Best Ways To Get Buy Now Pay Later iPhone

iPhones are some of the best phones in the world. They came with unique features you may not find in other devices running on Android or Microsoft. They have high-security details, a fast operating system able to refresh automatically to enable smooth operations, high-resolution cameras, fabulous designs, and so on. Since the devices are of high quality, they cost much, which makes buying them at once challenging. However, you can get a buy now, pay later iPhone from various retailers.

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is a short-term financing that allows buyers to make purchases and pay at a future date. BNPL is usually structured like an installment plan system that involves financiers, buyers, and sellers. Financiers pay sellers on behalf of the buyers when goods or services are bought by the latter. The consumers later repay the cost over time in equal installments, whereby the number of installments varies depending on the financier.

BNPL is an excellent option if you need more money to purchase a commodity or service. In our case, iPhones are expensive devices that may not allow you to purchase them at once. That calls for paying in bits to acquire the device. Again, even if you have enough money to purchase an iPhone, you can use the BNPL option to avoid spending too much at once. 

Best ways to get buy now pay later iPhone

There are various ways you can acquire an iPhone through the buy now, pay later option. The best ways you can opt for a BNPL include the following. 

1. Through a merchant

Various merchants in the country offer buy now, pay later services for iPhones and other items. Some usually check your credit score from the relevant institutions to see if you are eligible for the program. 

2. Via a mobile service provider

We have mobile providers who offer buy now, pay later services for iPhones and other phones. You only need to meet their requirements, and you are good to go. One of the commonest requirements is to purchase a particular plan for a certain period. 

3. Through your financial institution

Your bank,  credit union, or any other financial institution may offer the BNPL services to its account holders. They may have their stores or collaborate with reputable merchants for the program. Suppose you qualify for such a program with your financial institution. In that case, you can get an iPhone or any other device and pay in bits. 

Usually, any BNPL service provider checks your credit score to see your borrowing history. That helps them to make informed decisions about offering you credit. You may also need to submit other things, such as your identification document. Furthermore, you may need to present collateral to get a phone. A collateral is a valuable asset that a lender can use to recover their money if you cannot repay your loan. The only disadvantage with the BNPL system is that you may pay more than when you buy in cash due to the interest charged. 

Buy now pay later iPhone providers – A Great Deals

You can rely on several providers when looking for an iPhone to buy now and pay later. These include the following. 

1. Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later is a program from Apple that allows you to split a purchase into four equal payments within six weeks. The program has no interest or fees to pay. Apple Pay Later program is available for app purchases and online if you check out with Apple Pay. It is built into Wallet so you can easily track what the company owes and when they owe it. Usually, the Apple Pay Later program uses the Mastercard network, which works with Apple Pay and needs no integration for merchants. As you have seen, you need Apple Pay integrated into your device, and you can purchase online or in your app. 

2. Affirm

Another platform you can use for your buy now pay later iPhone is Affirm. You can buy a variety of items other than iPhones and pay later as well. Usually, merchants with online shopping features allow you to check out with Affirm as long as they support the program. Alternatively, you can request a virtual card through the Affirm app to purchase your iPhone or other goods from your retailer. 

For you to use Affirm, you must qualify for the service. You can pre-qualify without interfering with your credit score. First, you must create an online account using your mobile number. Interestingly, Affirm works with numerous retailers such as Sony, Apple, NewEgg, Amazon, Samsung, and Motorola. When checking out, choose Affirm and proceed.

3. Deferit

Deferit is an interest-free budgeting platform that allows you to pay and manage your bills on time. Upload a photo of your bill, decide how much and when to repay, and Deferit pays the bill. You can then pay it back over time using 4 equal and flexible fortnightly payments with zero interest or late fees. Generally, you upload a bill, they pay your bill, then they split your payments. The platform is simple, has no interest, and charges no fees. 

4. Clearly Payments

The platform provides credit card processing services at low costs. It also offers software for online payments, mobile payments, credit card machines, payment terminals, and recurring billing and invoicing. The company’s mission is to reduce traders’ costs to accept payments. Besides being a payment processor, the company allows buyers to purchase items and pay later. You can access the program’s services online when you create an account. The company also offers merchant loans with no collateral or hidden fees. 

5. Katapult

The company does not require credit when you use its buy now pay later services. Additionally, it is easy to use and offers flexible payment options. That means you don’t have to worry about making essential purchases anymore, especially if you need more funds. You can get great deals with 100+ retailers when you apply for a Katapult lease today. The Katapult lease-to-own allows you to take home up to $3,000 in items such as electronics, home appliances, furniture, mattresses, tires, and much more. You can access the platform’s services online or through their app. You only need to shop online through a partner retailer to get the credit. 

Bottom Line 

iPhones are fantastic devices with high-security levels. They also come with high-resolution cameras and beautiful designs, among other features. However, the devices are expensive, and most people need help to buy them. Despite that, you can get one through a buy now, pay later program. We have various providers that allow you to purchase an iPhone and pay later. These include Katapult, Clearly Payments, and Affirm, among others.