Get Dell Free Laptop for Students 2024

Dell is an American technology firm developing, selling, and repairing computers and related products and services. Dell belongs to Dell Technologies. The company generally sells personal computers, servers, network switches, data storage devices, software, computer peripherals, HDTVs, printers, cameras, and electronics from other manufacturers. Some students need help to obtain Dell computers since they need them for various activities. You will learn how to get Dell free laptops for students. 

Students require computers to aid their studies. The devices make learning easy since students can get information online using an internet connection. Also, students need a computer to execute various projects that require research using a computer. Typing proposals and thesis requires computers and relevant softwares. Some colleges demand that students must enroll in their courses with a computer. Laptop computers are portable, making them suitable for students to carry from one place to another. 

Apart from academic work, students require laptops to work online. We have various sites that employ academic writers, article writers, video editors, data entry clerks, and social media managers. For example, you can get numerous clients in Upwork,, PeoplePerHour, and Fiverr who pay good money when you accomplish tasks as required. That way, students can generate income to use for various financial needs.  

How to Get Dell Free Laptop for Students 2023

If you are looking for a free Dell laptop, you are lucky since there are various ways to obtain one. For college students, new laptops come with unaffordable prices. That is why they should help them get free laptops where possible. The following are ways students can get free Dell laptops.

1. Through your college

Many colleges offer free laptops to their students. Usually, you can get a free laptop if you join an online college. For example, Full Sail University’s project, Project Launchbox, gives every student a laptop with professional creative software that promotes an immersive learning experience.

We also have other colleges offering free laptops. Therefore, when applying to join the colleges, you should check out their IT department websites to know who will give you a free device. You will get any information regarding free laptops or other devices and decide which institution to join. Also, suppose your college does not offer Dell laptops or any other laptop type. In that case, you can check if they offer student loans to purchase laptops. 

2. Via nongovernmental organizations 

Numerous nongovernmental organizations offer free laptops to needy students. You can be lucky to get a Dell laptop for your studies. If your college does not give free laptops, you can turn to these organizations and prove that you require a free laptop. You will need to produce supporting documents that show that you are in need. You can bring a document showing low-income or government assistance participation. The following are various NGOs that offer free laptops. 

i. Computers with Causes

The organization gets hundreds of requests daily. You can also request them to see if you will get a free laptop from dell. After reviewing your request, they will notify you about your application within a month, explaining whether you are qualified. Computers with Causes offers over 20,000 donated computers yearly for their Giving Center Charity. The organization prioritizes teachers and students, disabled veterans, people experiencing housing insecurity, and military families.

ii. The On It Foundation

Since 1999, the On It Foundation has offered free computers to low-income K-12 students in United States public schools. The nonprofit organization collaborates with businesses, educational institutions, and the local community to collect and distribute free computers donated by various well-wishers. The organization also offers training related to technology and internet access to families.

To apply for a free computer, your parent or guardian must contact the On It Foundation through a letter or an email requesting a free computer. They should include proof of financial need. 

3. Scholarships and grants

Students can get free Dell laptops if they apply for scholarships and grants. Various bodies are ready to offer needy students laptops to use for their school work through their scholarships and grants. However, scholarships are usually competitive and may be difficult, but trying is okay. The following are the various bodies that offer laptops when you apply for a scholarship. 

i. Dell Scholars Program

Dell Scholars Program provides high school graduate students with a $20,000 educational scholarship annually. Additionally, students get free laptops and textbook credits via Chegg. They also give students professional and personal resources to assist them in navigating life challenges during their college years.

To qualify for the program, you should have a minimum 2.4 GPA and qualify for Pell Grant. Applicants should also be on the list of those graduating in the same academic year they apply. Also, they should have the plan to enroll in a bachelor’s program after graduation.

ii. Laptops 4 Learning

Laptops 4 Learning (L4L) was founded in 2015. It equips students with computer access to help them excel in school and their workplace. The nonprofit mission also supports military veterans who qualify for a laptop. You should create an account on L4L’s website to get a free computer. You never know; you might get a free Dell laptop for school activities. 

How to get discounted Dell laptops

You can get discounted laptops from various sources to afford one. We have nonprofits that help the needy to cover the costs of laptops, thus assisting them in their school life. The following are the significant sources of discounted laptops. 

  • Affordable Connectivity Program
  • Dell Student Discount
  • Microsoft Student Discount

If you get a substantial discount, you can save a lot of money for other uses in school. For example, the Affordable Connectivity Program gives a discount of up to $100. You should contribute between $10-$50 towards a laptop purchase through your service provider. 

Final Word

Dell is an American technology firm that manufactures, sells, and repairs computers and related products. Various programs ensure that needy students can get free laptops for their studies. These include nonprofit organizations such as The On It Foundation and Computers with Causes. You can also get a free Dell laptop through scholarships and grants. Examples of scholarships offering free laptops include Dell Scholars Program and Laptops 4 Learning.