The Ethical Ways To Unlock A Boost Mobile Phone

Boost Mobile is an (MNVO) Mobile Virtual Network Operator under the T-Mobile network that offers you everything you could need in a wireless carrier. Besides, the carrier offers a diverse selection of the latest cell phones from top brands at consumer-friendly prices. You can choose from top-tier manufacturers, including Samsung, Apple, Motorola, and LG. If you possess a locked device, you can learn ways to unlock a Boost Mobile phone in this guideline.

Most importantly, when you purchase a cell phone directly from a wireless carrier like Boost Mobile, they partly own the device. In other words, if you opt to leave the company for another, you’ll need to unlock the phone if you meet the eligibility requirement. Unlocking a device gives you full ownership of your phone and makes it easy to switch carriers and keep the same phone.

When you need a Boost Mobile to unlock code, you must first contact Boot Mobile Customer Care and submit a request to have your mobile device unlocked. After your request gets approved, Boost will offer you an unlock code, and immediately after your device unlocks, you can use it on another network. When applying for your Boost Mobile device unlock, ensure to have your phone number, account name, and the account billing PIN. 

Boost Mobile’s Unlocking Terms & Policy

Domestic SIM Unlock (DSU) is a process that enables the SIM slot of your Boost Mobile cell phone to allow you to replace another carrier’s SIM card. SIM unlocking a cell phone will not necessarily render a device compliant with another carrier’s network. Again, SIM unlocking a device may guarantee some functionality but not all. For instance, a SIM-unlocked device may allow voice services but not data services upon activation on another network. 

Additionally, not all mobile phones can allow the SIM slot to be unlocked. Notably, Boost Mobile phones which the owner tried to reprogram or activate on another wireless carrier’s network or otherwise change from its initial programming or settings may be unable to reactivate with Boost Mobile services. Boost Mobile will activate cell phones verified to work with Boost Mobile services. This service providers cannot unlock cell phones from other carriers.

 Boost Mobile will acknowledge your unlock request within two business days if you attain the criteria discussed.

Eligibility Requirements to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone

It is crucial to take note that not all devices are ready to be unlocked. This happens because of the manufacturers’ cell phone designs. Typically, devices and device models made before February 2015 are not eligible for unlock to accept a different domestic carrier’s SIM for swapping on another domestic carrier’s network. Boost Mobile feature no technological procedure available to do this.  

However, Boost Mobile will help you with unlocking a device under the below circumstances:

  1. The cell phone must be SIM unlock-ready.
  2. The cell phone has not been reported as stolen or lost or tagged as ineligible to be unlocked.
  3. The cell phone must be active on the linked account for at least 12 months
  4. The associated account must be active and in good standing

If you believe you attain the above eligibility criteria and wish to request that your DSU-capable device get unlocked, you can contact Boost Mobile Customer support at (833-502-6678).

Unlocking Your Phone – Military Requirements

Boost Mobile immensely appreciates the service the US military men and women offer citizens at home and abroad. For military personnel based overseas, Boost has set aside a favorable unlocking policy as follows:

  1. The cell phone is capable of international SIM unlock.
  2. The customer is an active member of a branch of the United States military plus family members who are on similar accounts as deployed personnel.
  3. The customers have been provided with overseas deployment papers
  4. The person asking for the unlock is a current, legitimate Boost Mobile customer
  5. The account is in good standing
  6. Each phone number is given up to two unlocked cell phones within 12 months.
  7. Military personnel based overseas can call Boost Mobile Customer Care to ask for an international SIM unlock by calling (833-502-6678).

Unlocking Your Phone – Current Boost Customers

Current Boost Mobile customers who can provide the Boost Mobile cell phone number or account number last connected with the device, Boost Mobile may unlock the device or give you the applicable MSL Code, as long as the device is eligible following the applicable policy. 

Boost Mobile will unlock the SIM card slot for eligible cell phones when you switch to Boost.   If you are sure that your cell phone is eligible to be unlocked and requires a domestic SIM unlock, contact the Boost Mobile support team (833-502-6678)  for free.

Unlocking Your Phone – Non-Boost Customers

Suppose a cell phone is not qualified for unlocking for any reason. In that case, a non-Boost Mobile customer may be required to liaise with the original buyer or the person from whom you purchased the device to ensure that any financial or device obligations are met.

 Also, customers are strongly urged to contact Boost Mobile regarding a device’s unlock eligibility before buying through a non-Boost Mobile channel. For this reason, Boost Mobile cannot disclose details regarding an unauthenticated account.

Ways to Get a PUK Code to Unblock a Blocked Boost Mobile Phone

The Boost Mobile’s original SIM lock code is 0000. Besides, you can amend your code via the phone menus. If you fail to remember the code and key it in the wrong three times, the phone will require a Pin Unlocking Key (PUK) code. You can call Boost Mobile customer care to request the PUK code. Alternatively, you can find the original SIM packaging and get your PUK code from the card.

If you purchase your SIM card from Boost Mobile, it’s embedded in a larger piece of plastic that you trim. Also, your original SIM contains a series of numbers printed on it. Your PUK code is represented in this case by the 8 digits found on either the SIM or the extra SIM packaging.

On the other hand, your PIN code refers to the last 4 digits of your PUK code. This wouldn’t apply if you changed your PIN code. You can contact the Boost Mobile team on (833-502-6678 ), and you will be able to get help with the information you need.

How to Prepare Your Phone for Unlocking

Boost’s unlock process typically goes for around two business days to finish. During that time, there are some preparations you can observe to ensure a smooth procedure.

For Android devices:

  1. Don’t eject your SIM card out of your device until you’ve confirmed the unlock process is complete.
  2. Keep your cell phone powered and ensure it’s either tethered to Wi-Fi or within Boost’s network coverage area.
  3. Once you get confirmation of a successful unlock, check UICC unlock in the System Updates menu under your cell phone Settings.

For iPhone Devices:

  1. Ensure the cell phone is powered on  Boost Mobile or T-Mobile network coverage area, or at least tethered to a Wi-Fi network
  2. Back up your phone to iCloud
  3. Restore your iPhone to factory settings.
  4. Restore your iPhone from a backup.

Bottom Line

Boost Mobile only unlocks cell phones purchased directly from the carrier. Thus, they can’t unlock cell phones from other carriers. If you meet the eligibility requirements, Boost Mobile customers can request a domestic SIM unlock or the connected MSL Code by calling Boost Mobile Customer Care at 833-502-6678. The Boost Mobile phone unlock request may take up to two business days to process for Android and iPhone devices.