Get A Free Laptops For Low-Income Illinois

Illinois has more than 1.7 million Illinois households considered as low-income as per the Federal Poverty Guidelines. This category of people usually needs help to afford basic needs and luxury items such as laptops. Although a laptop is expensive, it’s an essential device for low income to get information online. Through government efforts to bridge that digital divide, you can get free laptops for low-income Illinois if eligible.

The first step to applying for a free laptop for your low-income Illinois is to check eligibility. In Illinois, free laptops for low-income families are available from the government and many organizations across the US. But most importantly, you must meet the specific criteria when enrolling through a program that provides free laptops in Illinois. You might have to prove eligibility for government-based programs or offer documentation on your income status.

Illinois qualifying for a free government laptop will get a one-time discount of $100 on a laptop purchase. Plus, eligible applicants will pay a co-payment of between $10 to $50. Through the Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP), eligible low-income families in Illinois can receive free laptops for low-income families. It is possible to get a free laptop if you’re an Illinois resident who proves your identity and income status per state regulations.

Ways to Get Free Laptops For Low Income Illinois

Free Laptops Through Federal Government Programs

The Federal Communication Commission brings you the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a new FCC program committed to connecting low-income Americans. Eligible low-income households can get a free laptop if they attain the eligibility requirements and submit eligibility documents. However, the free laptop program from ACP is limited to one benefit per household.


You can get a free laptop from ACP benefit if you participate in an eligible government program or your household income meets the 200%  Federal Poverty Guidelines.Based on program participation eligibility, you can qualify if you participate in the following programs:

  1. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  3. Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
  4. Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  5. Medicaid / Medi-Cal
  6. Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
  7. Federal Pell Grant recipients in the present  award year
  8. Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch/School Breakfast Programs
  9. Tribal Household Eligibility:
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Food Distribution Program located on Indian Reservations
  • Head Start( income standard)
  • Tribal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

Free Laptops Through Non Governmental and Charitable Organizations

Another method you can get a free laptop is through nongovernmental organizations that offer donations to needy people. Some of these organizations include:

PCs for People

Through a collaboration by the State of Illinois, PCs for People, and various stakeholders, Illinois launched a statewide network to obtain, refurbish and reallocate used computers to needy people. This initiative supports 1.7 million Illinois households without computers and aims to cross the digital divide for those lacking internet access and technological requirements of everyday life. 

For Illinois residents to be eligible for a free laptop from PCs for People, they must be enrolled in a government-based assistance program or possess a qualifying household income. The income status must be at or less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines.

Accelerated School Program

Through the Accelerated School Program, laptops are available on a loan basis. Students from low-income families can get a laptop as part of the program to help them in their education. Participants through a government program can get a free laptop. In this case, you must place a $100 deposit to borrow such a device. 

Afterward, if you return the laptop to the program in a similar condition to the one you received, you will get a refund for your $100 deposit. For students in Illinois looking for laptops, the program will also help them with internet access. Contact 1800-724-6653 for additional information about free laptops from the Accelerated Schools Program or visit their website.

The On It Foundation

The On It Foundation, or the Opportunities Necessary to Increase Learning, gives laptops to children from grades K through 12. However, you must meet the  requirements below:

  • Low-income status
  • Child or children must be in grades K to 12
  • Children must enroll in a public school in the US
  • Participate in a free or reduced lunch program

Adaptive org

Adaptive org is an organization that gives free laptops and computers specifically for needy kids from low-income households. Children aged 5 up to college can be eligible for a free PC or laptop. Adaptive org also commits to helping senior citizens and people with disabilities access computers. You can call 1-800-763-3097 for other details concerning the program and its services.

How to Prove Eligibility for Free Laptops For Low Income Illinois

In most cases, free laptop programs require applicants to prove low-income status or participate in a qualifying program. The acceptable verification documents for free laptops in Illinois fall into two categories:  Proof of current enrollment in a government assistance program; or documents proving the source of current income. 

Qualifying Income Documentation  

You can submit copies of any of the below documents to confirm your household income:

  • Last year’s federal, state, or tribal tax return (W2 forms or pay stubs are unacceptable) 
  • A Social Security statement of benefits 
  • A Veteran Administration statement of benefits (VA cards alone are unaccepted) 
  • A retirement/pension statement of benefits 
  • An Unemployment/Workmen’s Compensation statement of benefits 
  •  Tribal or Federal participation notice letter in General Assistance

Qualifying Through Program Participation

Suppose you are eligible for a free laptop through participation in a qualifying program. In that case, you can submit documents such as a Benefit award letter, Approval letter, School documentation, Statement of benefits, and Benefits verification letter to confirm participation. The  document must include the following:

  • Your official names
  • Name of your benefit qualifying person (BQP)
  • Name of the qualifying program’s name, such as Medicaid
  • The name of the government agency or any other entity that provided the document
  • An issue date within the past year or a future expiration date alignment with your benefit period. 

Bottom Line

Residents in Illinois can get a free laptop directly from a qualifying government program or through nonprofit organizations. However, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria to qualify. If you’re from a low-income household, a variety of programs offer free laptops in Illinois. Government offers a free laptop to eligible low-income families through Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP). Other organizations, such as PC for People and companies like Adaptive org, gift low-income families in Illinois laptops.