Get a Free Laptop from Apple | Instant Delivery Within 7 Days

Laptops are essential gadgets that allow users to enjoy various technologies. You can use a laptop to work online or in your office. The devices are essential for learning purposes by students. You will always find laptops for various brands when you walk into various offices. Apple laptops are some of the most secure laptops in the world due to the advanced security technologies. We shall check how to get a free laptop from Apple shortly.

We all know that laptops are expensive gadgets, and most cannot afford them. We have students from poor households who need laptops for their studies. We also have people looking for laptops to work from home. There are various places you can get a free laptop to use for various activities. That way, people from poor backgrounds can enjoy their life and be in the same lane as the rich.

By the way, laptops and other devices such as tablets and desktops can help eliminate poverty as they help users access many opportunities online. You can quickly get online jobs such as data entry, academic writing, content creation, etc. Furthermore, the devices can connect users to employers through various job sites on which they can apply for employment and start earning good money. 

Best ways to get free laptop from Apple

There are various ways you can get a free laptop from Apple to execute your technological activities. They include the following.

1) Apple back-to-school program

Apple usually has a back-to-school program where students can get amazing discounts for laptops plus gift cards. For example, you can save on a Mac laptop with an education discount and get a $150 Apple Gift Card. Through the programs, many students can own laptops for their studies.

2) Contact Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes offers refurbished computers for free to those with financial needs. The returning military veterans and needy students can also benefit from the program and get a laptop. You might get a Mac laptop when you visit the website to see if you’re eligible for a free laptop from the organization and how to apply for one.

3) With Causes

Causes operate similarly to Computer with Causes, although a different company. Causes helps people in need of laptops. They receive various brands of laptops, computers, tablets, and phones from well-wishers and donate them to those in need. You can apply for a free laptop online when you visit the website and prove that you are in need.

4) On It Foundation

You can get a complimentary laptop from the foundation if you have a student in your household who’s enrolled in grades K-12, Attends a public school, resides in the United States, or gets a free or reduced school lunch. You may also get a highly discounted computer from the platform and start enjoying digital life. 

5) Apply for a laptop at the National Cristina Foundation

The National Cristina Foundation works to promote technology reuse by enlightening businesses and the public about technology. They believe that laptops and computers, in general, can help develop human potential.”

The organization gets donations from businesses wishing to upgrade to more advanced computers and people of goodwill. They then identify the people needing laptops and give them to change their lives. Of course, you must apply to get a free laptop.

6) Join an Online college

When you do a quick search on various online colleges that offer free laptops, you will see a number of them on your search results. Some offer free Apple laptops or tablets; you only need to apply online. When admitted, you can receive your device through your address. Examples of online universities include the following.

  • Full Sail University
  • Seton Hill University
  • St. John’s University

7) Check with the Salvation Army Chapter

The Salvation Army has a benefits program to help people from poor households with free laptops for various activities. You can check their website and apply. You never know as you might be lucky to get an Apple laptop. The organization also offers free gas to poor households.

8) Check out PCs for People

PCs for People offers computers and low-cost internet to qualifying recipients. The organization is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and computers come with licensed copies of Windows 10 so that you do not have to purchase new Windows 10 software.

However, you should have a total income below or at 200% poverty level per the federal poverty guidelines or be a beneficiary of a low-income government program to qualify for a laptop.

9) Apply for a laptop from Everyone

You can quickly get a free laptop from the organization if you’re from a low-income family. Apart from getting a low-cost laptop from the company, you can get low-cost internet. You can apply for a free laptop from the company by visiting its website.

10) Check for one at Freecycle

You can check for a free Apple laptop from Freecycle since there are people who are willing to donate gadgets to the needy. The platform usually connects people living within an area who can help those in need. You only need to ask for help, and someone who can help can reach out to offer you a laptop.

11) Get help from friends and relatives

If you are lucky to have financially stable friends and relatives, you can ask them to help you with a laptop. They may donate an Apple laptop, and you are good to go.

Does the government give free laptops

The federal government does not have completely free laptops for the needy. Instead, it gives discounts of up to $100 to needy persons when they qualify and apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program free laptop. You can contribute something small of between $10-$50 to get a free laptop through your service provider. The program also offers discounts for tablets and desktop computers.

You can qualify for ACP if you are a beneficiary of programs such as Lifeline, Medicaid, WIC, and SNAP, among others. You may also qualify through income if your total household income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline.  

Bottom line

A laptop is an essential device that allows you to perform various activities. You can use a laptop for your studies or work. Since the devices are expensive, not everyone can afford them. For example, an Apple laptop can cost several hundreds of dollars. Laptops can help societies to reduce poverty since they can work using the devices, thus raising their living standards. Students can use the devices for their studies.