The Best Verizon Fios Deals 2024

Verizon Fios is a bundled internet, telephone, and television service offered by Verizon Communications. It operates over a fiber optic network in the United States. Its early stages began when Bell Atlantic (currently Verizon Communications) tested its video service “Stargazer” in 1995, the first commercial video-on-demand (VOD) service tested for various homes in northern Virginia. The service has grown over the years, and more homes are connected. We shall discuss Verizon Fios deals shortly. 

Usually, Verizon and other companies come up with deals that cushion customers from high-cost services. The deals may include reduced prices, free services, buy one get two, etc. Such deals are meant to retain current customers and bring more to the service. Again, it helps the company to compete effectively with other service providers offering similar products. Even though the deals are low cost, it does not mean that the company makes losses as they can compensate in the future.  

You can check most Verizon Fios deals online. One must visit the company’s website to know the current offers. By the way, Verizon Fios is among the best internet services you can find around. It is a 100% fiber-optic network and delivers the fastest internet speeds. If you work online, you can find the speeds very useful. Again, the speeds are efficient for streaming documentaries and TV networks. 

Benefits of Verizon Fios

There are various benefits of Verizon Fios that you should know if you want to use the service. I have explained a little up there, but you need to know the benefits in detail. 

1. High connectivity speeds

Usually, fiber optic cables allow high-speed transmission of signals, ensuring that the data relay is as fast as lightning. That ensures you experience low latency and that streaming is as consistent as possible. 

2. Cheap

Since the internet uses fiber cables that are of low cost compared to other internet types such as satellite and cellular, the plans are cheaper. That ensures you save a lot of money in the process. 

3. Unlimited

Usually, Verizon Fios offers unlimited streaming services. That means you do not need to refill your data in the middle of the month. Again, you can use the internet as much as possible since it is unlimited. Cellular data plans mostly have limited data bundles that you must top up as soon as they are depleted. 

4. Flexible installs 

You can have the systems installed at your convenient time. In most areas, you can get services during the weekend and evening hours.

5. No setup charges.

While some service providers charge you fees to install the systems, Verizon Fios does not charge you fees. You can avoid the fees if you order Fios online. Also, there are no broadcast or regional sports network fees whatsoever. 

6. Allows personalization

If the plans are not applicable, you can personalize a plan to meet your demands. That helps you to pay for only what is useful and ignore the rest. 

7. No annual contracts.

You can cancel your Fios service without early termination fees.

The most acceptable Verizon Fios deals for their subscribers

There are various Verizon Fios deals you can benefit from in 2024. These include the following. 

1. Free 12 months of Walmart+, then $12.95/mo. 

You can get the deal when you purchase the 1 Gig plan that costs $64.99 Per month with AutoPay and select 5G mobile plans.​ The plan costs $89.99 monthly with AutoPay and without select 5G mobile plans. You can save $99 on the Setup charges if you order online. The plan features include up to 940/880 Mbps. Average wired speeds lie between 750-940 Mbps download and 750-880 Mbps upload. 

2. Free Router 

You can get a free router if you subscribe to an eligible plan with Whole-Home Wi-Fi and a four-year Price Guarantee. Getting a free router saves a lot of money since the devices are expensive. 

3. Verizon Stream TV Soundbar or Pro discount 

You get $300 off a Verizon Stream TV Soundbar or Pro when you purchase the 1 Gig plan. Furthermore, you get free Disney+ for 6 months, then pay $7.99/mo after. There is also a 2 TB Verizon Cloud storage to save your files and access them from any device once you log in.

4. Up to $500 when you switch.

If you are moving from another service provider, Verizon Fios helps you cover the early termination fees for up to $500.​​ You, therefore, do not need to spend your money paying your current internet service provider due to the early termination of your contract. 

5. Free internet through the Affordable Connectivity Program

You can get free internet if you qualify and apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP program is a federal government benefit program that helps low-income households to afford the broadband they need for their online activities. You should combine the Affordable Connectivity Program and Verizon Forward Program discounts to get a free Fios. You can follow the guidelines below to get a free Fios.

Step 1: Check availability. Before applying for the Affordable Connectivity Program, you must check whether Verizon Fios is available in your area. 

Step 2: Apply to the Affordable Connectivity Program online at the Verizon Fios website. 

Step 3: Order Fios Home Internet for your home.

Step 4: Once installed, you can call 1.800.922.0204 to apply the discounts to your bill. You may also apply for the discount online. 

For your information, you must qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program before applying for it. You can qualify by income; your total household income should be 200% or below per the federal poverty guidelines. You may also qualify through certain government assistance programs. These include the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, etc. 

Bottom line

Verizon Fios is a bundled internet, telephone, and television service offered by Verizon Communications. It operates over a fiber optic network in the United States and has various advantages that you can enjoy. The plans are cheap, you get a free router, and you can choose what should be included in your plan. Furthermore, Verizon Fios does not have contracts. It means you can leave when you want.