Best T-Mobile Tablet Data Plan For Subscribers 2024

T Mobile is a wireless provider with America’s largest 5G network. The carrier offers affordable phone and tablet plans with unlimited text, talk, and data on its 5G network. Additionally, T-Mobile tablet data plans come with more perks, value, and more of what you and your family require with no annual contracts. You can enjoy more benefits by selecting a single line for one user, 2 lines for two, or more.

Most importantly, a data plan is a service plan that comprises data and voice minutes. T-Mobile features many different categories of data plans for tablets. Some of the most common T-Mobile data plans for tablets include unlimited, postpaid hotspot, prepaid, and data-only tablet plans. Data-only plans comprise all data, with no minutes and no texts. These data plans feature no annual contracts and no credit checks.

Tmobile tablet data plans also vary regarding data allowance, features, and activity restrictions. Interestingly, you can receive a discount on the tablet plan when you add it to a voice plan on your account. All T-Mobile data plans for tablets include unlimited 5G and 4G LTE data, Unlimited talk and text, nationwide 5G coverage, exclusive perks with T-Mobile Tuesdays, Dedicated customer care, and advanced scam-blocking protection.

Cheapest Data Plan For Tablet 2024

The regular Essentials or Magenta tablet plans are the most affordable plans. With T-Mobile Essentials for Tablets, you receive a plan with unlimited texting, 4G LTE data, and more on your Tablet. This plan allows 5 Tablet lines per postpaid account, following the credit class approval. 

1. Essential Tablet Plan

The Essential tablet plan costs $20/month when adding your account with an active voice line. Besides, a $5 auto-pay discount lowers the price to $15/month. The overall cost for Essential, without a voice line,  would cost $60 per month with auto-pay.

Features of T-Mobile Essentials for your Tablet include:

  •  Unlimited 4G LTE data on your Tablet
  •   Stream unlimited video at DVD quality, 480p
  •   Stream unlimited music
  •   Texting abroad in 215+ countries & destinations (data not included)
  •   Unlimited text and 2G data in Mexico & Canada (up to 128 kbps)
  •   Stateside International Unlimited Texting when in the US and texting in other countries. (included as an additional feature for an extra charge)
  • 50GB premium data
  • Unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data incl.

If you are a new T-Mobile customer, you can enroll for this plan by calling 1-800-937-8997 or visiting a T-Mobile store. You can dial 611 or visit your local T-Mobile store if you have an existing T-Mobile account.

2. Magenta Tablet Plan

With the Magenta plan for Tablets, you can obtain unlimited data and more on your favorite connected devices. You can add a Magenta Tablet plan to your existing account for just $20 per month with auto-pay or $25/month auto-pay. The overall cost of this plan, without a voice line on your account, cost $70/month with auto-pay.

Features of Magenta for your Tablet include:

  •   Unlimited 4G LTE data on your Tablet
  •   Unlimited texting
  • 100GB premium data
  • 5GB high-speed mobile hotspot
  •   Price includes monthly regulatory fees and sales taxes on your service plan. 
  •   Stream unlimited video at DVD quality, 480p
  •   Stateside International unlimited texting
  •   Texting and data (at up to 256 kbps) abroad in 215+ countries & destinations
  •   Unlimited texting in Mexico and Canada and up to 5GB of 4G LTE data

T-Mobile Hotspot Data Plans For Tablet

1. Magenta Plus Tablet

However, you can choose Magenta Plus tablet plans if you want HD video streaming in the United States or need extra high-speed hotspot data. Top up the standard Magenta tablet plan experience by adding the Magenta Plus Tablet plan. Adding the Magenta Plus tablet plan goes $30 per month with auto-pay to an account with an existing voice line. Without a voice line, the price goes to $85 per month.

Features of the Magenta Plus added to all your Magenta benefits listed above:

  •   20GB or 30GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot in the US
  •   Unlimited 3G mobile hotspot after 20GB or 30GB (up to 600 kbps)
  •   Unlimited HD streaming while in the US (requires activation)
  •   Unlimited data at 2x speeds in 215+ destinations abroad (up to 256 kbps)

2. Magenta Plus Tablet 20GB for $35

 The Magenta Plus Tablet 20GB plan doubles the amount of high-speed hotspot data for $5 extra per month, from 10GB to 20 GB. It comprises all the same features as listed above. This plan goes for $35/month with auto-pay combined with an active voice line on your account. 

3. Magenta Plus Tablet 30GB for $45

You can increase your hotspot data to 30GB for an additional $10 per month. This plan costs $45/month with auto-pay added to an active voice line on your account. The cost is $85 per month with auto-pay using this standalone plan. All features of the regular Magenta Plus tablet plan get included here.

Notably, the Company also provides Unlimited tablet plans, including the same features at the same price as the Magenta plans.

T-Mobile Data Only Plan For Tablet

T-Mobile’s new plan is making it more affordable than ever to connect a tablet, hotspot, or other connected devices, starting at $5 per month with AutoPay. The low-tier plan features 500MB of high-speed data, sufficient for occasional Tablet or hotspot use on a T-Mobile network. 

Currently, T-Mobile provides six data-only plans used in either tablets or hotspot devices, including:

  1. $5 for 0.5GB
  2. $10 for 2GB
  3. $20 for 5GB
  4. $30 for 10GB
  5. $40 for 30GB
  6. $50 for 100GB

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans For Tablet

You can enjoy T-Mobile prepaid plans for free tablets and hotspot devices with 5G speed starting at $10 per month. You can choose your monthly 5G data regardless of how much data you use. There’s an amount that fits you or the whole family. The prepaid T-Mobile prepaid tablet plans include the following:

  1. 2GB of 5G data for $10
  2. 5GB of 5G data for $20
  3. 10GB of 5G data for $30
  4. 30GB of 5G data for $40
  5. 50GB of 5G data for $50

Additionally, T-Mobile’s Prepaid Hotspot plans for Tablet include the following features:

  1. Included amount of high-speed data, then unlimited data at 128Kbps
  2. Up to 5GB of high-speed data in Canada and Mexico, then speeds at 128Kbps
  3. 480p video streaming
  4. Full-speed hotspot data when connected to a tablet, hotspot consumption counts against high-speed allotment.

Bottom Line 

T-Mobile is a leading carrier with excellent offers on cell phones and plans. New and existing T-Mobile customers can benefit from Unlimited data plans, prepaid and postpaid data plans, and data-only plans for tablets. You can have unlimited data plan benefits and other excellent perks like added entertainment and travel perks. T-Mobile tablets data plans involve no annual service contract, and the pricing is pocket friendly for every user, individual, or family. Besides, you can enjoy a discount of $5 on your monthly bill when you enroll for autopay.