, your government program’s approval, or benefit award letter.

Identity proof documents like your birth certificate, driver’s license, or social  security card.

Address proof documents like utility bill, mortgage, or lease statement.  NB: Visit lifeline official website for more information.

Step 3: Enroll for lifeline 

If you are not enrolled for lifeline, this section is for you. To enroll, visit lifeline official  website and create an online account with them. If you prefer an offline application, visit  the lifeline page, and download a pdf application document. Print your form and complete  the application. Remember to attach copies of your application documents. Once done,  mail your form to: 

Lifeline Support Center

PO BOX 1000

Horseheads, NY 14845

Step 4: Choose a convenient provider

Now that you are a complete lifeline member, choose a convenient service provider and  inquire about their free phone offers. It is advisable to confirm that the provider offers  generous lifeline benefits in your state.

Step 5: Apply for a free phone

If you are satisfied with your selected provider, visit their physical office or online webpage,  and apply for a free phone device. The good news is that the entire process is amazingly  easy and concise. Once you get hold of your application form, follow all the instructions to  the latter and submit your form. 

Step 6: Receive your device

After application, your respective provider will survey the forms to ascertain eligibility.  After, they will approve your request and send you a notification either through email or  phone number. Once approved, they will now ship your device to the same address you  provided during the application process. Therefore, ensure you provide correct address  and other vital information.

Free government smartphone

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Top 20 providers that offer free government phone

Below are 20 best providers that currently offer free government phones through lifeline  program: 

1. AirTalk wireless

Do you want to apply for a free government phone? AirTalk wireless is your-to-go provider.  Through lifeline, this company is currently offering several brands of free phones from the  government through their free monthly plan. If you are not satisfied with their free devices,  they also have amazing discounts on other upgraded phones. 

Besides free and discounted phones, the air talk lifeline plan guarantees you:

▪ Free unlimited voices. 

▪ Free unlimited texts. 

▪ Free 4.5 GB of free high-speed data.  

▪ Free Wi-Fi calling. 

▪ Free unlimited international calling. 

▪ Nationwide coverage. 

NB: All these services are non-contract and come with zero hidden fees. To apply for these  deals: 

Visit their official website

▪ Select your desired phone, 

▪ Enter your ZIP code and tap on the icon “apply now”  

Once you qualify, you will receive any of the following phones:  

▪ TCL 30 Z 

▪ NOKIA X100 


▪ Samsung galaxy A02S 

▪ OnePlus Nord N200 5G 

▪ Samsung galaxy S8 

▪ Motorola G Stylus 2020 

▪ Nokia C200 

▪ Motorola moto g plus  

2. CINTEX wireless

This is another provider that is currently offering free government phones to qualified low income users through lifeline plan. Besides free phones, the plan offers: 

▪ Free unlimited talk and text. 

▪ Free high-speed data. 

▪ Free SIM card kit and activation. 

▪ Free shipping. 

Please note that these offers vary from state to state. Therefore, it is prudent to contact  their customer service team (+1 (855) 655 3097) and confirm available offers in your state.  To apply for a free phone from this company: 

Visit this webpage

▪ tap the icon “apply”

▪ Provide your Zip code and start your application. 

Once approved, you will get high quality devices like: 

▪ Generic smartphone. 

▪ Generic 4G LTE Flip phone

3. Life wireless 

Lifeline wireless is another provider that recognizes the importance of owning a phone in  this digital realm. As a result, they are offering free phones through lifeline monthly plan. Besides a free phone, this plan offers: 

▪ Free unlimited talk. 

▪ Free unlimited texts. 

▪ Free high-speed data.  

▪ Call waiting. 

▪ Voicemail. 

▪ Free 911. 

▪ Caller ID services. 

▪ Three-way calling. 

To apply for a free government smartphone from this provider: 

Visit life wireless website

▪ Enter your zip code, email address, 

▪ Tap on the icon “apply now.”  

4. Access wireless 

This is another company that discerns the importance of remaining connected. As a result,  they also offer free phone devices from the government through lifeline. This is to facilitate  easy connection, access to jobs and healthcare services. Access wireless lifeline plan  offers the following: 

▪ A free phone (subject to availability.) 

▪ Free data. 

▪ Free talk and texts. 

▪ Free hotspot services. 

▪ Free long-distance calls. 

▪ Free international calls. 

▪ Nationwide coverage. 

To apply for a free government phone: 

▪ Visit access wireless webpage 

▪ Enter your ZIP code and tap “apply now.” 

▪ Upon approval, you will get a random model of phone subject to your state and  availability.  

5. New Phone Wireless 

Committed to bridge the digital divide, this carrier also offers free phone services through  the government lifeline plan. So long as you qualify, the plan offers you the following  benefits: 

▪ Free high-quality smartphone. 

▪ Free high-speed data every month. 

▪ Free calls and texts every month. 

▪ Nationwide coverage. 

▪ Free shipping. 

To get your device:  

▪ Visit the new phone official website, 

▪ Tap the icon “apply.” 

▪ Enter your zip code and start your application. 

If you are lucky enough to get approval, you will receive the following models of phones for  free:

▪ Samsung galaxy S9 plus 

▪ Samsung galaxy A10E 

▪ Apple iPhone 7 

▪ Apple iPhone 6s 

▪ Apple iPhone 6s plus 

▪ Apple iPhone 8 

▪ Apple iPhone S9 

▪ Samsung galaxy a02s 

▪ Samsung galaxy S8 

▪ UNIMAX u696CL 

▪ Samsung galaxy A50  

6. Assurance wireless 

Assurance is another committed lifeline provider that ensures low-income members can  access phone services for easy connection. As a result, they offer free lifeline phones to  their qualified members through an amazingly effortless process. Please note that the  exact phone model to get is subject to your state and availability. Besides a free phone, the  carrier offers: 

▪ Free texts. 

▪ Free calls. 

▪ Free long-distance calls. 

▪ National wide coverage. 

▪ Free shipping. 

To get your free phone: 

▪ Visit assurance wireless official website, 

▪ Enter your zip code,  

▪ Tap the “apply button.”  

▪ Once approved, you will get a random quality phone subject to availability. 

7. ENTOUCH wireless 

If you are desperately in need of a free government phone, Entouch wireless is another  ideal provider. This company understands that phones are very crucial devices and is currently offering them for free to eligible members of the lifeline program. Besides a free  phone, the carrier offers: 

▪ Free call services every month. 

▪ Free monthly texts. 

▪ Free monthly data. 

▪ Free shipping. 

▪ Nationwide coverage. 

To get your free phone, visit the carrier’s official website and submit your application.

8. True wireless 

Are you unfit to afford a phone? This carrier is generous enough to understand that the less  privileged also deserve an opportunity to connect, work or study online. As a result, they  have paid partnership with lifeline program to offer free phone plans to eligible low-income  consumers. Through this plan, true wireless offers: 

▪ Free phones. 

▪ Free call minutes and data. 

▪ Free data. 

▪ Free shipping services. 

▪ Free nationwide coverage. 

To enroll for a free device from the carriers:  

▪ Visit True wireless application page, 

▪ Enter ZIP code, 

▪ Enter your email address and click “continue. 

9. Standup wireless

You can also get a free government phone from standup wireless on condition that you  meet lifeline eligibility requirements. Through lifeline, the carrier partners with lifeline to  offer the following: 

▪ Free smartphones subject to availability. 

▪ Free calls and texts. 

▪ Free unlimited data. 

▪ Free shipping services. 

▪ Free nationwide coverage. 

To apply for these benefits: 

▪ Visit standup wireless website.

▪ Enter your ZIP code, 

▪ Email address and tap begin application

10. Tag mobile

If you desire a free government phone, Tag mobile is another provider that allows you to  remain connected for free. This is through their partnership with the government’s lifeline  program. If you qualify for this program, tag offers free quality smartphones that come from  trusted brands like LG, Samsung, and Motorola. Besides a free phone, the carrier offers: 

▪ Free call minutes every month. 

▪ Free high speed internet data. 

▪ Free texts every month. 

▪ Free unlimited international calls to more than 80 countries. 

To apply for a free government phone: 

▪ Visit tag official website and establish eligibility, 

▪ Enter your ZIP code,  

▪ Tap the “apply now” button.  

11. Blue Jay Wireless

If you need a free phone, Blue Jay wireless also offers them through lifeline monthly plan.  All you need to do is ensure that you come from a low-income household or participate in  eligible government assistance programs. Through Blue Jay lifeline plans, you will receive  the following benefits:  

▪ Free smartphone exact model is subject to availability. 

▪ Free calls and text services every month. 

▪ Reliable network coverage. 

▪ Free shipping services. 

12. American assistance 

If you need a free government phone, American assistance is another ideal provider to  seek assistance. Through their partnership with lifeline, the carrier has a free monthly plan  that offers a myriad of benefits. Note that these benefits depend on your state. These  benefits include: 

▪ Free smartphones.  

▪ Free unlimited calls and texts. 

▪ Free unlimited data. 

▪ Free shipping. 

To apply for a phone:  

▪ Visit their official website 

▪ Select your state and tap “enroll now” 

13. Assist wireless 

Are you in search of legit free government phone providers? Assist wireless is another  place of aid. It is a committed lifeline provider that offers free phone plans to eligible low income eligible families in states like Oklahoma, Maryland, Missouri, and Arkansas. Once  you qualify, the plan offers the following benefits: 

▪ Free smartphones. (The exact model to get is subject to availability)

▪ Free unlimited calls and texts.

▪ Free data. 

To get your device from this carrier, visit their website and start your application: 

14. Easy wireless 

You can also get a free government phone from this provider through a very straightforward process. All you need to do is meet any eligibility requirements discussed above. Once you  qualify, you can enroll for free lifeline plan that offers the following benefits: 

▪ Free smartphones. 

▪ Free unlimited texts. 

▪ Free unlimited talk. 

▪ Free unlimited data. 

▪ Free hotspot. 

▪ Free SIM card kit. 

▪ Free phone and SIM activation.

▪ Free shipping. 

To enroll:  

▪ Visit easy wireless application page, 

▪ Enter your email, ZIP code and “enroll now” 

14. Infiniti mobile 

If you need a reliable free phone provider, Infiniti mobile is here for you. This company is an  active lifeline service provider that ensures low-income users can also afford phone  services. Through their lifeline plan, the carrier offers free phones, calls, and texts. 

If your total household income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, visit  their website and initiate your application. Please note that these benefits are subject to  your state. Therefore, you should contact customer service (888-801-0012) to inquire  whether free phone offers are available in your state.  

15. Tempo communications 

Are you struggling to get a free phone? This is another provider that works alongside lifeline  to offer free or reduced phone services. However, note that these benefits are subject to  your state, eligibility, and availability. Therefore, if your state qualifies, you can be lucky to  get a free phone from this carrier and remain connected inexpensively. To get help, visit  their official website and initiate your application.  

16. Terracom wireless 

Are you a TerraCom wireless customer from a low-income household? Well, the good  news is that you can also get a free government smartphone from this provider. In  partnership with lifeline, TerraCom does not only offer a free smartphone but other  monthly benefits like: 

▪ Free unlimited calls. 

▪ Free unlimited texts. 

▪ Free unlimited data. 

To get your free phone: 

▪ Visit the carrier’s official website, 

▪ Tap on the icon “start application.” 

▪ Better still, you can call their customer service team for assistance (1-888-716- 8880)  

17. Safelink wireless  

If you need a free government phone, Safe link wireless is another company to consider. It  is a government assistance program whose primary role is to offer free or low-cost phone  services to eligible low-income candidates. Subject to your state, their lifeline plan offers  the following benefits: 

▪ Free phones. 

▪ Free unlimited calls and texts. 

▪ Free data. 

▪ Free shipping.

▪ Free SIM card. 

▪ Free phone activation services. 

▪ Free nationwide coverage.  

To get these benefits, visit their official website and start your application.

18. Reachout wireless 

If you need a free phone device from the government, this is another provider that can offer  your much needed assistance. In partnership with the government, reachout wireless  offers free lifeline plan with no contract, no credit check, and no hidden fees. Through the  plan, you are bound to enjoy the following benefits: 

▪ Free smartphone. 

▪ Free unlimited talk. 

▪ Free unlimited calls. 

To apply for a free phone: 

▪ Visit this website, 

▪ Enter your name, city, email and click “start your application” 

19. Budget mobile 

Are you still in search of a free government phone provider? Budget mobile is also assisting  qualified low-income consumers get free phones from the government. All you need to do  is show proof that you are a member of SNAP, Medicaid or have a total income below 135%  of the federal poverty guidelines. Once you qualify, you will be enrolled to a free lifeline  plan that offers the following benefits: 

▪ A free smartphone. 

▪ Free unlimited call services. 

▪ Free unlimited text services. 

▪ Free 25 GB of data every month. 

To receive your benefits, visit the carrier’s official website and start your application: 

20. Tempo Wireless 

Finally, Tempo wireless is another committed carrier that offers free phone services  through the government’s lifeline program. If you are confirmed eligible for lifeline, tempo  offers free calls, texts, and data every month. Depending on your state and eligibility, you  can also be lucky to get a free phone from this provider. However, you should call your  state department for confirmation. To get free phone services from this company, visit their  official website for more information. 

What other benefits do I get alongside a free government phone? 

Benefits to get alongside your free government phone depends on your respective carrier.  Most providers offer the following benefits: 

▪ Free communication through unlimited texts and calls. 

▪ Free connection through free monthly data. 

▪ Free Wi-Fi calling.  

▪ Free hotspot services.  

▪ Free international calling.  

What are the limitations of free government phones? 

Although free government phones are lifesavers, the offer is not available for everyone.  These phones are limited to the following: 

▪ Qualified low-income consumers with an income below the poverty guideline.

▪ Members of government assistance programs. 

▪ They are limited to one member in every household. 

▪ They are limited to active members that must use their free phone and services at  least once every 30 days (about 4 weeks.)  

Are free government phones completely free?  

Yes. If you quality, free government phones are entirely free. Therefore, if you are asked to  make some payments to receive your government phone, you are likely in the hands of scammers. In this case, you can call the lifeline customer service team for assistance (1- 855-455-8477.)