Best Ways To Get Verizon Free iPad With iPhone

iPads and iPhones are mobile devices manufactured by Apple, an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Cupertino, California, United States. The devices are among the best available mobile devices in the market. They have excellent security layers to safeguard users’ data from attacks by hackers and malicious software. Furthermore, their operating systems allow the smooth operation of the devices compared to others. You will know how to get a Verizon free iPad with iPhone shortly. 

Due to the high investment made by the company in the devices, they are costly. Therefore, most people need help to afford them. However, various companies, including Verizon, have deals that allow you to get a free iPhone and even iPad when you meet specific requirements. You save hundreds of dollars for use in your other financial activities. For your information, iPads and iPhones are expensive, and most cost above $400. 

Getting a free iPad or iPhone from Verizon may require purchasing a specific plan for a particular period. That ensures the company can make money from you. In the long run, they can recover money from the free device they gave you. After all, a telecommunication company will only give you such an offer with conditions. They even lock the device so you cannot use another carrier’s SIM card.

Factors you should choose iPhones and iPads

There are various reasons why you should choose an iPhone or iPad. They include the following. 

  1. Apple devices have smooth operations. Usually, gadgets from Apple perform better than Android and Windows phones and are thus very efficient for multitasking. 
  2. High-resolution cameras. iPhones and iPads come with high-quality cameras that allow you to take beautiful pictures and videos. Most people in modern society require phones with cameras.
  3. Lasting batteries. iPhones may have lower-capacity batteries than Android devices, but they can conserve power excellently, making them long-lasting.
  4. iPhones and iPads have exciting designs. Due to their designs and value, they make you look classy. 
  5. High-security layers. Apple devices have a high degree of security that ensures consumers operate the devices with low risks to hackers. 
  6. They are safe. The relevant bodies have certified the devices and proven them safe for human use. 

Reliable Ways to Get Verizon Free iPad With iPhone

As promised, I will show you how to get a free iPhone from Verizon to enjoy smart devices like the rich guys. The following are the ways you can get a free iPhone or iPad. Have a look.

1. Through Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is an eCommerce day that takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving in the US. The date falls between 26th November and 2nd December, depending on the year. Verizon is among the companies participating in the event by offering free devices to consumers. 

This year, Verizon gave out free new Apple Watch SE 2, iPad (9th-gen), and Beats Fit Pro earbuds for those who purchased 5G-capable iPhones. 

Steps to get a free device through Cyber Monday at Verizon

To get the free items, you first add any 5 G-enabled iPhone to your cart, then choose a 9th-gen iPad and Apple Watch SE and add a new 5G Unlimited line for every device. ($10 for Apple Watches and $10 or $15 for iPads). After that, you should select your preferred Beats Fit Pro color and purchase the iPad and Apple Watch via a 36-month installment plan to receive the maximum savings through a bill credit every month. 

You can get the Beats Fit Pro discount in the form of a Virtual Prepaid Mastercard for the purchase price within eight weeks of placing a successful order. Interestingly, Verizon allows you to trade in a qualifying phone to save on your new 5G iPhone device and still get the free devices. Remember, you should sign up for a new 5G Unlimited line to get the offer. You will save considerable amounts even if you do not have a device to trade in.

2. Free iPhone when you switch

Another way you can get a free iPhone device is by switching to the network. The company is giving out iPhone 13 mini with a new smartphone line on specific 5G Unlimited plans. In short, you get a free device when you purchase the Apple iPhone 12 and get plans such as One Unlimited for iPhone, 5G Do More, 5G Start, 5G Play More, and 5G Get More Unlimited plans.

You can also get Apple iPhone 12 through the same process and enjoy the excellent device for calling, texting, surfing the net, and photographing, among other uses. 

3. Buy one get one free.

Verizon is among the various companies that offer a “buy one get one free” program. You can therefore get a free iphone through the program. Usually, you spend on one device, then get the other one for free. Looking at how the process operates, you get the device for free since you can sell the second device to recover your money. 

Does Verizon offer free iPhones and IPads through ACP and Lifeline

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a federal government program that allows low-income families to benefit from free internet services for work, school, and entertainment. Again, you get a discount to purchase a tablet, desktop computer, or laptop. 

On the other hand, Lifeline is a benefit program that offers low-income households free phones, minutes, texts, and data to connect with friends and family members. The company receives a discount from the federal government to offer free services. Only one person per household can benefit from ACP and Lifeline

However, Verizon does not offer free iPhones and iPads through the Lifeline or Affordable Connectivity Program. You can only use ordinary feature phones or Android devices with your free plan. There are also MVNOs that use Verizon’s network to offer free devices. 

Bottom line

iPhones and iPads are classic devices that are challenging to get. That is because they are expensive. However, they are the best devices you can have due to their high-level security, elegance, smooth operations, and long-lasting batteries. Despite the expensive device, you can still get them for free if you meet specific requirements. Verizon is among the companies that offer free iPad with iPhones when you meet requirements.