Best Ways To Get Human IT Free Laptop

Human-I-T is a nonprofit enterprise that offers equitable access to opportunity by providing digital skills training, devices, internet access, and tech support for communities with inadequate access to technology and empowering businesses and organizations to divert technology from landfills to protect the planet earth. You will learn more about how to get a Human-IT free laptop shortly. With a laptop, you can do a lot of things, such as working online and accessing information online for schooling kids. 

One of the reasons why Human-I-T pushes for equality in technology access is because they believe that access to technology is a right other than a privilege. It allows beneficiaries to study remotely, apply for jobs online, connect with distant family, get telehealth appointments, or explore new opportunities and perspectives. To shrink the divide, the organization makes it easy for its partners to do good while believing that together, they can create a world where conscious capitalism drives just opportunities that are sustainable for all people and organizations.

The organization encourages the recycling and reusing of electronics such as computers and laptops. Once the electronics undergo recycling, the organization gives them to needy persons to ensure they benefit from the technology. However, you must prove that you need to get the assistance of a free computer and probably free internet access. There are various ways to prove eligibility, including low-income and certain government assistance programs.  

Ways to Get Human IT Free Laptop

You can get a free laptop from Human-IT by applying online on their platform. You should prove that you are eligible to get the free devices. Once you visit the website, you need to scroll down and check if you are eligible for a low-cost, donated device via their HITConnect Store to access digital opportunities.

By offering devices like laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and WiFi hotspots through their low-cost online stores, they empower low-income households with the tools they need to apply for jobs, complete school work, and connect with friends and family where and when they want. Once your application is successful, you will receive your device at your physical address. That means you should provide your details as precisely as possible. 

How to qualify for Human IT free laptops

You can qualify for a low-cost laptop, tablet, desktop, or hotspot if you fall into one of the following groups and can provide income verification.

  1. Low-Income families/individuals
  2. People with disabilities
  3. Veterans in need
  4. Seniors
  5. Schools
  6. Nonprofit organizations

To check if you are eligible, you should submit your proof through text message, electronically, or in person at one of their locations at the time of purchase of your low-cost device. They accept the following government assistance program documents as proof. 

  1. Public Housing Assistance or Section 8 voucher
  2. SNAP / EBT (CalFresh)
  3. Medi-Cal / Medicaid
  4. NSLP (National School Lunch Program)
  5. Lifeline
  6. SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
  7. SSDI (Social Security Disability)
  8. Head Start
  9. Cal Grant Financial Aid
  10. WIC
  11. California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE)
  12. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

However, you can provide proof of your yearly gross income if your household does not receive any government assistance program. You qualify for donations if your household makes up 250% of the federal poverty threshold. You must show documentation to prove your income level. The document must display dollar amounts to be used to figure out annual income. It must include the number of members in your household on the purchase application. You can bring any of the following proofs of income. 

  1. The prior year’s federal, state, or tribal tax return
  2. A Veteran Administration statement of benefits
  3. A Social Security statement of benefits
  4. Federal/tribal notice letter of participation in General Assistance
  5. Social Security benefits/retirement/pension statement of benefits

How to apply for the Human IT free laptops

You can apply for a low-cost laptop or any other device online as an individual or an organization. To apply as an individual, you should visit and scroll down to check eligibility, then move down to the Get-Low cost devices tab and click on it. A page will open requiring you to shop for low-cost laptops, WiFi devices, and desktop computers. 

After that, you will need to shop by category. You can click on laptops to proceed. A page with various brands and models of laptops will display for you to choose the best one. Click on the one you want and add it to the cart. Next, check out to sign into your account. If you have no account, you can create a new one. Complete all other steps to receive your device.

If you are applying as an organization, you need to locate the tab “For Organizations Click here” and fill out the given form to work with Human-IT and give your community the tools they require to unlock their full potential on matters concerning IT. You will need to fill out details such as your name, organization name, organization phone number, organization street address, and email address. Next, describe your inquiry, and select if you want to receive low-cost computers from Human-IT or internet hotspots from Human-IT. 

Also, indicate if you want to receive internet hotspots from Human-IT or enroll learners in Human-IT’s digital skills course. If you are interested in supporting Human-I-T with devices, you can select ‘Yes.’ Also, remember to describe the work of your organization and the number of clients you serve, and anything else you would like Human-I-T to know. Once everything is okay, hit the submit button. 

What happens if you are not eligible for Human IT free laptops

Suppose you do not qualify for the Human-I-T low-cost laptops. In that case, you can still find plenty of low-cost tablets, computers, and smartphones from brands like Dell, Apple, HP, Intel, and Lenovo at the organization’s eBay store. You can call Human-I-T customer care at 888-391-7249 to ask any questions regarding the low-cost devices.

Final Thought

Human-I-T is a nonprofit enterprise that offers equitable access to opportunity by offering digital skills training, devices, internet access, and tech support for communities with inadequate access to technology. You can qualify for low-cost devices and internet if you have a low income or benefits from government assistance programs such as lifeline, SNAP / EBT (CalFresh), Medi-Cal / Medicaid, National School Lunch Program, and Head Start.