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MacBook is one of the most expensive computer brands designed and marketed by Apple. Thus, its affordability is for chosen few. For this reason, the government offers a free Macbook Pro for Veterans as an appreciation for the sacrifice and service they dedicated on behalf of Americans. A Veteran is a member of the federal active duty or an ex-member disabled due to a disease or injury that occurred in the line of duty or during training.

One of the avenues you can get a free Macbook Pro is through being a Veterans Advantage Member subscribed to VetRewards. Apple gives you the Veterans Advantage Purchase Plan for such members, featuring member discounts for private online Apple Store. In this case, Veterans and Military staff enjoy a 10% discount on Apple products, including Macbook Pro. You may buy for an immediate family who resides in the same household.

Furthermore, it would help if you met some eligibility for you to qualify for a free Macbook Pro from Apple. You’re eligible if you possess a VetRewards subscription and currently serve as an active-duty service member in the United States Armed Forces. Alternatively, you’re also eligible for a free Macbook if you are now a retiree, guard, reserve, military veteran, or a household member of the existing or former service member who is an enrollee of VetRewards.

Best Ways To Get Free Macbook Pro For Veterans

Veterans can get a free Macbook Pro from federal and state authorities. Several non-profit organizations like Computer with Causes offer free Macbooks for Veterans who are eligible for the offer. Besides, you can get a free Macbook from Veteran Affairs, which provides free laptops to veterans to combat the risk of homelessness by connecting them with healthcare providers, case managers, and their families. 

If you subscribe to VetRewards today, your Veterans Advantage Purchase Plan member discount applies on purchases of Mac laptop computers, such as MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Again, you can get a free Macbook from the government if you enroll in a program for free laptops. The new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) offers free laptops for Veterans enrolled in government benefit programs such as Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit or if you come from a low-income family.

Qualification To Get  Free Macbook Pro For Veterans

You’re eligible for a free Macbook Pro for veterans with a VetRewards subscription. Again, you must be serving in the United States Armed Forces as an active-duty service member or be a retiree, current or former guard or reserve, military veteran, or a household member of the current or ex-service member with a VetRewards subscription.

 If you are a veteran’s family member who has served, including the spouse, brother, daughter, father, mother, sister, or son of an existing or former service member, you’re also eligible.

However, you must also provide any document proving eligibility when applying for Veterans free Macbooks. Bring a document showing you are serving or have served with an honorable discharge, capturing your first and last name, valid dates, and status (veteran or active duty). 

The documents you can submit include the following:

  • LES
  • Enlistment contract
  • DD214
  • NGB Form 22
  • eRAS
  • DD Form 1300
  • Reserve separation orders
  • Veteran identification card
  • Reserve activation orders
  • Veteran health identification card
  • State ID with VETERAN endorsement

Organization That Provide  Free Macbook Pro For Veterans

Different non-profit organizations offer free or discounted Macbooks for Veterans in the United States. One organization is With Causes, which offers laptops and other digital devices phones to low-income families and Veterans. However, you may qualify for a free laptop if you’re a veteran, an active military member, or if you reside in a women’s shelter for battered women.

Other organizations that may offer free Macbooks for Veterans include the following:

  • Combat Veterans to careers
  • Computers For Charity
  • Computer Blanc
  • Tech For Troops
  • Adaptive org.
  • Computers with Causes
  • The National Cristina Foundation
  • Salvation Army

How To Get Apple Military Discounts Online

Generally, a military discount involves a 10% discount on the  MacBook,iPad,  iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and accessories. To start shopping or military, confirm your eligibility as a Veteran or active military status with In this case, is an Apple service provider permitted only to utilize your information when verifying your eligibility for using the Veterans and Military Purchase Plan.

After the verification process, you can shop online and decide whether you opt for your purchase to be delivered or if you collect your order at any Apple Store retail store nationwide. If you want your purchase delivered, Apple gives you free next-day delivery on any in-stock iPhone and free two-day on almost other items. If you want to return something, send it back for free, or take it at any Apple Store.

When shopping at your nearest Apple Store retail shop, you can use your cell phone to buy your items in Veterans Advantage Purchase Plan private store accessible in the Military Discount Marketplace. Then, choose delivery to the same store, and you can collect most items usually within no more than an hour. 

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How To Get a Free Macbook For Students

Students, teachers, and workers for an educational institution can save a chunk of money towards purchasing a new MacBook by shopping at the Apple Education Store, which provides discounts to eligible students all year round. Besides, many colleges offer free laptops cost-free to their students

Below are some of the institutions in the United States that may offer free Macbooks to incoming students:

  1. Chatham University’s first-year students attending classes in person obtain a free 13-inch MacBook Air laptop featuring AppleCare and SafeWare protection. Students also receive protective accessories and the option for on-campus repairs.
  2. Moravian University gives MacBook Pros and iPads to students, plus AppleCare coverage and the option to obtain regular repairs and service through Moravian’s IT help desk.
  3. Full Sail University’s Project Launchbox offers every student a laptop with professional creative software to enhance an immersive, hands-on learning exposure.

Before applying for Free Macbook for students, confirm availability with the institution’s IT department websites. You will be able to know the outline of any free or discounted laptop promotions for new students. If your college or university doesn’t provide a free Macbook as a part of enrollment, you can look at your school’s library. They typically have temporary laptop loans available for students to utilize on campus. 

Bottom  Line 

Veterans can receive a free Macbook Pro through the Veterans Advantage program that offers military discounts to active duty military, veterans and their immediate family members. You can receive a military discount of 10% on Apple products if you verify your military or veteran status through For your free Macbook offer, proceed to the nearest Apple store, or call Apple at 1-800-692-7753. Additionally, Apple gives an education discount on MacBooks for existing and newly enrolled college students, faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers.