A Proper Discussion About Straight Talk Compatible Phones

Straight Talk is a brand of TracFone affiliated with Walmart that offers wireless services using the most reliable American network carriers. Besides, the Company offers support for CDMA and GSM cell phone devices. In other words, you can bring your current phone to Straight Talk. Thus, your phone must be compatible and unlocked to get Straight Talk wireless service. Only Straight Talk compatible phones are allowed in the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) Programs.

In this case, to check if your cell phone is compatible with the Straight Talk BYOP program, you can text “BYOP” to 611611 from your mobile device. If you are eligible for the program,  the next step is to purchase a Sim card and select your plan to get started. You must activate your compatible phone with Straight Talk service to start enjoying the best network experience on this prepaid carrier. 

Moreover, if you have a compatible phone, you can obtain Straight Talk service on your current phone, provided its works with the BYOP program. Some of the Straight Talk compatible cell phones, T-Mobile Compatible phones, include AT&T Compatible phones, Sprint Compatible Phones, and most GSM and CDMA unlocked phones. If you have a locked device, you must contact your existing carrier for unlocking before switching to Straight Talk.

How To Know If My Phone Is Compatible With Straight Talk

If you are a new customer bringing your phone to Straight Talk, you must confirm that it’s compatible with its network technology. To check if your current phone is compatible with the Straight Talk network, you follow any of the steps below:

  • Proceed to “straighttalk.com” and choose “Check Compatibility.”
  • Use the Straight Talk Chat Bot
  • Text “BYOP” to 611611

Straight Talk Compatibility Check Process

To check your cell phone’s compatibility with Straight Talk, you can contact the customer care department at  1-877-430-2355, walk into an authorized store like Walmart, text BYOP and send it to 611611 or check online. The online compatibility check involves the following:

  1. Proceed to stbyop.com.
  2. Choose “Check Compatibility.”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You’ll need your IMEI or serial number during the compatibility check process with Straight Talk. You can get your Straight Talk compatible phone IMEI by dialing *#06#. Also, select the correct option if you wish to keep your number. Notably, you will require a Straight Talk Service Plan Card or debit or credit card to activate your Straight Talk service. 

Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone and BYOP Plans

BYOP is a short form for Bring Your Own Phone. With Straight Talk’s BYOP program, you can enjoy Straight Talk service on your existing phone, provided it’s unlocked and compatible with their BYOP program. Below is how to obtain BYOP service through Straight Talk:

  • Proceed to stbyop.com.
  • Choose your device.
  • Follow the instructions.

If you need to buy a SIM card kit, get it before you start the activation process. Once you get the SIM card kit, you can return to stbyop.com and start the process.

Additionally, Straight Talk provides a variety of BYOP plans based on your needs. Straight Talk provides three 30-day Service Plans, but you can choose a 3- or 6-month plan, even a year if you wish. Straight Talk’s four 30-day service plans include :

  1. $30 All You Need Plan – It features 1,500 nationwide minutes, unlimited nationwide messages, and 100MB  of data.
  2. $45 Unlimited plan- It features unlimited text, Talk, and data, including the first 10GB of data delivering high speeds, then 2G.
  3. $55 Ultimate Unlimited- Features unlimited  Talk, Data, and Text with high-speed data and Video streaming at DVD quality.
  4. $60 Unlimited International Plan- This plan features unlimited messages and nationwide minutes, with the first 10GB at high speed, then 2G plus. Unlimited International calling to cell phones in Mexico, China, India, Canada, and over 1,000 landline destinations, with 400 minutes to call Claro Guatemala customers.

There are also 3 additional Unlimited Plans offering unlimited text, talk, or multimedia messages and a fixed data amount at 90 days, 180 days, or one year of service.

Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone Kit

Generally, you can obtain a Straight Talk BYOP SIM Card by getting a 4G LTE Straight Talk Activation Package at a Walmart store. Alternatively, you can order one at stbyop.com. Choose “Check Compatibility,” and follow the instructions to place an order. The  Straight Talk SIM kit goes for $0.99 only. 

Again, to check if your BYOP needs a Simcard, go to stbyop.com. Select “Check Compatibility,” and follow the instructions. If your phone requires a Straight Talk BYOP SIM Card to register service, the website will request for one or prompt you to purchase one. 

Straight Talk Compatible Phones List

The following is a list of Straight Talk compatible phones that can be used with Straight Talk service:

Apple device that are compatible with Straight Talk Wireless

  1. Apple iPhone 7
  2. Apple iPhone 8
  3. Apple iPhone SE
  4. Apple iPhone XS
  5. Apple iPhone XR
  6. Apple iPhone 11
  7. Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  8. Apple iPhone SE (2nd)
  9. Apple iPhone SE (3rd)

Google device that are compatible with Straight Talk Wireless

  1. Google Pixel 2 / 2 XL
  2. Google Pixel 4 / 4a / 4 XL
  3. Google Pixel 5 / 5a
  4. Google Pixel 6
  5. Google Pixel 7 / 7 Pro

LG device that are compatible with Straight Talk Wireless

  1. LG G7 ThinQ / G7 Fit
  2. LG G8 ThinQ / G8X ThinQ
  3. LG Optimus L9 – P769
  4. LG Stylo 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
  5. LG V20
  6. LG V30

Motorola device that are compatible with Straight Talk Wir

  1. Motorola Moto E3 / Power
  2. Motorola Moto E4 / Plus
  3. Motorola Moto E5 / Play / Plus
  4. Motorola Moto E Plus
  5. Motorola Moto G2
  6. Motorola Moto G3
  7. Motorola Moto G4

Nokia device that are compatible with Straight Talk Wir

  1. Nokia 6.1
  2. Nokia 7.1
  3. Nokia Lumina 800
  4. Nokia Lumina 900

OnePlus device that are compatible with Straight Talk Wir

  1. OnePlus 5
  2. OnePlus 5t
  3. OnePlus 6
  4. OnePlus 6t
  5. OnePlus 7

Samsung device that are compatible with Straight Talk Wireless

  1. Samsung Galaxy A30
  2. Samsung Galaxy J7
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8
  5. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active
  6. Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus
  7. Samsung Galaxy S9
  8. Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus
  9. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  10. Samsung Galaxy S III – i9300
  11. Samsung Infuse 4G

Are Straight Talk Phones Compatible With other Carriers

 If you purchased or leased a cell phone from Straight Talk, it’s locked for use with only the Straight Talk network. However, you can request an unlock from Straight Talk after 12 months of service. Thus, making it possible to use the device with other carriers.

Straight Talk phone compatibility with other carriers depends on the device you opt to unlock. You can call the Straight Talk customer service team at 1-877-430-2355 and request an unlock code for your device. If your device is eligible for unlocking, customer service will give you the unlock code and get started immediately. You can confirm if your mobile phone is unlocked for any carrier compatibility through an IMEI check.

Factors to be Consider Before Choosing A Straight Talk Compatible Phone

1. Check for Network Compatibility

Straight Talk phones come locked to their network. However, ensure the phone you choose is unlock-eligible. Besides, it’s wise to check for network locks such as GSM locks to ensure carrier compatibility with major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon before choosing a Straight Talk compatible phone.

2. Check for Warranty

Warranties are crucial when looking for Straight Talk compatible phones. You should ensure that your device has at least a 90-day warranty. The warranty covers your phone in case of malfunctions or defects that are not a result of user error.

Bottom Line 

With a Straight Talk compatible phone, you can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a prepaid, no-contract wireless carrier. The compatible devices with this carrier include the latest phones sold at Straight Talk. Also, you can purchase a compatible phone or choose to bring your current phone, provided it’s compatible, and enjoy coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks.