Best Ways For Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade For Free

Assurance Wireless is a famous provider of Lifeline services to eligible low-income families. The Lifeline program offers a free cell phone and plans to eligible customers. You can always upgrade to a better model if you want to change the Assurance Wireless phone upgrade program offered through the Lifeline program. You can always swap your free government phone, especially if you received a basic mobile phone or lost your device.

You may be eligible for Assurance Wireless free phone if you participate in a government-assisted program or based on household income eligibility standards. If you qualify for Assurance Wireless following participation in a qualifying federal or state program, you may provide proof of program participation, including a program identification card or other relevant documents. If you qualify for Assurance Wireless free phone based on the household income eligibility standards, you can provide documentation with proof of your household income.

For Assurance phone upgrade service, you must meet the set eligibility requirements, which vary by state. For Californians, you can contact customer care at 1-888-321-5880 to enquire if you qualify for a phone upgrade. You can finish the upgrade process online in just a few minutes in the comfort of your house. This way, you will get the latest and greatest upgrade phone without leaving your home or queiing in line at a store.

Reasons To Upgrade Your Assurance Wireless Phone

If you are not getting the most out of your current Assurance Wireless phone, you can upgrade your device to the latest model that offers better functionality. There are numerous reasons why you would want to upgrade your cell phone on Assurance Wireless upgrade phones. First, you’re not satisfied with the functionality of a free phone from the Assurance Wireless Lifeline program. Again, you may have had your Assurance Wireless phone for a year or more, and it ceased working correctly.

On the other hand, there are sensitive reasons, including lost,  damaged, or stolen Assurance Wireless phones. Whatever the case, you can always find the best phone upgrade deals on Assurance Wireless.   Suppose you are on a Lifeline plan, your current phone is not working, or your usage exceeds its capabilities. In that case, you can upgrade to a better and working phone model to continue enjoying the Assurance Wireless services.

 Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade Policy

Currently, there are no guidelines set for Assurance phone upgrades. However, it would help if you chose a phone that meets your budget and needs. The available phone inventory changes over time as the stocks keep changing and newer models join the market. After getting your Assurance Wireless upgrade device, you need to activate and transfer your Assurance Wireless service to the new one from your old phone.

California-Specific Terms

Suppose you reside in California and currently possess an Assurance Wireless primary feature cell phone like the ALCATEL ONETOUCH Cinch, Kyocera Jax. In that case, you qualify for a free upgrade to a 4-inch Android Smartphone. Contact Assurance Wireless Customer Service at 1-888-321-5880 to see if you are eligible for a phone upgrade.

Best Steps  To An Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade

The Assurance Wireless phone upgrade process is not done arbitrarily. First, you can navigate to their website at Then, go to “My Account” and check the process. You can also call customer service at 1-888-321-5880 to check if you qualify for a device upgrade.

However, an Assurance phone upgrade is a simple process that can finish in just a few steps. After logging into your account on the Assurance Wireless website, choose the “Upgrade Phone” option and select the new phone upgrade model at “”.

After choosing the new phone, tap on it to view details or directly add it to the cart by tapping on the “ADD TO CART” review and agree to the terms and conditions before confirming the order. Once you place your order, Assurance Wireless will ship the new Assurance Wireless upgrade phone directly to the provided customer’s home address.

Assurance Wireless Phone Activation Process

The process of Assurance Wireless phone activation is the same for an upgrade, replacement, or on new devices. After receiving your Assurance Wireless upgrade phone, you will have to activate it before you can start using it. The activation process takes a few minutes and is simple to complete, as explained below:

  1. Press the power button of your mobile device to switch on your phone. 
  2. After switching it on, allow the Hands-free activation process to start. 
  3. Allow your mobile phone to check for updates and then update the PRL. 
  4. Once the updates finish, your phone might go off on its own. You restart it so that you can customize it.
  5. Dial 611 on your cell phone and follow all the prompts.
  6. Then,  submit the necessary details, including your Assurance Wireless account PIN. Typically, this PIN is found at the top of the Assurance Wireless approval letter. 
  7. Your device activation is set by providing that PIN, and you can start enjoying the Assurance Wireless cellular services.

Benefits Of Upgrading a Phone From Assurance Wireless

1. Access to new technology

Nowadays, smartphones double up as a computer in your pocket, and every year comes with new cellular technology and features that demand a regular phone upgrade.

2. Experience Excellent Performance

The capability of smartphones degrades over time. Even if you bought a flagship a year ago, there is always more with the upcoming models. The evolution in mobile CPUs and GPU necessitates a phone upgrade now and then.

3. Stay up to Date

Regular phone upgrades are ideal for access to the latest iOS and Android updates. After buying a new mobile phone, it takes two to four years to download and install the newest operating system and security updates. The update window sometimes only lasts for a year. Thus, your device is more prone to cybersecurity-related issues if you no longer qualify for these upgrades.

Bottom Line

 Assurance Wireless allows customers with a primary feature phone to upgrade to a better model with advanced functionality through the Assurance Wireless phone upgrade program. You can swap your current phone with a better model by purchasing Assurance-compatible phones of your choice on the Company’s website or one of their authorized store.

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