Straight Talk Home Internet Reviews 2024

Across many households in the United States, there is a growing and dire demand for home Internet service. This network-fixed wireless plan offers everything you need for Internet service via internet providers like Straight Talk. You can use Straight Talk home internet to connect multiple devices and enjoy video streaming on the Company’s 5G/LTE network.

Most importantly, Straight Talk represents high-speed internet delivered through America’s most dependent network. However, the speed and performance resemble cable or DSL internet, but the home internet depends on a wireless signal instead of a wired signal. Straight Talk home internet service utilizes a router that collects cellular signals and builds Wi-Fi for your home devices.

For new Straight Talk customers, you can get your home internet for just $45 per month for unlimited data on the nation’s most reliable 5G/LTE networks. The primary thing required to get started is a home internet router and an easy activation process. In this case, you don’t need technicians to come to your home. Plus, there are no charges for overage fees, as well as no data usage caps.

About Straight Talk Home Internet

Straight Talk home Internet plan with fixed wireless supports the Internet requirements of your entire family. A Straight Talk home router offers an all-in-one service for broadband and Wi-Fi and also features unlimited data. 

Again, Straight Talk Internet delivers download speeds ranging from 25-100 Mbps and upload speeds from 3-10 Mbps. However, availability, coverage, and speeds may vary based on signal strength, address/location, network connection, and congestion. Thus, confirm availability at your service address before subscribing to the service available in select areas.

Straight Talk coverage areas powered by 5G or 4G, and customers living in 4G LTE coverage zones can expect download speeds of about 20-50 Mbps and upload speeds of 3-6 Mbps. Besides, these speeds should be fast and sufficient enough to support all your household internet activities.

Straight Talk Unlimited Hotspot Plan

Currently, Straight feature a single unlimited hotspot plan that you can connect with your wireless-compatible devices. You can get everything you admire about Straight Talk in your home thanks to the all-new Straight Talk All-in-One Home Internet Router for a one-time price of $99.

This device helps you connect multiple home devices through a 5G/LTE network with easy self-installation and no activation fees. You can stream content, game, watch, browse and listen to your favorite music thanks to Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited home Internet monthly plan. Interestingly, you will only pay what you want with no contracts.

Other Straight Talk hotspot plans you can connect with your devices include the following options:

  1. Bronze Unlimited plan for 5GB – $34/month
  2. Silver Unlimited plan for  5GB of mobile hotspot data – $42.50/month
  3. Gold Unlimited plan for 15GB- $50/month
  4. Unlimited International plan for 5GB – $59/month
  5. Platinum Unlimited plan for  20GB of mobile hotspot data – $60/month

Straight Talk Home Internet Plans And Price

Straight Talk Internet plans get powered by Wi-Fi 6, LTE/5G Home Internet Router for a non-recurrent fee of just $99.99. A mobile hotspot enables your devices to connect to the Straight Talk home internet using your phone’s data plan.

However, internet plans that are eligible with the purchase of the qualifying device. Generally, you can expect a download speed of 25-100 Mbps and an upload speed of 3-10 Mbps. Straight Talk Home Internet cover select areas. The availability, coverage, and internet speeds may vary based on your address/location, signal strength,  and network connection.

Pros Of Straight Talk Home Internet

Straight Talk allows customers to get connected in their homes thanks to its home internet that offer the following advantages:

  1. Straight Talk home internet powered by 5G/LTE network
  2. Enjoy unlimited data after activation with a $45 per-month plan card
  3. Allow customers to connect up to 130 devices
  4. Supports Wi-Fi 6 standard (2.4 and 5GHz bands), delivering fast wireless connections in your home
  5. All-in-one broadband and Wi-Fi router
  6. 2 Ethernet ports

Straight Talk Home Internet Service Procedure

  1. Check eligibility on the Straight Talk website and confirm the home internet coverage for your area. Submit your address and click “Check Availability” to confirm your home’s eligibility.
  2. Purchase your router and plan online at,, or in-store at Walmart. The router goes for $99, payable once.
  3. Reserve and activate your home internet at and submit your device IMEI to book your spot and activate it from your home. Once you get your router, go to the StraightTalk website and tap “Home Internet Router” below “Other Devices” to activate your service.

Straight Talk Home Internet Activation Process

To activate your Straight Talk Home internet, ensure you have  Straight Talk Home Internet Service Plan, Straight Talk Home Internet Router, IMEI of the Internet Router (fixed on a label on the bottom of the device) Then, activate your Straight Talk home internet by navigating and following the instructions. You will require your IMEI number located at the bottom of the device. 

If you purchased a service plan card, you would also require its PIN. If you don’t have a service plan yet, you can purchase one during the online activation process. If you want to activate your home internet by phone or need help, kindly contact 1-877-430-2355 and follow the instructions.

Notably, activating your service immediately after confirming your address for Straight Talk home internet coverage is advisable. Availability can change over time. Thus prompt activation of your service ensures availability still exists during activation. If you obtained your device through or finished the reservation process in-store by submitting your IMEI, you might secure a temporary 30-day reservation slotted for you.

Straight Talk Wi-Fi Plan

Straight Talk provides a $30 Home Phone and Wi-Fi 30-Day Plan. Besides, the Straight Talk $30 Home Phonefeature Unlimited Talk and 1GB. This plan is only usable with Straight Talk Home Phones, and it’s a 30-day renewable plan.

On the other hand, you can always stay connected with mobile hotspots from Franklin, Moxee devices, and others. Purchase any of the following devices at and create your Wi-Fi on the go:

  1. Franklin Mobile Hotspot – reconditioned 24.99
  2. Franklin Mobile Hotspot-$69.99
  3. Moxee Mobile Hotspot – reconditioned-24.99
  4. Moxee 5G Mobile Hotspot-$199.99

Bottom Line

 Straight Talk Home Internet provides one of the best ways to save on your monthly internet bills. This service uses a router costing $99 and an unlimited data plan. You can sign up without a contract and enjoy unlimited fixed wireless home internet access with devices you need for your entire household. Straight Talk home internet connects your wireless devices, including Smart TV, laptops, smartwatches, and smartphones, with a seamless internet connection.