The 7 Genuine Ways To Get Free Refurbished Computers

A refurbished computer is a used computer that has been renewed to function normally. The refurbishers replace worn-out parts with new ones to make the machine operate like a new one. Other than computers, we have refurbished phones and tablets. Some companies offer free refurbished computers to the less fortunate people in society. If you are looking for one, you can be lucky to get a computer to use for your daily activities. 

You can use a computer in various ways, such as preparing word, excel, and PowerPoint documents, watching movies, and performing online activities, among many others. Additionally, computers are integral in offices as they help execute numerous office tasks. Rarely will you visit an office and miss a computer and associated machines such as printers, photocopiers, and scanners. That shows how devices are critical in our lives. 

For your information, computers can be used to eradicate poverty in the society. If you have a computer, there are numerous jobs you can do with the machine. You can do freelance jobs such as blogging, academic writing, video editing, and social media management. That is why it is vital to help low-income households with free computers to uplift them economically. Students can also use computers in their studies, thus excelling in their education. 

Genuine 7 ways to get free refurbished computers

If you are looking for a free refurbished computer for your studies or any other use, it is possible to get one from various sources. The most genuine sources of free computers are non-governmental organizations. Numerous non-governmental organizations offer free computers to needy people in society. They include the following. 

i. Computer Aid International 

Computer Aid International can be a good option if you are looking for a free computer. The organization has brought access to technology to more than 14.5 million people. They believe in IT access to all people and want to build a world where everybody has equal access to technology via sustainable IT solutions, offering access to high-quality equipment and education worldwide. Usually, they accept organizations and companies to dispose of their used computers in their warehouses, then refurbish them to give to low-income people. 

Usually, Computer Aid International provides affordable, high-quality, refurbished IT machines to schools, NGOs, and community centers. You can apply by visiting their computer application page to submit the necessary details. 

ii. Computers with Causes 

Another legitimate organization you can get a free refurbished computer is Computers with causes. The organization invites anyone needing a computer to complete an application on their website. Computers with causes have a full list of the causes they support, with their main emphasis being the assistance of; teachers, students, parents, foster homes, disabled US veterans, the elderly, shelters, struggling military families, and similar nonprofit organizations.

Before giving you a free computer, the organization does a strict need assessment and background checks to eliminate false requests and benefit those in need. If you need it, the management will contact you to give you a free computer. The process can take weeks to complete since they have a limited volunteer staff who strive to meet all demands on time. You can visit the NGOs application page to submit your details. You only need to submit your name, address, phone number, city, state, zip code, and country.  

iii. Compudopt

The organization recycles donated computers, refurbishes them, and loads them with fresh tech software. Afterward, they give the computers to needy families who require them through their Computer Giveaway. Additionally, they help households find no or low-cost Internet Solutions to access online services using their computers and other devices. Also, you can get free Tech Education for youth and adults for brighter futures! So far, the organization has distributed more than 63,095 computers. 

Additionally, they have served more than 67,278 students and done 262,448 plus technology training hours. You can also donate a computer to help someone. To apply for a free computer, you can visit the Compudopt computer giveaway page and register. 

iv. World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange can be handy if you need free computers in an organization. If your organization is in a developing nation and would like fewer than 100 computers you can fill out a specific online form. Additionally, if your organization needs more than 100 computers, you can still apply for free computers by applying using a specific form.

WCE is based in Canada and the United States of America. It works in 78 nations to empower communities, reduce the digital divide for youth in developing countries, and responsibly reuse electronics. You can apply for a free computer online by visiting the organization’s website.

v. With Causes

With Causes is a charitable organization that recognizes the needs of other people, both great and small. You can get a free computer from the organization as long as you are needy. Among the various causes, the organization helps include educational programs such as computers and computer labs. You can apply by visiting its website and navigating to the ‘Help Request’ section to submit your details.

Additionally, you can donate unwanted computers in your place to the organization to help the needy. You can also donate real estate, boats, aircraft, and collectibles. 

vi. National Cristina Foundation

 The nonprofit group works to get laptops to those in need. They work to promote technology reuse by educating the public and businesses that unwanted technologies coming out of their offices can be used as second-hand items to help those in need. 

Therefore, businesses can donate used computers and other tech machines to the foundation. Once they check, they replace worn-out parts, they give them to the people who need free computers. The foundation works with communities rather than with individuals and thus the requirements will vary. To apply for a free computer, you can visit National Cristina Foundation at to apply.

vii. The On It Foundation

If you have a student who’s enrolled in public K-12 education in the U.S. and need a free computer, you can consider applying for one at The On It Foundation. That is possible if they get free or reduced lunch. 

Interestingly, the foundation also serves people who don’t qualify through the Jump On It! Program. You must pay a discounted amount of money for the computer you get. Despite that, you can get a computer at very low charges. 

Bottom line

A refurbished computer is a used computer renewed to function normally. The refurbishers replace worn-out parts with new ones to make the machine operate like a new one. You can get a free refurbished computer if you are from a low-income family from a non-governmental organization. Most of the free computer organizations require you to apply online by filling out specific forms.