How to Get a Free Laptop for Homeschooling

Homeschooling is an educational approach in which you take full responsibility for your children’s education, usually in the home environment, instead of sending them to a traditional public or private school. The program involves designing a curriculum, scheduling lessons and activities, and providing instruction and guidance to the children. Homeschooling may utilize many resources, including textbooks, online resources, educational software, and computers. Some households need help to afford a laptop computer due to financial challenges. You will learn how you can get a free laptop for homeschooling. 

When selecting a laptop for homeschooling, you’ll want to consider factors such as performance, durability, portability, and cost. Consider fast processors whereby the Intel Core i5 or i7 or AMD AMD 5 or 7 can be suitable. You also need to check RAM, whereby getting an 8GB or higher can work well if you need to handle a lot of data. You can also consider a laptop with ample storage space, whereby a 256GB or higher SSD can work better. You must also consider long battery life, large screen, and low weight. 

A laptop for homeschooling allows you to access information online from various sites. You only need a secure internet connection and are good to go. We have numerous educational websites, some offering premium content while others offer free one. Another good thing with laptops is that, apart from schooling, you may use the device for entertainment, playing games, and watching movies. 

Factors to check when looking for a homeschooling laptop

You should consider various factors when looking for a laptop to ensure you get the best device for your schooling. They include the following. 

  1. Portability: A lightweight laptop that is easy to carry around is ideal for homeschooling.
  2. Battery Life: The laptop should have a good battery life to allow for long hours of use without charging constantly.
  3. Screen Size: A larger screen size will make it easier to see and read what is on the screen, primarily if you use it for long periods.
  4. Performance: The laptop should have a high-performance processor and ample RAM to run multiple applications simultaneously.
  5. Storage capacity: A large laptop is essential for storing educational materials and resources.
  6. Durability: Since homeschooling laptops are used frequently, they must be durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  7. Connectivity: A laptop with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is essential for internet access and connecting with other devices.
  8. Price: The cost of the laptop should be within the budget of the homeschooling family.

How to get a free laptop for homeschooling

You can get a free laptop for your homeschooling activities in various ways. They include the following. 

1. Join an online school.

Some online schools may offer laptops to students who enroll in their programs. However, it’s important to note that this is not a universal practice, and not all online schools provide laptops. 

If you’re interested in enrolling in an online school and would like to receive a laptop, research the schools you’re interested in to see if they offer this benefit. Some schools may provide the laptop for free

In contrast, others may require you to pay a refundable fee or deposit upon program completion. It’s important to carefully read any laptop offer’s terms and conditions to understand the agreement terms. Additionally, you should research the laptop’s quality and specifications to ensure it meets your needs and will suit your coursework.

2. Apply for Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) program in the United States aims to help low-income households access affordable high-speed internet service and devices like laptops or tablets. However, the program does not provide free laptops to applicants. Still, eligible households can receive a monthly discount of up to $50 on their internet service bill from participating providers. 

Additionally, eligible households can receive a one-time discount of up to $100 on purchasing a laptop, desktop, or tablet from participating providers. You can obtain a free laptop if you use the discount to purchase a low-cost one. 

To be eligible for the ACP, you must meet specific income requirements and participate in certain federal assistance programs. Your household should have a gross annual income of 200% or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify by income. Assistance programs that qualify you for ACP to get a laptop discount include the following.

  1. Medicaid
  2. SNAP
  3. WIC
  4. National School Lunch Program
  5. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  6. Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits

One can also qualify for the program through specific Tribal Lands programs. You can find more information about the program and check your eligibility on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website.

If you are eligible for the program, you can use the one-time discount to purchase a laptop or other device from a participating retailer. However, it’s important to note that the discount does not cover the entire device cost, and you may still need to pay some out-of-pocket expenses.

3. Check from various nongovernmental organizations.

Some nonprofit organizations and charities offer individuals with specific eligibility criteria free laptops. Some of the organizations that provide free laptops include the following.

  1. Computers with Causes

 This organization provides free computers to those in need, including individuals, nonprofits, and schools. You can apply for a free laptop on their website.

  1. Free Geek

Free Geek recycles used computers and provides them to low-income families, schools, and nonprofits. You must complete 24 hours of volunteer work at their facility to receive a free computer.

  1. World Computer Exchange

 This nonprofit organization provides free refurbished laptops to youth in developing countries. They also offer programs to help bridge the digital divide for students in under-resourced communities.

  1. PCs for People

The organization provides low-cost computers and internet services to low-income individuals and families. They also offer free high-speed internet to households with school-aged children.

  1. National Cristina Foundation

This charity connects nonprofits and schools with donated technology equipment, including laptops, desktops, and tablets. To receive donated equipment, your organization must be a nonprofit or school. Eligibility requirements and availability of free laptops may vary by organization and geographic location. It’s always best to check with the organization to see if you qualify for their program.

  1. TechSoup

This nonprofit connects nonprofits with discounted or donated technology products and services, including laptops. Some of these organizations have eligibility criteria and application processes. Mostly they rely on the Affordable Connectivity Program qualification criteria to get the right people who need free laptops.

Bottom line

Homeschooling is an educational approach where parents and guardians offer their children’s education at home instead of taking them to a traditional public or private school. However, we have households who need help to afford laptops for homeschooling. Interestingly, some nonprofit organizations and online schools offer free laptops for low-income households. You can also obtain a discount to purchase a laptop from ACP.