The Genuine Ways To Get Gen Mobile Free Phone

Gen Mobile is a wireless carrier that offers customers access to nationwide 5G/4G LTE services on America’s largest 5G GSM network.  Interestingly, this carrier is one of the key participants in the newly launched Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP) that offer Gen Mobile free phone and discounts on cell phone plans.  ACP is a program managed by the Federal  Communication Commission that offers broadband affordability to ensure low-income families can afford the connections required for work, health care, school, and more.

Generally, the new Affordable Connectivity Program is a US-Federal-supported program that collaborates with numerous wireless carriers, including Gen Mobile.  The best way to get a free government phone is through ACP through the participating wireless providers.  The program offers payment assistance on broadband services to eligible households based on income level and government program participation eligibility criteria.  Besides, you can get a single-device subsidy on an eligible device that includes a free phone per qualified household.

Eligible low-income customers who qualify for ACP will obtain a free Gen Mobile smartphone plus a 7GB plan through the new Affordable Connectivity Program.  Gen Mobile customers can check if they qualify through the National Verifier website before enrolling for the free phone program.  Upon meeting the qualification requirements, you can receive unlimited text and talk, 7GB of data through the Federal Affordable Connectivity Program, and a free smartphone from Gen Mobile!  If you qualify, you can receive free phone benefits in select states, including 16 GB of data.

Best Ways to Get Gen Mobile Free Phone

The best way new and current Gen Mobile customers can qualify for a free phone is if they are eligible to enroll in the ACP program.  You can confirm if you qualify for Gen Mobile free phone by starting your application at  Then, enter your zip code to start the application process.

Most importantly, you can apply for the $30 ACP benefit and obtain free mobile service if you select the Unlimited text, talk, and 7GB LTE data plan for phones.  Alternatively, you can choose the 7GB LTE data plan for devices, or, if available, you may apply the $30 ACP discount to a bring your own phone or connected device plan.

As part of the Gen Mobile free phone program, qualifying new customers will get a Gen Mobile SIM card in the mail.  Qualifying existing customers can transfer their discount to their Gen Mobile plan, or if they want a new phone number or account, a Gen Mobile SIM card will be sent to them via mail.

Eligibility For Gen Mobile Free Phone Application

A household qualifies to apply for  a free phone from Gen Mobile  if a member of the household attains at least one of the below criteria:

  1. Possess an income that is at or less 200% of the federal poverty guidelines;
  2. A participant in specific assistance programs, including SNAP, WIC,  Federal Public Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SSI,  or Lifeline;
  3. A participant in Tribal specific programs, including Tribal TANF, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance,  or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations;
  4. A recipient of benefits through the school breakfast program or the free and reduced-price school lunch program, including via the USDA Community Eligibility Provision in the 2019-2020, 2020-2021, or 2021-2022 academic year; or
  5. A recipient of a Federal Pell Grant during the ongoing award year

Most importantly, you can lose your ACP benefit if you no longer attain any of the listed federal benefit programs or if you do not utilize your ACP benefit at least once per 30 days.  Gen Mobile will inform you lack of usage, and you will have 15 days to utilize your Gen Mobile ACP plan or confirm with Gen Mobile that you still want to get your ACP benefit.

How To Use Gen Free Phone

Immediately you receive your Gen Mobile free phone; you need to do the following to get started:

Step 1: Activate your Service

  1. Switch on your mobile phone and call 611.
  2. Tap (1) for English and tap (2) for Spanish.
  3. After selecting your language, click (2) to activate your Gen Mobile free phone.
  4. (If Gen Mobile helped you activate your free phone in person, you could skip this step.)

Step 2: Make your first call to ensure your new service works well.

Step 3: Maintain your service active

You can make a call, send a text, or utilize cellular data at least once every 30 days to continue service eligibility.  Besides, you can contact Gen Mobile customer support if you want to bring your own phone number to this service.

Can I keep My Number When Switching to Gen Mobile

During this process, you can contact 1 (833) 528-1380 or proceed online to chat with a Gen Mobile Customer Care representative for a number transfer/port request.  You will have to provide the customer representative with the information below.

  • Existing phone number
  • Account number
  • Account address
  • Account PIN code

You may have to contact your existing carrier for this information if you don’t have any.  Notably, you should terminate your existing service once the porting process is complete, or you will lose your existing phone number.

Gen Mobile Free Cell Phone Plans

If your ACP cell phone plan offer is not enough, you can have additional renewable plans at your own cost at the same monthly rate.  The best thing is that there are no contracts or hidden fees.  Besides, all Gen Mobile plans enable you to text locations worldwide without an additional charge.

Gen Mobile Monthly Data Plans

i. 5G • 4G LTE DATA- 1GB/month for $10

  1. Unlimited talk and text 
  2. Unlimited Global Text

ii. 5G • 4G LTE DATA- 3GB/month for $20

  1. Unlimited talk and text 
  2. Unlimited Minutes to 100+ Destinations & $5 International Credit
  3. Unlimited Global Text

iii. 5G • 4G LTE DATA- 7GB/month for $30

  1. Unlimited talk and text 
  2. Unlimited Minutes to 100+ Destinations & $5 International Credit
  3. Unlimited Global Text

iv. 5G • 4G LTE DATA -16GB/month for $40

  1. Unlimited talk and text
  2. Unlimited Minutes to 100+ Destinations & $10 International Credit
  3. Unlimited Global Text

v. 5G • 4G LTE DATA- Unlimited +10GB Mobile Hotspot for $50

  1. Unlimited data, talk, and text
  2. Unlimited Minutes to 100+ Destinations & $10 International Credit
  3. Unlimited Global Text

Bottom Line

Gen Mobile offers the Affordable Connectivity Program that offers free monthly broadband benefits and free smartphones.  Eligible customers can apply for these benefits if they meet the income or program participation-based criteria.  If you qualify for ACP, you can enroll, receive a free phone from Gen Mobile, and enjoy a robust wireless connection without any contract.