A Reliable Ways To Get Free Chromebook

Chromebooks are new computer types designed to help you carry out activities faster and more efficiently. They operate on ChromeOS, an operating system with cloud storage and multiple layers of security. However, the devices are somehow expensive, and most people need help to afford them. Fortunately, there are ways you can get the devices for free. You will learn how to get a free Chromebook for your office, school, or other relevant activities later.

A Chromebook computer can be helpful to high school students and college students. They allow one to research various content online to help them advance in their studies. Additionally, the devices are suitable for entertainment. You can watch films, play games, and listen to music. In your office, you need gadgets to prepare documents such as spreadsheets, word, presentations, etc. Therefore, they are crucial devices that most people dream of having. 

Usually, the government allows low-income families to get discounted computers through various service providers. If you are eligible, you may be lucky to get one. We also have non-governmental organizations that offer free devices to less fortunate individuals. Most of them target school-going kids and college students. By giving learners free computers, they believe they can get technological skills for the future. 

Several features that increase the productivity of Chromebooks

Various features make Chromebooks excellent devices that everyone should consider having. They include the following.

1. Built-in cloud storage

The devices run on the ChromeOS operating system with cloud storage. That means you can save a lot of files online without the need for a hard disk. Saving files on a cloud means that you can access them using another computer when you sign in to your account. Above all, files stored in the cloud are saved from attacks by viruses and so on. Google has built-in cloud storage, and thus you can find it easily. 

2. Advanced security features

Another crucial feature of Chromebook computers is the high-quality security features. The devices have multiple layers of security that ensure you are always protected. First, the device has automatic updates that ensure you get the latest and most secure software versions.

Also, Chromebooks have an App sandboxing security feature that separates every application or web page operation from others, thus ensuring each runs independently. That means you can close a misbehaving app or webpage without affecting the other activities on your computer.

Another security feature is the Verified boot, whereby the device loads two versions of the OS: the secure version used when it was last active and healthy and the newest version, downloaded from Google on booting. If the new version has issues, it switches to the last active version.

Other security features include data encryption, network security, and recovery mode. 

Requirements to get a free Chromebook

As mentioned, you can get a free Chromebook from the government or Non-governmental organizations. If you are getting the device from the government, you should qualify and apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). 

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a benefit program that helps low-income households with the broadband they require for work, school, healthcare, and much more. The benefit offers a discount of at most $30 monthly toward internet service for qualifying households and not more than $75 every month for households on qualifying Tribal lands.

Also, eligible households get a one-time discount of not more than $100 to buy a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from an ACP participating provider if they contribute at least $10 and, at most, $50 toward the purchase price. That is how you can get a Chromebook from the government, although not entirely free, since you must contribute something towards the purchase price. Again, with the discount offered, you may only afford a refurbished Chromebook but not a new one.

There are various requirements you must meet to get the ACP computer discount. These include the following.

  1. Bring an official document showing that you participate in a benefits program such as Medicaid, Lifeline, WIC, SNAP, and Tribal TANF, among others. Documents you can bring include a Benefit award letter, Approval letter, Statement of benefits, School documentation, or Benefit verification letter. 
  1. Have an official document showing that you have low-income. You can bring the prior year’s federal, state, or Tribal tax return document, and a Social Security statement of benefits, among others. Your household income should be 200% or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines. 
  1. Be eligible for your service provider’s existing low-income internet program.
  1. Possess legal identification documents such as Valid government, state military, or Tribal ID, Birth Certificate, US Driver’s license, or Passport. 

Application process to get a free Chromebook 

You must apply for the ACP program to get the ACP discount for your Chromebook. There are three main ways you can apply for the service. They include the following.

  1. Apply through AffordableConnectivity.gov, whereby you will pass through the National Verifier portal to know if you qualify. After qualification and approval, you will then choose your service provider through whom you will request a computer discount and get other ACP benefits. 
  1. Apply online at the website of the service provider. Another option is applying for ACP from the service provider’s website. You will then provide all the necessary documents for the provider to check if you qualify. Once approved, you will contribute the necessary money and get your discount.
  1. Thirdly, you can apply for ACP by mail by sending your filled application form plus other documents to; 
  • ACP Support Center
  • PO Box 7081
  • London, KY 40742.

Once approved, you will choose your service provider and get the benefits and the Chromebook computer discount. 

Best way to get free chromebooks for students

You can get a Chromebook for your schooling child through ACP. That will be possible if you participate in any of the various benefit programs, have a low income, or your child participates in a government benefits program.

Students can also get free Chromebooks through NGOs. Their parents or guardians should submit the necessary documents to the concerned officers to get the free devices. Alternatively, you can get a free device if you request your parent, sibling, or other financially stable relatives to purchase one. 

Organizations that provide free Chromebooks.

There are various organizations where you can get a free Chromebook. They include the following.

1. Freecycle

The platforms allow users within a given town to unite and help one another. People with things to give away can meet with those in need. You should create an account and then post that you need a Chromebook. Someone may offer you one for free.

2. The ON IT Foundation.

The organization receives donations of surplus computers from companies and individuals. The organization’s technicians then upgrade the devices for free, thus making them operational. After that, they donate the devices to the needy. You can apply online on their website.

3. PCs For People

If you are a student searching for a free computer for your studies, you can apply for one free from the PCSs For People. The organization provides refurbished computers to qualifying customers for affordable prices. The organization also provides low-cost, high-speed internet solutions.

4. The Salvation Army

The organization offers free laptops to students struggling to access online learning services. You may be lucky to get a Chromebook from them for your educational purposes.

5. Computers With Causes

The organization has been around for a long time and is among those students can rely on for free computers. You only need to visit the organization’s website and fill out an application form, and you are good to go. 

Bottom line

Chromebooks are new computer types designed to help you carry out activities faster and more efficiently. They operate on ChromeOS, an operating system with cloud storage and multiple layers of security. Since the devices are costly, most people cannot afford them. Through the Affordable Connectivity Program, the American government offers discounts to eligible applicants to buy a computer. You can also get a free Chromebook or another computer through NGOs.