The Best Ways To Get Assurance Wireless Free Phone

Assurance Wireless is one of the best federal Lifeline Assistance program providers. Lifeline is a government-aided program that provides free or subsidized wireless services to eligible low-income customers. Enrollment applies to individuals based on meeting the federal or state-specific eligibility criteria. This Company offers eligible low-income households Assurance Wireless free phone with free monthly unlimited texting, data, and free monthly minutes. 

Most importantly, Assurance Wireless offers a free government smartphone and monthly phone service to low-income families in over 40 states. With Assurance Wireless, there are long-term contracts, no monthly bills,  or activation fees. You may be eligible to apply for Assurance Wireless Lifeline services if you participate in some public-aided programs, including Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or  Medicaid. Besides, you can also qualify following your annual household income level. 

When applying for a free phone through Assurance Wireless, you must submit proof of government program participation or proof of income level with your application for verification purposes. However, the requirements vary from one state to another. Assurance Wireless also provides the newly launched FCC Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP), which offers a generous amount of data plus a free smartphone to eligible customers. You can singly apply for your Lifeline benefits or combine them with ACP for the best offers.

Requirements To Get Assurance Wireless Free Phone

Application for a free cell phone and service from Assurance Wireless is available to eligible individuals who qualify on federal or state-specific eligibility criteria. First, you may be eligible if you or a household member participates in one of the below assistance programs:

  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Medicaid/Medi-Cal
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly Food Stamps)/CalFresh
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Tribal Head Start

Again, you may qualify for Assurance Wireless free phone if your annual household income lies within the range of 135% of Federal Poverty Guidelines for 2022 next  to your household size:

Household Number Annual Household Income
For extra person add;$6,372

Documentations For Assurance Wireless Free Phone

When applying for Assurance Wireless free phone based on your income, you’ll require a copy of any of the following eligibility documents:

  1. Last year’s State or Federal income tax return
  2. Recent income statement from employer
  3. Federal notice participation letter in General Assistance
  4. Divorce decree or child support document featuring income
  5. A copy of three consecutive months of any of the below statements from the previous 12 months:
  • Social Security benefits statement
  • Veterans Administration benefits statement
  • Current paycheck stub
  • Retirement/Pension benefits statement
  • Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation benefits statement

When applying for Assurance Wireless free phone based on participation in SNAP, Medicaid, or another program, you will require any of the following eligibility proof.

  • Benefit ID Card featuring Name and either End Date or Provision Date printed on the card ( For instance, a SNAP or MEDICAID Card).
  • The date of issuance must be within the past 12 months, or the end date must fall in the future. Cards with termination dates in the past or issue dates above a year old are not acceptable.
  • Award or Notice Letter of Participation from a recognized government agency
  • Benefits Statement for qualifying program

Applications To Get a Free Phone From Assurance Wireless 

  1. Apply online at on the Apply Now button and Submit your Zip code.

Fill out the application form by availing of the required documentation. Then, enter your details, including date of birth, social security number, phone number, Name, and other information as prompted and wait for the approval.

  1. Contact Customer Care at 1-888-898-4888.
  2. Speak to a representative in your neighborhood. The representative will assist you with the application. 

Along with proof of eligibility, you must submit proof of address and identity to be eligible for a free Assurance Wireless phone. Once the representative gets confirmation that you are approved for Assurance Wireless Lifeline service, you will be issued a free phone, and the representative will assist you in activating it.

Programs That Offer Assurance Wireless Free Smartphone 

Assurance Wireless  Affordable Connectivity Program is one program that provides Assurance Wireless free phones. It was created to offer a discount on broadband service to assist eligible households in connecting to critical healthcare services, jobs, and virtual classrooms. Generally, you can get a free cell phone through Assurance Wireless if you qualify for Lifeline and ACP programs.

You can apply for Assurance Wireless ACP if you participate in one or more government-supported programs, like WIC, Medicaid, or SNAP. According to the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you may also qualify following your household income of 200% or below. Remember to submit proof of income or program participation during the application process.

Assurance Wireless Free Phone Plans 

When you qualify for Assurance Wireless Lifeline, you will get a free text, talk,  and data plan. In this case, you will obtain a free Android Smartphone,  unlimited talk and text,1000 voice minutes,  50MB of data, and a 2GB hotspot monthly.

For Assurance Wireless ACP customers, you will receive the Assurance Wireless Unlimited plan that includes the following:

  • Free unlimited data
  • Free unlimited texts
  • Free unlimited minutes
  • Free 10GB of mobile hotspot data
  • New Assurance Wireless customers also get a FREE Smartphone.

However, you can purchase additional voice minutes and data for the following cost :

  • $5 for 250 extra voice minutes per month
  • 10¢ for each additional Voice Minute

Additional Data That Offer Assurance Wireless

  • $1 for 100MB  for 30 service days
  • $3 for 500MB  for 30 service days
  • $5 for 1GB for 30 service days
  • $10 for 2GB  for 30 service days
  • $20 for 4GB  for 30 service days
  • $30 for 5GB  for 30 service days

List Of Phones That Assurance Offer For Free

Eligible Assurance Wireless customers don’t have the autonomy to decide on the type of device they want during the application process. However, the type and model of Assurance Wireless free phone depends on inventory and what’s available at the time of application. You can expect to receive any of the following devices:

  • Wiko Life 3
  • Coolpad Illumina
  • Coolpad Haylo
  • ANS UL40
  • Alcatel OneTouch Cinch
  • Wiko Life 2
  • Alcatel Dawn
  • Moto G Pure
  • L51
  • REVVL 4 Plus
  • REVVL 4
  • ZTE Tempo X
  • Coolpad Belleza
  • Kyocera Hydro Reach
  • Kyocera JAX S1360

Bottom Line 

Assurance Wireless customers may qualify for a  free phone through Lifeline and ACP. You can apply for Assurance Wireless free phone if you participate in some public-aided programs, including Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, and others, or based on your household income, as explained in this guideline. Besides, you must submit proof of income or program participation eligibility to ensure a smooth process with your Assurance Wireless application.