The Genuine Ways To Get Free Computer Near Me

Computers are essential devices that allow you to perform various tasks, such as accessing online services, preparing documents, and controlling complex systems using special programs installed. In short, the devices process data to give you meaningful output, and that’s why they are crucial in the modern day. The question is, can I get a free computer near me? You will know if you can get one shortly. 

Computers are costly, and only a few people can afford them. You can only get a quality machine if you have at least $200 in your wallet. Since we have so many people in need of the devices yet cannot afford them, we need to assist them in acquiring them. Computers are necessary to eliminate poverty in society since you can do much with the machine to earn a living. 

School-going children and teens require computers, especially laptops, for their studies. High school students can use the devices to study online and carry out various class works using programs such as word, spreadsheets, and presentations. Students in colleges and universities require devices to carry out various projects and study online. Most also use the devices to work online and earn a living. 

Best ways to get a free computer near me

There are various ways you can get a free computer to use for your activities. These include the following.

i. Via the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a benefit program offered by the federal government to help low-income families with affordable broadband. Eligible households can get the devices through various service providers once they qualify and apply for the free program. Additionally, the program offers a discount of up to $100 to purchase a computer; you may only need to top up something small towards the purchase price. Usually, beneficiaries must contribute at least $10 and, at most, $50 towards the purchase price. 

Apart from a computer, you can also use the discount to get a free tablet through your service provider. Only one person per household can qualify for the free service. Again, the service is non-transferable, and every eligible person must apply to get theirs.  

Qualifications for ACP

There are various ways you can qualify for the Affordable Connectivity program. You can qualify if your gross household income is 200% or lower per the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Additionally, you can qualify if you benefit from the following government assistance programs.

  1. Free and Reduced-Price School Lunch Program 
  2. Medicaid
  3. Federal Housing Assistance
  4. SNAP
  5. School Breakfast Program
  6. WIC
  7. Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance 
  8. Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  9. Tribal Head Start 
  10. Tribal TANF
  11. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  12. Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits
  13. Lifeline

Application for ACP

To get a free laptop through ACP, you can apply online at and submit all the necessary details. You can also apply through your service provider and provide various documents, such as your Social Security Number, address, and others. 

ii. Through Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

You can also get a free laptop through various NGOs, which usually offer free laptops if you show that you qualify. Some Non-Governmental organizations offer free laptops using the same criteria the Affordable Connectivity Program uses. You must show proof that you qualify through income or government assistance programs. 

Some of the NGOs that offer free computers include the following.

1. Computers with Causes

The organization offers refurbished computers for free to those with financial needs. Some of the groups that can qualify include students and returning military veterans. The organization does an assessment and a background and reference check, and you have to give them some details to get approved. After applying, the Board of Directors reviews the information and contacts you within 30 days if they can assist you. To apply, you can visit 

2. Everyone On

The organization allows people from low-income backgrounds to apply for low-cost computers. It works with different businesses and ISPs to access tech for low-income families. The organization’s requirements will vary depending on the program. To learn more about how you can qualify and apply, visit 

3. National Cristina Foundation

National Cristina Foundation is a nonprofit organization offering laptops to needy people. The NGO promotes technology reuse by educating the public and businesses that technology resources they discard can be given to needy people to develop human potential. Therefore, businesses and the public can donate computers, laptops, and other technical materials to help the less fortunate. You can learn more at   

4. The On It Foundation

The organization allows students in public K-12 education in the U.S. to apply. You can obtain a free computer from the On It Foundation if you get free or reduced lunch in your school. Interestingly, the foundation also serves people who qualify through the Jump On It! Program. However, you have to pay a discounted amount to get the computer. The amount you contribute is minimal in a way that you get the computer for free. You can learn more at 

5. PCs for People

PCs for People is a nonprofit organization providing computers and low-cost internet to eligible people. The organization is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, and thus it offers free computers with licensed copies of Windows 10. Your gross income should be 200% or lower per the federal poverty guidelines to apply for the program. You may also qualify if enrolled in an income-based government assistance program. To learn more about the application, you can visit 

Best ways to get free computer recycling near me

If you have a computer at home that has broken down, you can easily find a recycling center to dispose of it safely. PCs for People is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher that accepts computer donations for refurbishing. 

You can also search for more recycling firms online, as we have so many of them. Taking your devices to refurbishing companies for safe disposal instead of throwing electronics in the environment is recommended. 

To Sum Up

Computers are important devices that allow you to perform various tasks, such as accessing online services, preparing documents, and controlling complex systems using special programs installed. The devices are expensive, but we have ways you can get them for free or by paying a small amount towards the purchase price. You can also donate unwanted computers to refurbishing firms for safe disposal.