How to Get a Free Government iPad

An iPad is a tablet from Apple. It has a large screen compared to smartphones and may have a SIM card slot to enable you to make calls and send messages. iPad tablets are expensive compared to other brands. We, therefore, have people who need help to afford them. Since gadgets are essential today, the government developed a program to help those who cannot afford them. You will learn how to get a free government iPad shortly. 

For your information, iPads are among the best tablets you can find. They have fantastic performance due to high-speed processors. The iOS operating system has a way of refreshing itself to ensure that devices do not lag. Apps refresh periodically to offload the memory, which keeps the device operating smoothly. The same happens with Apple iPhone devices. The smooth performance feature is one of the significant factors tablets and phone buyers consider when purchasing one.

Another great feature of iPads is their high-resolution cameras. You can find the devices unique if you are a photographer or videographer. You can take high-quality videos and photos for memorable times or business purposes. Additionally, you can store many files in iPad internal memories to access them when needed. You can also store files online to access them from any device when you log in to your iCloud account.  

Factors to choose an iPad

There are various reasons why you should choose an iPad tablet. They include the following. 

  1. Operate powerful apps effortlessly.

iPad supports powerful apps like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office by just making a few taps to perform various activities. 

  1. Use multiple apps simultaneously and work between them.

If you like multitasking, an iPad is the best device you should consider. You can work seamlessly across apps using the Slide Over or Split View function to work with multiple apps simultaneously. You can even drag and drop content between apps using touch or a trackpad. Interestingly, iPad Pro and iPad Air allow you to use Stage Manager to stack, overlap and resize app windows.

  1. Take notes with the Apple Pencil.

iPads allow you to go digital in everything. Instead of carrying lots of books to school, you can use your device to take notes for classes or the office. You can convert your notes to typed documents. 

  1. iCloud

Another feature with iPads and even iPhones and Mac computers is iCloud storage. You can save files on your device and access them from any device when you sign in to your account. 

  1. Entertainment

If you like gaming, an iPad can be a suitable gaming device as you can access numerous games in the App Store. Additionally, you can watch movies and listen to music using iPads. 

How to get a free government iPad

If you are looking for a free government iPad, you are in the right place, as I will show you how to acquire one easily. The following are ways you can get free iPads from the government.

1. Check with your school.

You may get a free iPad from your school if you are a student. Apple works with numerous K-12 schools to offer free iPads to learners from low-income backgrounds. Off course, they work with government agencies to identify eligible schools. You can benefit from a free iPad through ConnectED, through which Apple donates iPad tablets as learning aids. You may only be able to take the free iPad home for a while, but you will enjoy its benefits for free while in school. If you are a parent looking for a free iPad for your kid, you can check the list of ConnectED schools online by visiting the relevant website. 

2. Through the US Department of Veterans Affairs

If you are a US military veteran, you can obtain a free iPad from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA department collaborates with Apple to offer free SIM card-enabled iPads to veterans to help them access various benefits and connect to the rest of the world. To get a free iPad, you should liaise with your local VA healthcare workers to see if you are eligible for a free iPad device.

3. Become a government worker. 

If you work with the government, you can easily get a free iPad to execute various tasks. The Apple Store for Government offers iPads and powerful desktop and computer solutions at special prices for government employees and agencies. Even though you may only own the iPad for a while, you can still enjoy various benefits as you work. 

How else can you get a free iPad

Other than free iPads from the government, there are other ways you can get one for free. These include the following.

  1. Ask someone you love 

If they are financially stable, you can request a relative to offer you a free iPad. Some relatives are good-hearted and can easily give you an iPad during your special day’s celebration, such as your birthday. 

  1. Trade-in

Apple allows you to trade your old Apple devices to get an iPad. You can finish the process online by visiting the Apple shop via the following link.

  1. Company deals

Cellular companies usually come up with amazing deals that may involve free iPads when you switch. You should always look for such offers to benefit from a free device. For example, you can find deals such as a free iPad when you switch, buy one get one iPad free, or subscribe to a specific plan. 

  1. From non-governmental organizations

Another source of free iPads and other devices is non-governmental organizations. Numerous NGOs offer free iPads to those who cannot afford them. Most of the NGOs focus on school-going children to improve their education. Examples of non-governmental organizations offering free iPads include;

  • Cerner Charitable Foundation
  • Conover Company
  • Daniela’s Wish
  • NWA Apraxia Support
  • Special Kids Therapy
  • Zane’s Foundation
  • Small Steps

Bottom line

iPads are tablets from Apple, one of the most reputable companies in the world. The firm also makes iPhone devices. iPads are excellent devices since they allow you to perform various tasks simultaneously with the ability to switch from one app to another. Since the devices are costly, we have people from low-income households who need help to afford them. However, you can get a free iPad from the government in various ways.